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Pirates Claim Miguel Andujar from New York Yankees

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced on Sunday night that they claimed outfielder/infielder Miguel Andujar off of waivers from the New York Yankees. Once a top 100 prospect in baseball, the 27-year-old hit .229/.250/.281 this season in 27 games. In parts of six seasons in the majors, he has a .273/.303/.449 slash line in 259 games. More than half of his career games came during the 2018 season, when he put up an .855 OPS in 149 games. He has not approached that number since, topping out at a .667 OPS in 2021 since that season.

Andujar has played more third base than anywhere else in his career, but a majority of that time came during the 2018 season. He has played there just 14 times in the last four years. Most of his time since then has been in left field, with some first base mixed in. Despite putting up 4.9 WAR on offense during the 2018 season, he has a career 1.5 WAR due partly to poor defense, but also subpar hitting since his big season. It appears that he will end up just short of four full years in the majors, so he should have three years of control left.

No move needs to be made on the 40-man roster, which was at 39 spots.

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Former top 100 prospect number . . . ?


Just did a very quick Google search and right before his big league debut in 2018 fangraphs had him at #14 overall.


Andujar is the second player in recent years that the Yankees just sort of jerked around, the other being Clint Frazier. With a different organization both players might have had decent careers, but probably both ruined by the Yankees.


He goes by Jackson Frazier now. I always wanted the Pirates to get him some how and play along side Meadows. On the want list in my life it was pretty low. But in Pirate life it was a nice thing to hope for.


Andujar is definitely a change of scenery guy. After 2018 the Yankees never settled on a spot for him and he just drifted around. Whether he can regain his 2018 offensive form is hard to say.


Finally a waiver claim I can get excited about. Hopefully he can turn it around with our beloved.


i just dont see what ceiling they see. okay maybe he somehow manages to be a 100 wrc+ player but that along with plodding defense is really just Colin Moran.

hey, maybe my idea of his defense is off base.

overall, it wouldnt be shocking if he ended up beign a solid hitter. it’s hard to not be intrigued by those K rates and by the power scouting reports. but still. whats the ceiling here. whats the point.


i know everyone wants to etch these guys into the DH role but i feel like everyone here is underestimating the bar of what is required to be a good DH. like… just because a guy is a bad fielder who has a 100 wrc+ doesnt mean that that has to be your DH. DH’s are supposed to be, ya know, GOOD hitters. not average ones. But i do realize that times have been so dark for so long that our standards are all jumbled.


Yeah …. the Standard is the Standard.


I think both of you guys have it wrong – he’s coming in as our new Manager. I was hoping for Don Kelly, but maybe BC sees more managerial expertise in Andujar – he can’t put a patch on a first baseman’s butt, so he can’t be coming to be a 1B!

Just no pride whatsoever left in this franchise – let’s get a soundbite from Eck on this waiver claim!


Goodbye Michael Chavis


getting rid of bad players is a good thing!

replacing them with equally questionable players…. not as exciting!


That was very accurate take


find someone who loves you like how Ben loves recent AAA success

Last edited 2 months ago by jaygray007

Just not our own guys AAA success.


Glad they picked him up.


Good lottery ticket pick up. He could fit in as a platoon dh next year.


Hes not a lefty masher in his MLB career (yet), for the record.


Yeah, I noticed that he actually has a reverse split in the majors over his career. However, he had a pronounced traditional split in AAA this year (.688 OPS against RHP, .872 OPS against LHP).


Give him a first baseman’s mitt, and tell him if he wants consistent ABs next year in the majors, he needs to learn how to play the position.


This is exactly right. The Pirates have no 1Bman. Get Kevin Young to work with him. If he gets a chance, that’s were he should play


He seems to be a decent LF and we still don’t have anyone that has laid claim to one of the OF corner spots, so I might just put him in the OF mix.


3 whole games as a 1B in his MLB Career?


Exactly, he has whole off-season to learn 😂.

