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Pirates DFA Greg Allen and Michael Chavis; Andujar Joins Team

The Pittsburgh Pirates made some moves ahead of Monday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds. It was announced yesterday that Miguel Andujar was claimed off of waivers. He has joined the team, along with catcher Jose Godoy, who needed to be added to the 40-man roster. To make room on the active roster, both infielder Michael Chavis and outfielder Greg Allen were designated for assignment.

Andujar  hit .229/.250/.281 this season in 27 games for the New York Yankees. Godoy was with the Pirates earlier in the season as a waiver claim, before being DFA’d. He has played seven big league games this year between the Minnesota Twins and Pirates, going 0-for-10 at the plate. Catcher Tyler Heineman was placed on the injured list over the weekend due to a concussion and Zack Collins caught one day, but it appears that he isn’t thought of as a suitable backup to Jason Delay.

Chavis hit .229/.265/.389 in 129 games for the Pirates this season, showing some extra-base power, but not much else, leading to a -0.4 WAR for the season. He did well in April and May, but has struggled since then, going from an .837 OPS on June 1st, to a .574 OPS in 88 games since then.

Allen was injured to start the season and returned to the Pirates quickly during his rehab due to some roster movement at the time. So it was worth giving him a longer look after a slow start, because he didn’t go through a full rehab process. However, he is hitting .186/.260/.271 in 46 games this season. He compiled -0.1 WAR.

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Chavis is a nice guy – I’m happy for him. I hope he catches on with a real team someday.


My very very early take on Bae is that you could put Bae, Marcano, and Allen’s name in a hat and pick one out to be on the 26-man. They all resemble the same player and skill set.
Hoping Bae proves this to not be the case…….as far as the bat is concerned.

Last edited 2 months ago by 1979andCounting

Shoot……add Park’s name to the bag. Which leads to the obvious question……why is BC stock-piling the same type of player times 4?


Who said “you can’t just throw anybody over there”

Wait, sounds like me even before they tried to platoon 4 mid INF, an OF, DH and C
chavis, yoshie, van meter, madris, padio, cheng and collins

Almost as bad was tucker park and castillo rotating in the OF while gold glove caliber
Marsinick sat and watched the errors, losses pile up and ERA’s sky rocket because of the gaffes that don’t show in the box score. That was my first sign of the tanking to come


Complete BULLSHIT from a FO that s/b be replaced right now…What FA is going to sign with this team…NONE…You just do not do this now…




Seems Bush League with 9 games left to DFA Chavis – who endured 150 games of this catastrophic season yet played with hustle and some early success – instead of shiny new waiver wire/low upside Collins


Not sure why there is so much gnashing of teeth over these moves. I mean, it’s either now or in November bc there’s gonna be a serious roster purge.


Collins is a dud, typical of BC’s “keep them guessing” routine. He truly has GM smarts, but continually playing this dumpster diving routine is embarrassing for the franchise. Best I can say about Chavis is that when he made contact he did hit a decent amount of HR’s. That said, a guy in his 4th year in MLB should not be striking out 7 times for every Walk.

I would rather spend time giving Ro Castro some play at 1B. It’s cheaper having a kid who can bat both ways than having two AAAA duds platooning. Nunez at AAA and up by Jun 2023. Martin has to learn how to make better contact while still hitting 30 HR? 51 Walks so far in 473 AB in AAA. Still strikes out too much but 50+ EBH


In the end you have to produce to stay in this league – but for Chavis to last only 3 weeks longer than Van Meter just doesn’t seem right


Chavis’ ceiling is a utility bat with thump, not a starting vertically-challenged 1st baseman. He was a place-holder at 1st, who impressed early, but sunk late.


He would’ve been a perfect complement to Adam LaRoche.


