Pirates DVR: Marauders No-Hitter, Ji-Hwan Bae, Oneil Cruz

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Daily Video Rundown

Marauders No-Hitter

Four pitchers combined to toss a no-hitter for the Bradenton Marauders Thursday night. Quinn Priester started things off, pitching three innings in a rehab start. Anthony Solometo, Jake Sweeney, and Yunior Thibo followed and held Clearwater hitless.

Here’s a look at Priester’s entire outing. He only struck out one, but still pitched well, despite it being his first game back. For the final out of the first inning, he took a ball off the leg that he was able to recollect himself and make the out.

Mike Jarvis started things off with a fantastic throw. He had to run past to the other side of second base and make a jump throw to be able to get the out. Sergio Campana made a couple of big diving catches in the game, this one in the seventh.

After starting the game off with a fantastic play, Jarvis secures the ho-hitter with a sliding catch in the infield.

Norkis Marcos hit a two-run triple that opened up the scoring for the Marauders. That was all the run insurance they needed.

Ji-Hwan Bae

Bae hit his 11th double of the season for Indianapolis, as he continues to creep closer and closer to last year’s extra-base numbers.

Oneil Cruz

It’s amazing just the amount of raw power Oneil Cruz has, and these kind of plays are the ones that remind you of that.

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How on earth does O’Neil Cruz do that? Glad the Indy announcers are asking that question because with BCs decision making no one in Pittsburgh may ever get the chance to ask.


Starting to become a Baeliever.


The ball drops about 5 feet in front of the right fielder and Bae was still a step away from touching first base but makes it to second no problem. 99 percent of guys just take their single on that hit. Very impressive awareness and confidence on that play.


Watching over priesters start there, i feel like command/control might be his key to the next level rather than better stuff!


Yes, but. Aren’t there concerns that the four-steamer doesn’t set up the curve well? But the slider and the two-steamer seem to work together.


Let’s hope this is the spark that gets Bradenton playing better ball!


Thanks Anthony, once again for the buffet of Bae highlights daily, I realize it has nothing to do with my ‘ask’ of you🤣…. but about how it isnt possible to not include him, he is a highlight reel of performance….his prospect rating has to rise in all of those sites, I would imagine🤔👍👍

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