P2Live: A New Place to Follow and Discuss the Daily Games in the Pirates System

This site serves many purposes to many people. Above all, it serves to inform Pirates fans around the world about their favorite team, while providing a place to join other Pirates fans in discussion about what they’re seeing.

You’re home one weekday night, relaxing from work, checking to see what is happening in the baseball world, and Henry Davis hits a monster home run. You want to talk about it with other Pirates fans, but you don’t live in Pittsburgh, so you can’t just go to a bar filled with black and gold. Where do you go?

Up until now, that question was confusing even on this site. We have so many articles that the daily discussions get fragmented across the site. We’ve introduced discussion articles, but those are usually limited to game time discussion for the major league game. Those discussions also die off once the game recaps are posted.

Pirates Prospects Live is a concept I’ve been working on for a few months, aimed to streamline all of the daily game action. Each day, you can check this article for a preview of what is happening throughout the system, links to all of our features, game results at the end of the night, and of course, a place to discuss what’s happening live with other Pirates fans in the comments.

This feature combines our previous daily discussion articles, daily previews, Pirates recaps, and our nightly Prospect Watch. The latter is going to be returning in a new format next week, since we’ve basically been doing the same thing with the Prospect Watch since about 2010.


PIRATES (29-27) VS CARDINALS (25-33)

Game Time: 4:05 PM EST
Pirates Starter: Luis Ortiz (1-2, 4.35)
Cardinals Starter: Jordan Montgomery (2-6, 4.48)
Pirates Lineups:

Cardinals Lineups:


Game Time: 7:05 PM EST
Projected Starter: Osvaldo Bido, RHP (2-3, 4.30)
Latest Features:

5/26: Potential Plan For Jared Triolo Becoming More Clear
5/18: The Bat Is Ready For Endy Rodriguez, But One Question Remains


Game Time: 6:00 PM EST
Projected Starter: Sean Sullivan, RHP (1-0, 2.56)
Latest Features:

6/1: Matt Gorski Displays Athleticism And Versatility
5/25: Sean Sullivan Continues To Thrive In Altoona


Game Time: 7:00 PM EST
Projected Starter: TBA
Latest Features:

6/2: Abrahan Gutierrez Hitting Ground Running Returning From Injury
5/26: Anthony Solometo Faces Two Top 100 Prospects In Greensboro


Game Time: 6:30 PM EST
Projected Starter: TBA
Latest Features:

6/3: Thomas Harrington Displayed Swing and Miss Secondary in Bradenton
5/30: With May Ending, Shalin Polanco Heading In Right Direction
5/27: Luis Peralta Using Sinker In Less Conventional Way


This site gets flooded with articles from all of the transactions and updates throughout the system. In order to allow for our more detailed analysis to shine through, we’re combining all transactions and updates into a daily Pirates Notebook. This feature will also be updated live throughout each day.

P2Live gives you a place to follow the live game results. Pirates Notebook gives a place to follow the daily news. Check out the first Notebook, breaking down the additions of Angel Perdomo and Yerry De Los Santos to the bullpen.

Speaking of those articles with more detailed analysis, I invite you to check out Anthony Murphy’s outstanding breakdown of Thomas Harrington’s stuff while in Single-A. Harrington was the 36th overall pick last year, and displayed a lot of swing and miss with his secondary in his pro debut, prior to his recent promotion to High-A.

Anthony also looked at how Josh Palacios is making the most out of his MLB opportunity. On a site like this, there’s going to be so much focus on what comes next, or what anything means. Sometimes it’s just good to take this game day-by-day, week-by-week, and flat out celebrating the good as it comes, rather than worrying that the good times might not last.

More Recent Pirates Features

6/2: Pirates Business: Examining the Super Two “Deadline”
5/31: Can Rodolfo Castro Be More Than A Platoon Player?
5/28: Williams: Three Point Sixteen Wins Per Week


Check back at the end of the night for all of the daily results throughout the system.

