Updated Top 30 Pirates Prospects from Baseball America

Baseball America recently did an updated top 30 prospects for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but they updated that recent list to include draft picks and trade acquisitions. BA dropped their updated top 100 prospects list yesterday, so we already had one major spoiler for this new top 30 list.

Termarr Johnson is the new #1 in the system, as we found out yesterday right before he made his pro debut, going 0-for-2 in an abbreviated appearance for the FCL Pirates. The next new player to get ranked is Thomas Harrington, who slides into the eighth spot in the system between Nick Gonzales and Jared Jones. Harrington was the 36th overall pick in the 2022 draft.

The third draft pick to rank is Hunter Barco, who was selected just a few picks after Harrington. He ranks 14th in the system. He’s followed immediately on the list by Michael Kennedy, the fourth round pick, who signed for a $1M bonus to give up his commitment to LSU.

The two other additions to the list are trade pieces. Malcom Nunez, who came over from the St Louis Cardinals in the Jose Quintana deal, now ranks 16th in the system. He’s followed three spots later by reliever Colin Holderman, who came over from the New York Mets for Daniel Vogelbach. Holderman will likely graduate from prospect status before the 2022 season is over. He needs to make 13 more appearances on the mound.

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I don’t understand how a player that has not played one minor league can be rated number one or actually be rated at all until they do something to merit that rating.


BA has always over valued the shiny new toys. It really is a guessing game for all these outlets. I’ve favored fangraphs for years now, but they are getting sloppy lately, probably understaffed.


Great name!


Now it’s time for Baker to do some cooking with all these prospects!


If you believe in their rankings, you have to be happy with a draft that adds four players to the top 15 of a system that is considered one of the strongest.

In fact, going into this season our 2021 draft yielded our 2nd, 11th, 13th, and 14th best prospects (according to the rankings on this site; and these were the only four ranked in the top 30). This year’s draft, according to BA, our 1st, 8th, 14th, and 15th best prospects. It might be heresy, but one could make the case that we had a better top of the draft this year than last year ;). At the least, they’re comparable. No wonder Kiley referred to our draft as a haul.


That is a good point. I think WTM did a bunch of comments on how many players the Pirates drafted after a certain round that played in the MLB. I always wonder if they should just throw the entire draft pool at the first several rounds and then take fillers the rest of the way out. By several I don’t mean any specific number. Just whatever works out that draft year.


Kiley McDaniel recently rated our farm system #4 overall at ESPN. More interesting were the comments about our draft: “I loved their draft haul…” then specifically named our top 5 picks, Termarr, Harrington,Barco,Kennedy, and Brannigan

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Cape Cod Sean

Before injury Barco was pretty good bet of landing in the 1st rd. Even Harrington who went to a small school ended up as one. So that’s 3 first round talents. Kennedy and Brannigan were decently rated as well. So five guys could have gone in 1-2 rounds-that’s not bad value all things considered. Im starting to feel better about the draft. Still seems like a bit of let down though. Not spending to the max and not as exciting as last year. Sounds like the pirates went with an approach most of the league went with and grabbed good value with their picks. Hard to argue.

Rob Baran

I had the impression somebody else beat them to the punch with a high end player @ 36 & 44. So they had to “wing it” after #4 .

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Brannigan is interesting. 2-way player with a 100mph fastball and a 34 (or higher) on his ACT.


Apparently Jesus Castillo is not on it?


No. BA seems to favor the higher level players


BA’s ranking have no real rhyme or reason. If you argue performance than why is Mlod so high and Bae so low. Pedigree? Than why is Davis 4 vice 3. No Dariel Lopez? I think BA is the least accurate for prospects. Love callazo on draft stuff though


I just noticed that their rankings don’t even follow their scouting grades? What’s up with that?

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

In addition I was talking to Murph how I still had hope with Burrows, or even Endy at this point, maybe cracking the Top 100 for BA. With Pipeline I found you can actually figure out who would likely be next to be added cause they shift their grades JUST before someone graduates. Such as Graceffo went from a 50 to a 55 (not to mention was already on BA Top 100) and all of a sudden added to Pipeline 100. So, that all being said, I looked at Oscar Colas who was just added after Pasquantino graduation on BA, and Colas has a 50 grade. Therefore, I still have hope Burrows or Endy will be added.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been mentioning to some people lol

I’m guessing even though Solo, Bubba, and Lonnie are 55’s they get knocked a peg down for “Extreme” risk as opposed to “High”


Ah, you’re right, I forget that BA doesn’t factor risk into the future grade.


strong Farm

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