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P2Daily: Indianapolis Indians 2022 Season, By The Numbers

The Indianapolis Indians wrapped up their season on Wednesday, the last of the teams in the Pirates system to be playing. With three straight losses, none of which were really close, Indianapolis failed to secure a winning record, finishing with a 74-75 mark.

While a good portion of the players who began the year in Triple-A either moved on or were promoted to the majors, they still had a few who logged some serious gameplay during their time with Indianapolis.

As you can tell with their record, Indianapolis was about average in 2022. They also finished middle of the pack in the International League in a lot of team statistics on both sides of the ball.

Despite missing time with an injury, Ji-Hwan Bae was one of the best hitters — not only on the team, but in the entire International League. Bae finished 13th overall in hits, eighth in stolen bases, and 10th in average among qualified hitters.

Indianapolis finished 16th out of 20 teams in home runs, with Mason Martin leading the way with 19, and three others (Rodolfo Castro, Carter Bins, and Hoy Park) all reaching double digits. Three players totaled 100 or more hits, with Travis Swaggerty joining Martin and Bae.

On the pitching side of things, Osvaldo Bido led the team in strikeouts with 122, despite not being a player known to generate a lot off misses. His total in strikeouts was good for seventh overall in the International League.

Other Notes

— The bullpen is in an obvious need of a complete overhaul. It’s hard to narrow down just a lone need on a team that’s trying to avoid losing 100 games, but the bullpen needs to be a priority. David Bednar is going to be the closer, obviously, but more depth is going to be needed to try and avoid wearing him down again like they did this season.

Part of that will be fixed when Colin Holderman and Yerry De Los Santos return after missing the last part of the season with injuries. It may not be too dramatic to say that outside of those three, it wouldn’t be a surprise to them clean house outside of that.

— Mike Burrows has dealt with injuries in each of the last two seasons. While he’s certainly showed toughness in returning from each of them, not sure there was any upside of him coming back to pitch on Wednesday. It’s good to see he was healthy, and he’ll definitely be in the rotation mix at some point in 2023, but there just didn’t seem to be too much upside in having him return, especially if it was just for an inning.

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Like every other team in this organization, the Indians of Indy underperformed. I’m expecting next year’s team will be much better. QP, Burrows, Endy, Tank, and Gorski are 5 guys worth the price of admission all by themselves.

Next year Indy will be a playoff team.


I’d be real careful with Tank. He needs to prove he can hit AA pitching and hone his craft. Last thing you want to do is rush catchers.


Yep. By all accounts he needs work on defense and to just stay healthy (the last of which is always tough for catchers). Let him settle. I wouldn’t be opposed to Endy at Indy (autocorrect had a blast with that). And Tank at Toona! They all get to catch.


So Bednar, Holderman, and Yerry are pretty much givens for the bullpen, and Oviedo would be a great option if he’s not a starter (which I think he should be at this point). But I don’t see Cherington turning over that high a percentage of the pen so who would be our 4th choice? Ramirez has been pretty good since we acquired him–too many walks and the ERA is nothing special, but his OPS allowed is only .661 and his stuff looks pretty good on TV. Stephenson has also performed well. I’ve always liked DUJ but he seems to dominate for a couple of batters but then gets himself into trouble. If we had to pick a fourth, who would it be? A fifth?


I like Crowe & think he hit a wall due to overuse. But, I’d only use him before the 8th inning. We could definitely use a FA addition, but I like some of our other internal options too.

Oviedo/Bolton/Thompson as swingmen/long relievers. Tahnaj Thomas & JC Flowers make for interesting relief ‘prospects’ as well.


Of the guys that ended at Indy and/or played most of their year there without much exposure to the majors, here is who I’m most excited about going into 2023, in order. These guys should all be up by mid-year and have a chance to impact the big club.

  1. Endy Rodriguez
  2. Quinn Priester
  3. Mike Burrows
  4. Ji-Hwan Bae
  5. Luis Ortiz
  6. Cody Bolton
  7. Malcom Nunez
  8. Travis Swaggerty
  9. Matt Gorski
  10. Blake Sabol

Depends on your def of “impact”. I see a bunch of these guys as callups next year, however I’m not sure how much “impact” they will have on the MLB team. Factor in time to transition and adapt, the real “impact” will likely be in 2024.


This is the realistic timeline that i tried to deny for a long time lol, realistically 2024 will be when i expect to be above .500

b mcferren

would like to see Sabol break camp with the team and share catching duties with Roberto Perez


For me, Endy is clearly number 1 but Ortiz has shot up to number 2. The stuff looks electric and the results have followed. Otherwise, your order is similar to how I would order them, possibly bumping Nunez to 6th.


Agree that Ortiz has looked awesome so far in Pittsburgh. My concern: how did that guy with that stuff have a near 5 ERA in Altoona this year. HRs, BBs? Worried he might come back down to earth sooner than later – hope I’m wrong though!!


That is a valid concern. Looking at his game log, in 14 of his 24 appearances at Altoona he allowed 2 runs or fewer and in another four he allowed 3 runs. So most of the time he was good, but had a few very rough outings.


The fact that these guys align pretty closely with the holes on the ML roster makes me even more skeptical that BC will make any meaningful moves in the offseason.

2 Catchers w positional flexibility, 3 SP w upside and a SP/RP who looked good coming back from a long layoff, a Super Utility leadoff type, 1B/DH and 2 OFers.


Soooooo….other than Endy, is there anyone to get excited about? Can TSwag be a starting MLB CFer? Is Bae a prototypical leadoff hitter who can play secondBae-s or CF? Is Burrows a viable backend SP? Are there any viable bullpen options besides Holderman and DeLos Santos (and even they are question marks, still). Can Bolton fit in there?

I imagine (hope?) these all get a chance to show their stuff on 2023.


On 1st question – yes! The “other” catcher and several others.
On 2nd question – no! Not for the Pirates.
On 3rd question – Maybe. Roster construction might have a lot to do with Bae’s role.
On 4th question (and 5th) – Bolton possibly… simply too much flotsam and jetsam with the rest…


#2 is unfortunate. The rest I agree with. I still like Davis for 1b filling two holes with two offensive catchers.

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