Pirates Sign 14th Round Pick Julian Bosnic

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced that they have signed 14th round pick Julian Bosnic, a 22-year-old left-handed pitcher from the University of South Carolina. The deadline for signing players just ended (5 PM today), so it appears as if their draft signing class will be complete at 19 of 21 players signed. Announcements have come in more than an hour after the deadline, but the Pirates announced over the weekend that they didn’t expect to sign any of their three remaining unsigned picks, so Bosnic is a pleasant surprise. While he is a senior, he still has a year of eligibility and he was transferring to Arkansas if he didn’t sign.

Here’s his selection announcement and his player page.

Here’s our draft signing tracker. The Pirates spent their entire bonus pool, but they still had their allowed 5% overage, on top of the set slot amount for picks after the tenth round. That overage, which they have used almost every year since the draft bonus pool was instituted, allowed them to spend upwards of $1M if they were able to sign all three players today.

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So, BC picked Tejada toward the end of day 3 of the draft. We hear that the front offices are in touch with these late round HS picks and know what their salary demands are. So, where was the miscalculation here? Did Tejada ask for more after the draft? Did one of the earlier selections? Why did he select him as opposed to guy like Bishop who did sign for the amount they had left to spend? Even if Tejada was Plan B for Kennedy, couldn’t they have found someone that would sign for the ~$800k they were going to have left? Not if they expected to have $1m, I suppose.

Either the strategy was flawed or the upfront negotiations weren’t solid. It seems like something went wrong.


20 draft picks means a lot of moving variables. If there’s miscommunication with even one guy – and that all has to happen before the draft even plays out – then there still have to be negotiations. If there wasn’t a little gamesmanship in the process, everyone would sign the day after the draft and it would be done. Surely they are operating in a situation where they have most of the information they need, they communicate all they can, but they can’t be completely omniscient and predict every single signing bonus.


I think the most likely explanation is that Nutting wouldn’t approve of going over the bonus pool. They signed their 1-10 round picks for the exact amount of the bonus pool* and left the 5% overage on the table. That doesn’t seem like a coincidence. I could be wrong, but that seems like the most logical explanation. As you say, Tejada was insurance in case something went south with one of the negotiated deals in rounds 1-10, and since all those guys signed they didn’t have any money left for him.

*Harrington’s reported bonus includes the $2500 contingency bonus, which doesn’t apply to the bonus pool, which is why the reported numbers are $2500 over the pool.


How in the world is that the most likely explanation? He’s literally okayed it every other year, and this is the year he says no over less than a million dollars? That’s 100% not what happened


We didn’t even spend the full bonus pool in 2020, so that’s now two of three post-covid years where we didn’t spend over the bonus pool. Now that you are no longer operating under a mistaken belief, do you want to reconsider what is and isn’t likely?


Happy for all players involved

KC Hunt is junior-eligible next year and Tejeda is eligible for the draft again in 2024

Both should have an opportunity or two for a larger bonus


Eesh, happy to have the young man but that’s a lotta juice to leave on the table…


I can’t help thinking they either messed up or kinda mailed it in after the 4th round. Everyone they picked after Rd 4 either signed at or below slot, or didn’t sign at all. And given how poorly the college arms have done the last few drafts, I’m giving zero benefit of the doubt.


Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I bet their board got blown up by some team and Tejada was a flyer they never worked out a deal with beforehand.

All it takes is one club to pick the dude you’re targeting overslot to make the rest of your draft look awfully silly.

Cape Cod Sean

The first pick cost them a quarter million more over slot. Maybe they thought he would be more or less which caused a sliding scale for the last remaining folks. I admit the optics aren’t great not spending. Anyone have a lot of times on their to see if other teams spend their slot pool to the fullest?

Also college seniors got paid a lot more than last year. I’m sure some grievance with the union is in the works for the Pennies some of the college seniors got paid in years past.

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That seems plausible.

It seems all the more plausible because it would suggest either they had no plan B if they were pick-pocketed or their plan B was blown up too. When in doubt, retreat to the plan.


Yes, a pleasant surprise! Last year he was drafted by the Giants in the 16th round so there is at least one other front office that liked his potential.

Interesting article here:


And with Bishop last year, this makes two straight years when we’ve gotten an Arkansas recruit to sign very late in the process.


Probably the least interesting to me of the three guys they had left to sign, but as a lottery ticket, why not? Forever the optimist, I hope there is a late announcement on Tejada.


Tejeda is the most interesting but I was intrigued with Bosnic when we selected him (the 78 K’s in 50.2 IP as a junior and being a lefty were two things that jumped out at me).


Bosnic and Kennedy are interesting, but I had hoped to get a “now” LHP, JP Sears from the Yankees in trade for Q. But, Sears is now a member of the Oakland A’s as a part of the haul the A’s got from the Yankees in the Montas trade.


Sears and holderman added to the pen for next year mightve honestly turn the unit into a strength

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