Or, join the discussion in the comments below if you’re following Live.


Final Score: Pirates 4, Cardinals 3
Player of the Game: Angel Perdomo, LHP (2.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 3 K)
Recap: The Pirates unintentionally pulled off a successful bullpen win against the Cardinals. An hour rain delay ended Luis Ortiz’s evening after two innings where he looked good, giving up a solo homer on a good swing by Willson Contreras.

After the rain, the Pirates called upon Angel Perdomo, who was called up this afternoon, along with Yerry De Los Santos. Perdomo went 2.1 perfect innings with three strikeouts. The lefty worked with a low-to-mid 90s fastball and a mid-80s slider. He kept the Cardinals off the board, with De Los Santos coming on to get the final two outs of the fifth inning.

Ke’Bryan Hayes tied the game with a nice swing on a low pitch, putting it into the left field seats. It was the second homer in as many nights for Hayes. The Pirates took the lead in the sixth inning after a Connor Joe double scored two, with Joe scoring on a single by Carlos Santana.

Jose Hernandez came on briefly in the top of the sixth, only to be relieved by Dauri Moreta, who shut the Cardinals down with runners at first and second. After Joe and Santana did their damage, Moreta was in line for the win, throwing a scoreless seventh inning to help his case.

Colin Holderman had a rough night, giving up two runs on two hits with just one out in the eighth. That single by Santana proved crucial, and the Pirates turned to Yohan Ramirez, who picked up two outs to close out the eighth. From there, David Bednar did his thing, allowing just one hit as he picked up his 12th save of the season. The Pirates improved to 30-27, and go for the sweep tomorrow.

– Tim Williams


By John Dreker


Final Score: Indianapolis 10, Toledo 7
Player of the Game: Osvaldo Bido 7 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 7 SO

Osvaldo Bido led Indianapolis to victory on Saturday night with two runs over seven innings of work. He had no walks and seven strikeouts, while lowering his ERA to 4.06 over 51 innings. This game got a lot closer when JC Flowers gave up five runs over the final two innings.

Miguel Andujar had four hits in the game, contributing two runs and one RBI. He has a 1.007 OPS for Indianapolis. Nick Gonzales reached base three times on his tenth double and two HBP. He scored two runs.

Endy Rodriguez had a single, walk, two runs and two RBIs. Jared Triolo drove in three runs on a single and sacrifice fly. Cal Mitchell had a single, double, two runs and an RBI.

Indianapolis went 6-for-15 with runners in scoring position.


Final Score: Altoona 10, Binghamton 3
Player of the Game: Matt Gorski 3-for-4, 2 2B, 3 RBI

Starter Sean Sullivan put Altoona down early, but it was all the Curve after the top of the third inning, as they ran away with a 10-3 win. Sullivan allowed solo runs in each of the first three innings. He stayed for two more frames without allowing another run. He’s pitched strong this year outside of this start, posting a 2.89 ERA and a 1.12 WHIP in 43.2 innings.

Cameron Junker struck out the side on ten pitches in the sixth. Noe Toribio followed with two scoreless frames. Omar Cruz tossed a scoreless ninth in just his third appearance of the season.

Matt Gorski had a strong game, with two doubles, a single, two runs and three RBIs. Andres Alvarez also added two doubles and a single, with a run and RBI to his credit.

Jacob Gonzalez went 2-for-4 with a homer and three RBIs. Mason Martin hit his tenth homer.

Henry Davis had two hits, including his seventh double. Liover Peguero had two hits as well. Drew Maggi went 0-for-4 in his return from a three-game suspension.


Final Score: Winston-Salem 2, Greensboro 0
Player of the Game: Tsung-Che Cheng 2-for-2, 2B, SB, BB

This game went just 5 1/2 innings due to weather. Braxton Ashcraft allowed two runs in the first, though just one was earned. That was all of the scoring for the shortened game. Ashcraft went three innings, with four hits, no walks and three strikeouts. Michell Miliano finished out the game with two shutout frames.

