Prospect Roundtable: Pirates Who Are Trending Down in the Rankings

Two months of the minor league season are in the books. This week for Prospect Roundtable, I asked everyone to look at what has happened so far this year, and identify one player moving up in their rankings, and one player moving down.

Here, we will take a look at the players trending down.
JOHN DREKER: Carmen Mlodzinski
Carmen Mlodzinski is a player moving down in my rankings. I tried to stick with top 30 players here and I had him ranked high coming into the season (ninth in the system). It's not just that the results haven't been there in most of his outings, it's also the injury concern, with him missing time last year and briefly this year, which has led to him pitching five innings just once this season. He has a high effort delivery, which doesn't alleviate any of those concern...



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The pirates failure with high draft choices is amazing. I bet if you did a review of the first three rounds over the last 10 years or so, it will show an abysmal failure rate on their part on who to pick and how to develop the players they are choosing. You mentioned turner and Burhler being pirate late round picks that didn’t sign. If they did sign they probably would have failed. When is someone going to realize that a large part of the pirates failure over the last twenty years is a terrible draft record and a failure to sign high end international prospects, by instead choosing to take quantity over quality.


Fraizer would be my pick for trending down


Premature assessment of Smith-Njigha. He is heating up and I still believe he is better than Mitchell or Suwinski as a prospect.


Jack can hit lefties. Cannan can’t hit righties. Hmm…

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Mlodzinski really wasn’t all that dominant in College, so I never quite got the appeal. If he’s anything more than a middle reliever, I’d be shocked.


Nick Gonzales now has more at bats as a pro than he had facing the Little Sisters of the Poor and yet it seems that questioning his pre-draft scouting report is the third rail of Pirate Prospect talk.


I’m an idiot, thought this was the first in your new series. Sorry Tim!

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This is based too much on watching him live in a single game, but I had doubts on Mlodzinski prior to this season. I might go with Yajure instead, though I also had doubts about him after not seeing the velocity that it was claimed he had when we acquired him. I still think Mlod will at least pitch in the Pirates pen someday but I’m wondering if Yajure will ever be more than AAA depth. Hope I’m wrong of course.


I’m confused–is peanut butter jelly beer trending up or down?


It’s a good photo. When I saw it in the trending up article, I was hoping to see a different beer (or I guess mead to be accurate) in the photo for trending down 🙂


IPA remains up. Pilsner down.


That’s funny that you mentioned those two–for several years IPAs were about all I’d drink but looking for something lighter on hot days, I guess, I started getting more into Pilsners–so for me, the trends are opposite yours 🙂

For those interested in an American Pilsner, I really like Tiny Bomb from Wiseacre Brewing in Memphis. My relatives in Memphis tell me their beer is especially good because of the aquafer their water comes from.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I agree with the 60%. Mlodzinski looks like he’s going to be in a BP role sooner than later where his stuff should play up.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Yeah, I did a personal Top 30, and I had him sitting at #26 . With the current depth, I think it’s hard to really rank a guy I’d project as a reliever much higher. If he would move to a swingman role and absolutely shove, then Top 20 is conceivable, in addition to we should see a few more graduations coming up.


BTW, FanGraphs sees a substantial relief risk for Mlodzinski.


I agree that he’s likely a reliever, but Fangraphs sees a substantial relief risk in nearly every pitcher and nearly every SS won’t stay there and nearly every catcher…..


Because that’s how baseball works!

Would it make any more sense to grade prospects in a manner that suggested there’s far more starters and shortstops than actually exist?

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I do feel that’s become a constant disclaimer lol

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