Interesting reactions from the comments… My take, for the little it’s worth…

1) Chavis did well in the first half but was always a placeholder for something better and was better suited for 2b. Also, he did hustle but can’t catch popups!
2) Allen had a good spring but nothing else. He unfortunately missed his chance with injury.
3) Why Collins? No answer. But there’s only 9 more games this year.
4) Andujar – worth a look. Maybe he can play 1b. Maybe he can hit?
5) Swaggerty – get over him. Another high draft pick who failed to live up to expectations. There are plenty of options who moved past him on the depth chart.
6) Godoy/Heineman/Delay, etc., etc., etc. – Of the whole awful bunch I have liked Delay and Heineman the best. I just can’t wait until Endy and Henry get the chance!

Bottom line – there is some potential here (and surprisingly, with the rotation!) but it will all be for aught unless management tries to put a bullpen together and signs some guys to fill some holes. If Endy is the real thing (and not hurt) then keeping him down in the spring is a big mistake for the dozen or so fans that were left to appreciate yesterday.


what does swaggerty have to do with anything here? he’s an outfielder.


Agree – I gave in to this when viewing the other comments. Better to be concise and precise!


EXCEPT I think Swaggerty gets his last chance next year, but I agree that the current FO does not seem to like his game.


They’re not giving up on Swaggerty. Remember, he missed a lot of development time between injuries and the COVID season. He effectively went from A+ to AAA and doesn’t even have 500 PAs at AA+.

b mcferren

there are a lot of bad choices at first base for this offseason’s class of free agents

Angujar has just as much chance at success than this crop of schleps:


I agree. And, except for Castro and Nunez, the internal options do not seem plausible. Trade?

Wilbur Miller

“a lot of bad choices”

Yeah, but is there one who’s gut-wrenchingly, biblically, lucky-to-bat-.090 awful? Asking for a friend.


So the Pirate criterion is being better than awful? Andujar has never been a bad first baseman basically because he’s never been one. He has been an awful third baseman and left fielder though so he might fit it. This is just more BC BS.


LOL! Was just perusing the same list….going down the list and some nopes and some definite hell nos! (Moran at the top of the latter list)…. This list shows that if the Bucs are to improve at 1b they need to trade for one or someone like Nunez needs to improve quickly from within

b mcferren

Nunez has been playing third base the past week while nobody noticed

b mcferren

I’d trade KeBryan and cash to the Twins for a one-armed Krilloff


I know. Hopefully he works on 1b a lot between now and spring. Otherwise need to look at a trade with that crop of FA that will be available…..or Andujar takes off big time and can field the position 🙂


I thought Chavis was serviceable as a utility guy, but IK guess they have 100 of those. As for Allen, its about time. The injury hurt him, but again, they have 100 average outfielders.


Kind of saw this coming when they claimed Andujar. 5’8″ RH 1bmen aren’t really a thing and only a team like the Pirates would pull a stunt like this.

The amount of negative fWAR amassed by Bucco 1bmen is astounding. I didn’t realize that Chavis sunk all the way to negative 0.7

Last edited 2 months ago by Catch_22

why is Collins on the Pirates major league roster? What has he done in his career to date that would suggest that he will now be a productive major league hitter and first baseman/DH?


You seem angry?!


Couldn’t answer the question? That is because you cannot defend what is indefensible


I’ll give you the obv answer. His minor league track record shows a consistent ability to get on base and hit for power. He’s had limited opportunity in the majors and is a former first round pick. Although the probabilities are low, why not give guys like this an opportunity in a throwaway year? These are the experiments they should be performing.


Yes, an angry and long suffering Pirates fan – run by a cheap owner and incompetent management. Plenty to be frustrated and angry about if you stop drinking the kool-aid. Another 100+ loss season and largest negative run differential in MLB. Pathetic….


Your bitching about every move isn’t going to change a thing. I would suggest shifting your expectations and possibly attempting to understand the economic disadvantages this team operates under w/r/t about 80%-90% of the league.


He’ll be gone soon. He can’t hit major league pitching.


so why sign and play him? We know how this story ends….as with Allen, VanMeter, Tucker, Marisnick, Park, etc.


I don’t think we are going to have to put up with Collins long. I don’t see them keeping much AAAA chaff on the 40 man this offseason. Andujar is an interesting project but so was Chavis in April. Castillo might not survive either. I was there Saturday night and I could imagine this young core blossoming next year. Hope and eternal and all that stuff.


