P2Daily: The Importance Of Getting Quinn Priester Back

It was a special night in Bradenton Thursday, as four pitchers combined to throw a no-hitter against Clearwater. It was a night filled with great defensive plays and good pitching throughout, and Bradenton now has no-hitters in back-to-back seasons.

In the bigger scope of things, that was in all likelihood the second most significant thing to happen that day.

Quinn Priester had been out with an oblique injury up till Thursday, when he returned to the mound in a rehab start that lasted three innings. He struck out one and hit a batter, he also made a fantastic defensive play recovering from getting hit in the leg by a comebacker, and still got the runner.

The important thing is that he is on the mound, pitching again and should join up with Mike Burrows in Altoona very soon.

After being the team’s first round pick in 2019, Priester quickly rose up the prospect rankings, being a near consensus top-100 prospect going into this year.

His prospect status took a hit after his 2021 season with Greensboro, a year he posted a 3.04 ERA, while striking out 98 in 97 2/3 innings. He played nearly the entire 2021 season in High-A at 20-years-old, one of the youngest pitchers in the league.

Yet he dropped in almost every prospect list, as the numbers didn’t pass the eye test of someone of his draft status, and there were some reports of a velocity drop as well. If you wanted to look at it a certain way as well, the one strikeout at Single-A is a reflection of the average strikeout stuff he had in Greensboro last year.

The more I’ve seen him pitch, and the more I’ve heard those around the organization talk about him, I’ve shifting the way I look at Priester as a prospect. Not in a bad way, however.

The way they talk about him makes me think of A.J. Burnett during the last Pirates run. The competitor. The bulldog. The guy who is going to do whatever it takes to win, even if the stat line isn’t the prettiest at the end of the day.

When Altoona Manager Kieran Mattison was on the Murphanko Experience podcast, I asked him about Priester and he told me a story about their playoff run last year. Priester just got done pitching and they were going to a game five, and he went into Mattison’s office and said he’d be in the bullpen if he needed him the following contest.

He wanted to be the guy in that situation. Mattison of course wasn’t about to risk one of the Pirates top prospects for that, but that moment rightfully stood out to him.

Although it’s probably unfair to say Priester may have slid down the Pirates’ internal prospect rankings since he hasn’t been on the field, that may still hold true just based off the way Burrows has pitched.

Even if that’s the case and Priester has dropped to the third best pitching prospect, that seems like a good problem to have, and regardless where he slides into the rotation he exhumed that perfectionist winning mentality that can be infectious on an up and coming contending team down the road.

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2020 broke everyone’s brains.

The prospect world was so collectively desperate for anything of substance that a handful of dudes who came out blazing in practice settings got seriously inflated, including Quinn Priester.

That’s created the impression of decline, or not living up to expectations, that never should’ve been set to begin with.


Is Swagg another one that had a lot of buzz coming out of the alternate site? Hard to believe he only has 47 game above A ball. Nice moment after his first hit with his wife and baby

Pregame they had Suwinski, Swaggerty and Mitchell together being interviewed in the dugout. Cal is all is ripped up, substantially more than the other 2…Forearms just bulging!


Seems like another great clubhouse guy with that mentality. Agree with what others said, hopeful that he can adjust his stuff to take that next step forward but at the very least I cannot see how his attitude will not allow him to be at least a serviceable starter for us in the future.


send him to the mitch keller 2 seamer school




Eh? Oh, I got it lol

Last edited 2 months ago by john_fluharty



I can’t see a guy with his mentality not succeeding. He is always trying to get better. And do whatever it takes to win. I’m not saying he will be a top of the rotation guy, even though it’s possible, but I feel super confident he will be a very good pitcher overall.


Nice analysis. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the video play last night off of Priester’s leg that Anthony references. It’s like a visual depiction of the nature of this article


Gosh ystds article on Burrows, today on Priester, Contreas pitching really well in MLB, HOPE runs eternal on our pitching prospects and them firmly stating dont overlook us. I know im a glass half full or glass overflowing poster🤣, but these are optimistic times to this fan🤷‍♂️


If you’re staffing three quality pre-arb starters you sure as shit better be dropping $20m/yr on outside acquisitions to support them.

Chuck Morton was that dude in that situation for two World Series clubs, Rays and Braves.


On his podcasts at Fangraphs, Kevin Goldstein would routinely say you’d need about 10 starters to get thru the season if you want to be a contender. He didn’t mean they’d all be in the majors starting or all top flight, but through attrition, slumps and all the other arm carnage, you’d need that depth.
So say, five in the MLB rotation, 2-3 more in the pen as longer relief/swing man types, and 2-3 more at AAA. That number feels right. So the Bucs have a ways to go to approach that point.


Totally agree. Thompson pitching like he could be a #4 , let Keller, Brubaker, Yajure, Wilson, and whoever else battle for #5 spot. Next year would be right time to dip into FA market to find the AJ/Liriano type presence, especially if it is a LH. I know there is some sentiment that we already have that guy in Quintana and should extend him. Given his recent history, my fear is that we have caught lightning in a bottle and his greatest value is as a trade chip. Of course, I recognize that Liriano arrived with many of the same concerns and that worked out pretty well.


Quintana currently has a 4.57 xERA, one of the worst in MLB. Worse than Keller. He is one of the two or three luckiest pitchers in baseball – tut that is not likely to last. From today to the end of the year, I would be surprised if his ERA is less than 4.50. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it is over 5.00. (His ERA from 2019 through 2021 was 5.13- and that is no fluke.)


Keller always does worse than his peripherals. Like a much worse Chris Archer. So while Q is lucky so far, I wouldn’t count on Keller getting even.


Nah, count your blessings and get what you can for Quintana at the deadline. Can always resign him in the offseason if you want.


Hopefully all 3 will be starting in Pittsburgh by this time next year. And I’m hopeful between now and then, Priester will develop a better out pitch for those times he needs a strikeout.


Great attitude, that will get him far.


It didn’t for Cole Tucker.


Ehhh I think this guy has a better shot on talent than Coleman,

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