Tsung-Che Cheng managed to have a strong game, despite zero runs and 1/3 of the game wiped out. He had a single, double, walk and stolen base. The double was his eighth, the stolen base his 13th. He has a .988 OPS through 43 games.

Shawn Ross had a single. Abrahan Gutierrez had a walk. Those were the only other base runners for Greensboro.


Final Score: Bradenton 6, Tampa 5
Player of the Game: Rodolfo Nolasco, 1-for-3, HR, 2 RBI, 2 BB, 2 SB

Bradenton won 6-5 over Tampa on Saturday night. Derek Diamond got the start. He went five innings, allowing three runs on seven hits and two walks, with just one strikeout. He now has a 4.99 ERA in 39.2 innings.

Darvin Garcia and Yunior Thibo each allowed one run over two innings.

Rodolfo Nolasco had a big game, which included his fourth homer of the season. He added two walks, two stolen base and two RBIs.

Tanner Tredaway drove in two runs. Jesus Castillo had a single, walk and two steals.

Termarr Johnson had a single, run scored and his third steal. He’s hitting .265/.415/.378 over 30 games.

Jack Brannigan had a double, walk and two runs.

Javier Rivas had a rough night, going 0-for-5 with two errors.

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He looked dominant at times this spring


Just watched the rebroadcast because I was at work during the game. Both Perdomo and Yerry looked good. If Yerry stays around the edges of the zone without being too far away, he’s a weapon to slot in front of Holderman and Bednar.


Didn’t realize he was 6’8 but definitely looked good


I hadn’t realized that either, and that has to make his 93-95 mph FB appear faster.


Probably the extension does wings get.


Great start to Perdomo’s Pirates career!


LOVE this feature. Well done!! One of the best things about this site are the commenters and giving a place for those daily discussions is just perfect

Last edited 3 months ago by zebug

Love the new format. I certainly envision lots of spirited debate on players of the game.

With that being said, I like the choice of Perdomo since it was his Pirates debut, but I can see how some would make a case for Connor Joe. His 2-out 2-run double was turning point of game after all.

Looking forward to reading this feature going forward. Well done Tim.


I’m with ya on this, skliesen.

I like the back and forth and, honestly, it’s good to see a conversation where a friend or two gets their knickers in a bunch over a comment. It means they care.

THAT SAID… I been around Pirate chat boards a long, long time and remember some real trolling. This site has been very good about all of the community keeping that stuff quiet.

There is a tendency to read something, or write something, and miss context or humor or sarcasm. Ja ever have a “conversation” with someone that turned into an argument over a missed context? Sure you have, it’s what makes the digital age bad, because no amount of artificial intelligence can make her understand what you meant when you didn’t mean it that way.

Even when you write to the third grade level, this can happen. Communication these days is so immediate that it LOSES context… I call it “Text Without Context.”

So my friend Lee can make a point to my friend Tim and it can sound angry.

My friend Tim can make a joke and it rubs my friend Lee the wrong way.

I LIKE this community, and as long as we aren’t drunk posting, or really riding one another for OPINIONS about BASEBALL… Well, then, P2 is just about heaven for me. It’s the first place I go every day. The last place I go at night, and what I was missing was GREAT chat threads with THIS COMMUNITY!

I love reading the group’s thoughts. I like the humor. I like the despair of the last several years. I like Tim charging off THAT way at another windmill.

YOU GUYS take P2 from a really good site to a site I want to be on all the time.

… freakin’ love you guys…



Gotta tell you guys: I didn’t think I’d be going down to PNC this season. Prices, travel, hassle, etc. I much prefer the bang for the Altoona Curve buck.

But the opener against the Cardinals was a blast.