When I see these headlines, I can only smh – does anyone in the Pirates organization have a plan or blueprint for the future? Or, are they just making it up as they go along – which is what all evidence suggests?

Although he doesn’t have a position where his glove is not suspect, I think signing Andujar is a good risk. Unlike most of the Pirates dumpster dive signings, Andujar is not only still relatively young, but he has had real success in the majors with the Yankees – just 4 years ago. So, even if proves to be even too poor of a defensive player to play first base, he could prove to be a good DH or part of a DH platoon in 2023. Obviously, he will have to hit and hit well – since he offers little of anything else.

As the Allen DFA decision…I am all in favor of it. But, why did they wait until now to do it? They could have held onto Madris. It is these kind of bone-headed and short sighted decisions that drive me insane. Keeping Allen on the major league roster for 2 months – when it was very obvious early on that he cannot hit enough – made ZERO sense.

Now for Chavis….I am a little surprised by this one, only because it seemed like Chavis had enough “success” to warrant the Pirates keeping him for 3 more years (when you consider how long they kept guys like Tucker, VanMeter, etc. around). As with a lot of position players on the Pirates team, Chavis didn’t have a real position. Defensively, he was sub par to play to play second or third base – and he doesn’t hit enough to justify playing a lot at first base. But, he seemed like a decent bench piece and PH option. I guess Andujar is too similar to keep both around. They should have moved Chavis at the deadline, when his numbers were still respectable. A package of some combination of Crowe, Brubaker, Gamel, and Chavis may have netted something of long term value….

This organization is a train wreck….

Last edited 2 months ago by redwards60

You def feel some kind of way 😂


Agreed that Allen vs. Madris is a bit of a head scratcher….


I like Madris more, but both are redundant. If you haven’t noticed, we have a plethora of AAAA outfielders.

Last edited 2 months ago by Anthony
Wilbur Miller

It’s pretty funny — the big excuse for clinging to VM was the supposed need for a 1B. So now we have Andujar, who’s started five games there in his life, and Collins, who’s started 40-some, apart from the fact he can’t hit. Maybe it’s time to stop reading BS rationalizations into moves that make no sense.

Anyway, too bad about Chavis. He looked pretty useful for a while, but totally collapsed in the second half.


No reason to not call up Swaggerty now to at least get his glove in a few games and hopefully get him excited about working hard this offseason


the fact that he isn’t already in Pittsburgh says a lot about what the Pirates org must think of Swaggerty….they even brought guys like Suwinski and Mitchell back up and kept Allen around for 2 months….


I don’t care if they think he is a 4th OF, but throw the guy a bone. If nothing else showing big league value on defense makes him more appealing to some other team in a trade…


I agree – as far as Swaggerty is concerned, the Pirates wasted 2022 – giving valuable playing time and at bats to Marisnick, Allen, etc, etc….


Both of these players are so likeable that I’m sad it didn’t work out, but Chavis especially had been given enough of an opportunity and to have an OBP so far below .300 is just not acceptable.

Speaking of nice guys that I was really rooting for, Alford is having a great season in Korea–.866 OPS which is 11th best in the league (and he’s 5th in SLG):


Last edited 2 months ago by TNBucs

On the other hand, Jose Pirela is tearing the cover off the ball. Maybe we should bring him back to the states and see what he can do now.


And on the topic of foreign leagues, in the Japan Central League Polanco is 21st in OPS, Mel Rojas 26th, and Jose Osuna 27th.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

The video of his daughter doing his Korean fan celebration after a hit was great.


So Collins is now platooning with Andujar at first base whose has played first base in 5 games in the majors and 3 in the minors. Should be interesting.


Thank you for your service, gentlemen. Baseball is a hard game.

b mcferren

but can andujar do a split?

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Marc-Andre Chavis has split his last split at 1B for the Buccos


Not so fast……doubtful anyone will claim him, and he accepts assignment to Indy?

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