I just don’t see where else you can play him. I’d rather experiment with first considering his corner infield experience. There is no way I put him in the OF, and 3B ain’t happening on this team.


yet guys like Bligh Madris and Cal Mitchell are just fine to grab a 1b mitt…


“Start spread’n the news, I’m leav’n today.”

b mcferren

Dominican presence is rising fast in our clubhouse

b mcferren

hope they’re serving mafongo on the food trey


All I eat in Puerto Rico is mofongo

Last edited 2 months ago by HeisenbergWW

I remember considering picking him up in fantasy baseball years back. That is enough for me to get excited about.


This one is worth the look. The worst-case scenario is that he doesn’t cut it and the Pirates don’t cut ties but that is a management problem that needs to be fixed. RH bat, possible 1B option – the upside is worth checking out.


Right! Mason is not going to make it so all they have that could possibly play at the big league level is Malcom Nunez


Nice move.
I’m not sure why people get so upset about these moves.
If you can claim a guy that is better than what you have then you get him. It’s harmless.
We need some right handed bats and he is as good as anyone to compete for a job next spring.
I dont think this changes anything as far as free agency goes. I expect them to be much more active this year than in the last 3 years.

Wilbur Miller

Given Chavis’ .583 OPS in the second half, “better than what they have” isn’t much of a challenge.

That being said, Andujar is a bit of a puzzle. The Yankees just seemed to lose interest in him even though he was hitting well in AAA.


And playing in NYC isn’t always a relaxing experience.


He has been blocked and when he had the playing time he produced. Worth a look since he is am right hand batter. Can’t hurt to look at him. Could just hear it if we passed and he played well and put up 2018 numbers for the team that took him.


This one is pretty strange all things considered. He’ll be 28 on opening day and is arb eligible. You can cross your fingers and hope you get the guy who had a 129 wRC+ 5 years before, or you could consider the body of work since, including this season’s 113 wRC+ at AAA. Limited to corners, dreadful defense.

The worry here isn’t that they picked this guy up on a longshot; it’s that BC could absolutely use this as a plug to NOT go out and get the bats he needs to get this offseason.


He’s a RHH in a lineup that desperately needs one. He also played many games at 3B and isn’t as short as Chavis.

Also FA don’t want to come to Pittsburgh. Of them the FA hitters definitely don’t want to come. And ESPECIALLY RHH’s.

Spend FA money on good pitchers especially relievers


Don’t believe it. FA will come for the money. Jayson Werth, Eric Hosmer and Kris Bryant signed stupid deals to play for last place teams. The issue is not the city or the team, it’s that usually Nutting just won’t spend what it takes to land a player. But they did sign Martin, Liriano (signed and extended) and Burnett (the 1-year deal post-Phillies) in the last competitive cycle, and payroll is so low that he can throw out 8-figure deals and not miss it.

Part of the H in the RHH is the “hitter” part, and the guy has topped out at like 80 wRC+ over the last 4 seasons, which is awful for a corner player.

And as for the, “yeah, but they never gave him a chance” argument, I see shades of Erik Gonzalez. Same argument was made then, and it turns out the lack of chances were justified.

It’s a lottery ticket. Which I’m fine with, but make no mistake, this is not the 1B/RF/DH solution for a competitive team.


Just more evidence that the bottom feeding is not going to stop


For any team at any time. Rays do it, Reds do it, even educated fleas do it. Let’s do it. Let’s file a claim.


Cole Porter is turning over in his grave. Sure he was a Yankees fan.


Worth a claim. He had a good year in AAA with an .817 OPS and only 35 K’s in 297 PAs (he also didn’t walk much, though). I think he was injured in 2019 (barely played) and then there was 2020 so he had some challenges following his 2018. Maybe he’s young enough that he can get back on track, though to this point our coaching staff has not had any success helping position players improve.


Mitchell, Suwinski, Swagerty, Smith-Njigba are all left-handed. As a right hander Is this just a Gamel replacement / 4th outfielder option coming on to the roster early? From that aspect it seems like a worthwhile claim. And no loss of they feel something better comes along.


Beats all the other club baseball players they’ve been digging in the garage for. They have to get rid of al lease 10-12 stiffs of the 40 to make room for rule 5 players.


I’ve got 11 cuts…

b mcferren

offseason shopping begins early



big surprise…

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