Game started out with Roansy struggling and the Cards went up 5-0 in the third. The crowd was a full one, not sold out, but buff, with not too many parts of the park without fans in seats. And the crowd was mellow as Contreras struggled. It sure looked to me that his slider was good, but he wasn’t putting people away. He got to two strikes a lot of times, but then someone would hit the ball hard, or, a time or two, get lucky with the slider. Ro sure needs something to complement his slider, ‘cuz it doesn’t seem to be his 4 seamer standing alone.

But you knew. You knew, when the Bucs got one back in the sixth, that something could happen. Hayes had a nice single to score Mike Wazowski.

Flaherty, for the Cards, was effective, though he threw about 100 pitches and was lifted with one out in the sixth.

And things got juicy in the bottom of the 7th. Santana had a hard book rule double to score two and the crowd was switched to the ON position. When Hayes bopped a three run job to put the Swashbucklers up 6-5, the joint was alive. By the time Palacios hit one out to right, nearly getting one entirely out of the yard, goodness, the Cards had to be affected. The crowd went looney.

Felt very much like a playoff game. And this was just the opener of an early June series with a team that has eaten the Pirates’ lunch in recent years. The crowd FELT like something had changed. And maybe it has. Because THAT was FUN.

“Now just a minute, mac! Just what kinda tracks was you followin’?”
“Uh. … Train tracks.”
“Therefore you must be tryin’ to catch a train.”
“Uh, that makes good sense.”
“It went that-a-way.”
“Gee, thanks a lot, George!”



Love all the new ideas and features! Nice streamline physique


Andujar could be an interesting trade piece. CSN has become a different hitter, inching closer to a 3 outcome guy, wouldn’t mind having him back, but maybe Palacios should get a longer look, not fully sold on that idea, but why not give him a real chance.

Last edited 3 months ago by PirateRican21

Andujar cleared waivers, so I don’t get how he would be a trade piece?

CSN can stay in AAA too.

Last edited 3 months ago by tom2125

Good points, just thinking that a player that’s carrying an OPS of 1. should be an interesting add to a team like Oakland, KC, but you are right. My thinking on CSN is that something has change, this was a low K, high walk, hit the ball the other way hard with crappy results, now he is displaying real power to the pull side, but not walking as much and striking out a bit more.


Hopefully CSN can provide some quality depth this year. Slim pickings currently in the outfield. I’m curious to see what will happen at the trade deadline this year if the Pirates are still in striking distance of the division. Maybe we see some additions to fortify the team weaknesses?


I M A C S N fan.
rooting for that guy


Would be nice to see him develop into at least a quality 4th OF.


“When you see the Southern Cross for the first time…”


Great song.


Just watched a DVD (I still get DVD’s from Netflix, but only till fall… *sigh) called “David Crosby: Remember My Name.”

Penetrating and revealing documentary about the time…

Crosby is a self-described A-hole. People in his bands didn’t like him and he was a jerk to a lot of women. But he was involved in a lot of good music… mmm.. GREAT music.

Funny statement he makes on film is that he’s the only one without a hit of his own outta CSN & Y.


CSNY So Far was my first CD ever. Suite Judy blue eyes sucked me in. Crazy Melissa etheridge chose him as a sperm donor


Hayes the hero, Arenado the goat. Hey sportswriters, remember that when gold gloves are given out.


I thought Perdomo only went 1.1, but he went 2.1, no walks, 3 Ks. 33 pitches, 24 strikes for a guy known for control issues. Well done Angel, welcome to the club!


Again, so glad May’s over.
Raise it!


To June!!


Pirates take the series. Let’s go!!!!



This ump feels like a Cardinals fan.


He sure smells like it!


Shelton using the hell out of the bullpen today.


Too many foul balls, where is the slider?


Agree. Thought he leaned too heavily on his FB today.


Big bank producing big returns!


I’m still keeping my money in my walls.


