Prospect Roundtable: Which Pirates Prospect Are You Following in the Florida Complex League?

The Florida Complex League started up this month, with the Pittsburgh Pirates sending a lot of talented young players to their rookie level.

Last week, we ran our preview of the FCL, looking at ten prospects to follow, along with features on many of the biggest names on the team -- most linked below. This week's Roundtable discussion was pushed back after some big league topics took priority. I didn't want to lose it completely, because it's a good one.

I asked everyone which FCL prospect they were most looking forward to following this year.

The catch?

If anyone picked Bubba Chandler, they could only pick him as a pitcher or a hitter. I'm sure Chandler would be the easy choice as a two-way player, but does he carry the same appeal over everyone else if one of the positions is ...



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Wilbur Miller

Important factoids — the FCL team has the league’s youngest hitters and second youngest pitchers.


Has Javier Rivas really grown to be a 6’6” middle IF?

Putting him with Oneil Cruz would break some type of MLB record


The scouting report on Bishop from BP made him look like a top 5 overall draft pick


Enmanuel Terrero was hitting the ball everywhere when I saw him two weeks ago.
Omar Alfonzo looks very athletic behind the plate.


How is Owen Kellington? He had a leg problem against the Rays last week.
Both Bubba & Braylon were both very nice went I met them at Rays Port Charlotte game.


There really is no wrong answer here. Tons of potential on this club, Bradenton is the early favorite for team to follow next season. That said I’d go with Polanco.

Wilbur Miller

Javier Rivas is starting to look very interesting.


i was going to say that this is my pick to watch!

he’s interesting in the sense that, he was handed a pretty high bonus, and had one of the worst hitting lines in the dsl that year.

but now he’s starting to grow into his body more and his hitting is starting to emerge. definitely a player to keep an eye on imo.

Wilbur Miller

Had a spectacular play today. Diving catch of a liner to his right with the bases loaded.


had the game tying walk too. he can do it all!

Wilbur Miller

When I first saw him swing the bat, I thought he ought to be able to produce some pop. And he wasn’t chasing any worse than most guys at that level. After his dreadful debut, I expected to see a guy holding the bat at the wrong end or something. So I feel kinda gratified to see him indicating there may be a lot more in the tank.

And he’s very athletic in the field.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wilbur Miller
Wilbur Miller

I should add that this team as a whole is very athletic and more polished looking than what I usually see at this level, despite this being a young team.

The one exception is the pitchers are very wild. They’re near the league lead in walks — over 7 per 9 — and throw lots of WPs. They’re also near the lead in Ks and fewest hits, so it looks like a matter of good arms that need refining. Big contrast with the sad old Littlefield days when their Lat Am pitchers could throw strikes but never hit 90.


Perhaps less games and more off field work might be working a bit 🤔

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I’m going to go out on a limb here, really for no other reason than just because, but I pick Ercolani


Most interested in seeing how Kellington fares against the best players his age in MiLB. Until he came back, I’ll pick Bubba, as I want to see how similarly his hitting and pitching develop.


I believe it’s far more likely he ends up a Pitcher than a hitter, so pitching for sure. And yes he’d still be my pick if for no other reason than he’s a Georgian.


Pitcher, easily, for me.

The club made him the 4th-richest prep arm in the entire 2021 draft and crafted their entire draft strategy around him while allowing a legit shot at the near-impossible likelihood of being a two-way player in order to do it.

Pretty f*ckin interested to see what that’s all about, no?!


And you know what, this FO appears to have good pro and amateur scouting.


Jury’s still out on the pro side for me, but yes, the amateur side is almost completely carried over from Huntington and is absolutely good.


Polanco & Maguire


Anyone have any positive outlook for solomon maguire? Seemed like he was targeted with the bonus pool money we got in the marte trade, but he really hasnt done much yet in the US

John Dreker

He was actually offered the Pirates entire bonus pool before the Marte trade and he turned down the offer, which was $344,000. They came back with $594,000 after the trade and he agreed to that amount.

Wilbur Miller

I’ve seen him a fair amount and he’s just not picking up the pitches.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Missed opportunity. Could’ve picked Bubba as a Hitcher. Or Pitter.


Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

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