Readonly tangential story… I knew a guy who bought a house in his neighborhood that was a known drug dealing house when he grew up and when he tore out a wall to open some space he found out the wall was lined with gold bricks. Paid for the house, the renovation and put several grand in his pocket.


I’m for it.

I suppose, if you have bought a property and find Pirate Gold in it, the property would be considered “abandoned property” and could not be directly related to fruits of a crime. Thus… you have the gold.

How you convert said gold could be an issue. And I fear questions could be asked, but, lacking probable cause of a crime, you could tell them that your money grows on a gold tree and suck it.

But a wall lined with gold bricks… man, I gotta see that back story. ‘Cuz bro is def living on his own Carribean Island now.

“Would’s thou, Oh Hassan, like all of this gold for thy very own?”
“Oh, Hassan like! Hassan Like!!!”
“Very well. … Ickity-ackity-oop-ah-ah, Flippity-flappity-floop-ah-ah, Ooh-ooh-Squeak, Ah-ah-ptht, Ickity-ackity-oop! … It’s yours.”


b mcferren

several grand? 100kilo bars are $60k each


Wouldn’t there be a problem selling gold bars? Questions? Police? IRS?
Sounds like an urban legend.

Last edited 3 months ago by piratemike

Was this many years later? I would’ve been a little worried that someone might comeback for it! Wow!

Last edited 3 months ago by PirateRican21

Probably not a single fan under 50 who got Brownie’s “Get Back” reference. And it wasn’t even an accurate reference.


He really botched that one.

Last edited 3 months ago by GreenWeenie

If seeing Hayes hit pull side homers wasn’t enough proof that the worm has turned, then seeing Connor Joe get a clutch hit w RISP surely must be sufficient.


I think Hayes has adjusted his swing to get a better launch angle. Early returns were way too many pop outs, readjustment is homers. Haven’t seen him hit low and in pitches out the park before today. That’s my story for at least two or three more games.


Either that or signs of the Apocalypse!


Not to mention it starts with an Arenado error… Cards Black Magic turning against them.


So glad May’s over 😊


The offense was so bad in May, Adam LaRoche might’ve had a chance to be their best hitter




Just the mention of his name is making me ill, Swung the bat like a rusty gate for us.


That’s Left McThump to you, fella.


Only come June. In April and May he was always Useless McHump.




What has sparked this 2 game outburst from Hayes?


Whale oil beef hooked!


Hayes + launch angle = XBH!


I was thinking last year that the guy was a double machine. Was positing, ignorantly, I might add, that perhaps all this gap power would make up for no homers. Looks like the best of both worlds in Burgh-Land for once!


Hayes is en fuego.


Was very cool, in the opener vs Cards that his dad was in the house. I think the Bucs might be interested in taking Charlie on the road.


I’m not falling for it, no sir…


Don’t say a word!


A. Word!!! (Just to be a wise ass!)

b mcferren

anybody else think that Castro has a future on our team at first base?


No, but if you had stopped at team my answer would be different.


Good performance from the call ups so far. If they can continue this our bullpen might be set for a bit.

Last edited 3 months ago by melkel

I just took a look at what Peacock offers, and other than tomorrow’s game and Poker Face, not a damn thing I’m interested in. But it’s $5 for a month and you can cancel. If Bucs win today, might make the investment.


I like Peacock bc it is a cheap way to access all the Premier League games on replay. You get a few live offerings, but every game comes up on replay for a good long while.

MLS and Apple could learn a lesson from this. They offer a package for like $80 and say you can watch every game… BUT YOU CAN’T. Every game is carried live and you don’t get ANY replays, so, like, if you’re interested in The Philadelphia Union and DC United, tough titty.

But, yeah, Peacock. I like peacock.


Who is your team? Follow Liverpool as much as I do the teams of the Burgh.


I’m an Aston Villa guy.

I started watching the Prem when Martin O’Neill was their coach in ’06 and he got them punching way above their heads…

Like the Pirates, though, a lot of those players from his time went on to other clubs. While Villa is a massive club (and one of the founding clubs of the league, with a great history), they had not been able at this time to keep teams like Liverpool, City, Man U and others from raiding their players like Ashley Young, James Milner and Gareth Barry. More recently, Jack Grealish.

Villa’s midfield then was outstanding and they finished, under O’Neill 6th three consecutive years, but ownership under Randy Lerner, would not spend (sound familiar) to push the team further up, having spent unwisely on unproductive veterans.

Villa, now under Unai Emery, are an entirely different team than in recent years and have placed 7th this season, qualifying for Europe and hoping to push higher in coming years.

Loved the recent game with Liverpool where Villa nearly took them down on Merseyside… Really enjoyed the role Milner played with them and was sad and proud to see him play his last game for Liverpool.

ALSO… vis-a-vis Liverpool, MOST Liverpool games are carried live on Peacock. The big sides, the big games, they carry live. Teams like Villa, you usually have to wait until the next day, but, regardless, you can run games back and really examine how the teams play.

Villa under Emery is really something. Emery has won Europa 4 different times.

Last edited 3 months ago by Wabbit_Season

Also was a good excuse to crack a beer before noon


I had not thought of this….

…must run out for a minute… 🙂


Even 730 am games it’s 1230 pm there. I’d drink Carlsberg elephant. Can’t drink standard chartered. Unless you live there or anywhere not Eastern standard time


I can’t stand man city. Started following them after watching a game on ESPN at like 7 am. Loved the chants and positioning reminded me of chess. May have been 2009. Torres, mascherano, and Gerrard days. Don’t mind Villa. Arsenal choked. Hope milner comes back to coach. How’s Coutinho these days?


Phillipe has been “injured.” I think for his status, he’s underperformed. But you can see when they play him on the left, how well he combines in attack, especially with the wonderful Spaniard, Alex Moreno at left back…. clever … but Barca appears to have overpaid for him after his bright start in Liverpool. And he’s shown flashes for Villa but ONLY flashes. I think under Emery he could become an important player again, but are you going to rest the young 22 year old Jacob Ramsey for a fading star?

I think with European play coming next season, Coutinho will begin to feature because they need a deeper squad. Hoping so anyway, bc he can be brilliant.

And Man City? Yeah, Pep has a long blood line from the Total Football days in the Netherlands, but he has TWO front line squads. Their second line is as good as most front 11s. And they’re technical as hell.

It frustrates me for the same reasons MLB frustrates me. Rich, evil, oil oligarchs and emirates, as Pink Floyd says, “buy me a football team” and then become the Yankees of football ruining the sport for everyone else.

Really hacked about who owns and how they came to own Newcastle. That’s just VILE. But, you know, Roman Abramovich, one of Vladimir Putin’s boys, owned Chelsea until recently and laundered a ginormous amount of criminally got money through that team while fans cheered deliriously.

Arsenal? Tactical, usually, but they don’t seem tough to me. The team punching above its weight now seems to be Brighton & Hove Albion.

I generally don’t like teams in red (it goes back to my playing days) but I admire what Liverpool does and think they have it working with some great attackers like Mo Salah. Just a divine player!


I want Brighton’s midfield. Newcastle takeover certainly is some bs. Coutinho was “hurt” before selling him to buy Allison and Big Virg. Wished everton went down. Hope someday to get to Anfield. My supervisor is from middlesbrough. Wanted them to come up


I am going to watch villa v newcastle this summer in Philly


Saw Liverpool vs AC Milan in Charlotte years ago. Have fun


Perdomo is a BIG guy; and looks good.

Wilbur Miller

Damn, that move looking good already.


wasn’t going to take much on Owings, but WOW.

Wilbur Miller

Perdomo looks like that a lot, but then you get a control meltdown. Hopefully Marin has an impact.


Wouldn’t surprise me if he gets send down after the game, especially if Holderman and Bednar pitch today and 5 inning or less Hill going tomorrow.


Do you think our pitching development might be half decent or more so Marin working wonders for these guys?

Wilbur Miller

More Marin, maybe.


This interests me.

Pitching coaches always seem to get a lot of credit when things go well… Thinking back to Ray Miller.

Mr. Miller, can you put your finger on what Marin’s x factor is?

I do believe what Yogi Berra once said; that the game is 95% mental. Once you arrive, it’s a zen kind of thing separating success from struggle.



Wilbur Miller

Best guess is he really works to tailor the approach to the individual. He’s also supposed to be analytically oriented. They’ve gotten WAY away from the FB heavy approach. Many other teams doing that, too, but Marin seems to have good judgment about which pitches to focus on, like Moreta’s slider.
They all seem very confident in their repertoires. Not a lot of, drop this pitch, try that one, like we used to see. Just seems they’ve settled on good mixes for everyone.

Last edited 3 months ago by Wilbur Miller

Thanks so much!

Having experts to rely on like the staff at P2 is fun.

I guess it all comes down to accentuate the positives. Focus on strengths.

I imagine, then, that for, say, Roansy Contreras, he needs to develop one more positive pitch for him to believe in himself.

Like when Keller really started to blossom, it seemed to coincide with new offering(s) that were effective and helped his other stuff play.

“Watch me paste this pathetic palooka with a powerful paralyzing perfect pachyderms percussion pitch. “



Bottom line – I missed the page. That means I liked it even with its warts and its sometimes grumpy commenters. I am glad to get anything back simply because it has been one of my few “escapes” in a very busy schedule. Go for it!


Was just reading about Strasburg. It’s a shame a likely hall of fame career ends like this. I know free agent pitcher contracts are risky, but 245 million for zero production has to sting.


Apparently the Nats didn’t or weren’t able to take out any disability policy on Strasberg, so it looks like they’re eating that entire contract.

For the Nats’ sake I would hope Stras is amenable to doing a Bonilla contract that spreads the pain out over many more years.


Skies just opened up in USC. Yeah, you can’t play through this. Oddly, radar map had this cell about 10 miles east of here.


Contreras hit one helluva impressive HR. Wasn’t a bad pitch at all by Ortiz. Hat tip.


Anyone know why Maggi is on suspension?


John mentioned he may have bumped an umpire. I don’t think there’s been an official announcement.




Nice play


I’m on board with this- if it actually happens. The lack of follow-through over the last few years on the “upcoming changes” that have been announced during that time has been horrific. From the ideas of Pittsburghbaseball.com to getting rid of the prospect guides, changing formats, etc. I’m super super supportive of all the life challenges that gets in the way of so many things, but lets be Sarah Lang here. Love what you do, and persevere through the life challenges that get in your way. Once you put something in writing, you do it, and you do it like nothing else matters. If you aren’t going to follow-through, if you aren’t 100% committed to something, you just don’t put it in writing.


What I don’t get is the amount of bitching by a few select people about the recent direction the of this site. All the articles I have read have been pretty transparent about what’s going on.


I’d say being super super supportive but then saying any commitment made can not be missed is a contradiction. I am sure when things were put in writing there was 100% commitment (life challenges are not easy to put in a project plan). Then the life challenges happened which impact the commitments. We all have levels of frustrations with the site, but either we support and understand or we don’t.


My opinion is just that, an opinion. If i were you, sometimes its better instead of stating what you are going to do, state what you are thinking about doing with the idea of capturing feedback. We all want you and this site to succeed and we are all happy to provide honest feedback. What I’m recommending against, is the idea that you put in writing long term plans without the committment to do it. Its not an earth shattering relevation. Life is hard, and some of your ideas have been very large, and great, but very difficult even with 100% focus on them. We aren’t going anywhere as long as you are here. Your articles are the reason we’ve all been here, and without you, we wouldn’t be. Its really that simple.


It’s Sarah Langs and she is a writer and researcher for MLB.com


Whom suffers from ALS, and has been a hero to many.


First, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone on this site. The fact you’ve kept an internet business based on talking about Pirates organization for as long as you have is answer enough.

Second, Sarah Lang is a huge baseball fan paid by ESPN who is battling ALS. Not sure what point he was trying to make by bringing her up.


Pick to click, Cutch and Santana in a 5-2 victory!


It’s back!


Let’s hope.


What was pessimistic about “Let’s hope’? I have been nothing but optimistic in the last two weeks or so since your dissertation on my pessimism. I realized that you were correct, I apologized and have been trying to change and be optimistic, at least towards prospects. All I can do is apologize. I can’t control whether a person accepts it or not. I have posted stuff from other sites to try to fill in info gaps. Yet you still give me grief. SMH.

Hope springs eternal my brother. Until what you’re promising actually happens, though, it is nothing but hope no matter how good the chances. I love P2 and am VERY sympathetic to your plight, but it has been frustrating for us readers. It is YOUR fault. You got us used to all that top notch info. 🙂 🙂

But yet, we are still here. If you thought my statement pessimism, so be it. Again, I can’t change or control how you perceive things. Personally, I call it reality. Perhaps you dream TOO big. I dunno. That very well could be the problem, and there is nothing wrong with that. Better to dream big than small.

So bottom line: LET’S HOPE. If that irritates you, too bad. It wasn’t meant to give you a rash, so pls quit giving me a rash. It has gotten old already. I am on your side.

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Forewarning: this is probably a depressing post at face value but I’m the type of person who finds unequivocal joy, love and hope from digging through the blackest holes and deepest trenches. Ying and yang work together, not as opposing forces.

That disclaimer out of the way…Tim, lonely is where most all of humans reside, especially those who are successful, those willing to open themselves up to criticism and especially those who are forward thinking. It isn’t always or even usually fun but embrace the isolation with the knowledge that pushing forward to forge an untrodden path for others to follow produces hope and inspiration for others to follow and build their own new paths. There’s something like 7 or 8 billion people on this planet, if you influence any one of them, let alone whatever numbers it is you reach on this platform to create and inspire others you have done well to build a better world for all of us. Thank you.


You sure sounded like it. Btw, I re-edited my comment to make it more tactful, because your comment REALLY ticked me off. Your criticism was well accepted and I was trying and it sounded like you thought it was same old same old.

So, pls forgive me. Perhaps a smiley would’ve helped it be seen as a joke, esp since your last comment was a criticism of my pessimism,. To me, it as, as if you were just giving me more of the same.

Your explanation is accepted. Our friendship goes back too far to be thrown away over a misunderstanding.


No sweat. Like I said…..big misunderstanding. I will, as always continue to support. Too much history not to. But call me on it, if .I offend you in any way.


And I agree. I had become hardened. I appreciate your jumping ‘on my case’. It opened my eyes.

Now, let’s quit this love fest before some one tells us to get a room. 😜😜😜


I really don’t understand how you can complain about Tim’s post. I took it as pessimistic. If that bothers you I guess too bad.

By the way I actually enjoyed your rather optimistic posts lately if that means anything.


I accept that you took it as criticism. It wasn’t meant that way. Had I known that it would, I wouldn’t t have posted it. To me, it was just a throwaway, like hoping we get needed rain that was forecasted.


Foo, I’ve enjoyed your insights here for a long time. I was extremely happy to see your return from a year or two hiatus a couple years back. Your psuedo-pessimistic but more likely “prove it’s real before I believe it” attitude helps center my “oh my, Francisco Acuna just destroyed winter ball as a teenager, let’s get him in Altoona ASAP” mentality (circa 2018 or so).


Would be great to get the Depth Chart page updated as well. Makes it easier to follow MiLB.


Great job all around.

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