P2Daily: Who Took Advantage Of The Clean Slate May Brought?

I’ve worked in sales for the better part of six years now, and let me tell you, if you’ve never worked in a commission based job, that can feel like a lifetime.

It was the rush of the sale (money) for me that got me hooked, what keeps me around for so long. Also it gave me an opportunity to let my competitiveness come out again, even if it was just against myself, pushing to do better and better (more money).

Maybe the thing I liked the most was what each month brought, especially if I struggled the previous one. It’s the clean slate that comes when the calendar turns over. I struggled the previous month? That’s fine, toss it in the trash and start it from scratch.

That’s something I absolutely love about baseball as well. You went 0-for-4 the day before? Tomorrow is a brand new game. You had a slow start to the season? Well it’s a very long season, plenty of time to turn it around.

April was a rough month for a lot of players in the system, including a lot of teams at the top of the prospect lists. Now that May has come and gone, we can take a look back and see who struggled out the gate, but took a good step forward last month.

Here’s a look at a few names, not necessarily some of the top guys, but some notable names nonetheless.

Sergio Campana

April: .226 wOBA, 38 wRC+

May: .350 wOBA, 118 wRC+

Campana is one of the fastest players in the system. The issue has been actually getting on base to showcase that speed. He did that really well in May, looking like a decent hitter while posting strong contact numbers.

Matt Fraizer

April: .208 wOBA, 24 wRC+

May: .325 wOBA, 101 wRC+

Last year’s breakout star in the system really struggled out the gate in April, and that’s even after hitting a home run in his first game. He’s still working things out, but he’s shown signs of finally turning the bat loose in late-May.

Travis Swaggerty

April: .246 wOBA, 44 wRC+

May: .398 wOBA, 143 wRC+

There was a lot of hope over the small sample size Swaggerty got last year in Triple-A that he’d be one of the first call-ups to the majors this year. A really slow start likely fueled by multiple injuries prevented that from happening. May hit and he’s started to look like the player they envisioned when they took him in the first round back in 2018.

Travis MacGregor

April: 9.28 ERA, 9.65 FIP, 23.6 K%, 21.8 BB%

May: 1.42 ERA, 3.56 FIP, 29.9 K%, 10.4 BB%

Not the first prospect you’d think of on the Altoona pitching staff, but he had one of the better months of May, after really struggling in April. He started the year in the rotation but has really found a role out the bullpen as a multi-inning reliever (sound familiar?)

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why isn’t Del Lo Santos pitching more?


This is Endy Rodriguez erasure! 😉

b mcferren

the whole MLB team is taking advantage of this clean slate by all the crappy players going on the DL

one of the biggest complaints i have of this organization is they never ‘seize the moment’ and bolster the roster when momentum is going well

three str8 years of playoffs and we get Ryan Vogelsong

seven str8 wins before the allstar break and we get nothing at the trade deadline

sweep the king dodgers in la and we bring Hembree off the dl

what we need absolutely right now is to trade some of this prospect hype surplus for a bonifide starting pitcher like Bumgarner pronto. He should be wearing black and gold in the dugout this weekend

its because all these dumb nerd. statisticians ruined baseball – – – they have no idea that this game is won with magic

Last edited 2 months ago by b mcferren

I want no part of a Bumgarner trade. I agree that we should be supplementing the team with veterans going forward but that is not the move/this is not yet the time, wait for the offseason

Wilbur Miller

Another guy is Canaan Smith-Njigba.

April — 219/306/328, 8/21 BB/K
May — 293/437/415, 21/23 BB/K


Hoping the raw power translates into game power soon, he’s almost like Hayes in that he hits are mostly to the opposite field. Without the power he is a 4th outfielder….

Wilbur Miller

Might not even be that. Right now, his carrying tool is plate discipline. Without the power, the walks aren’t going to carry over to MLB.


It seems like the problem for CSN is not the ability to hit the ball hard, but rather a very strong propensity to drill it into the ground. More extreme than Key even. I’m not sure the success rate with addressing that problem.


For the Pirates, it’s zero.

For the league, well, this is the entire “fly ball revolution” we’ve been watching from afar for the better part of the last decade.


3 other important guys who had nice months of May after rough Aprils would Oneil Cruz, Endy Rodriguez, and Dariel Lopez. Lopez is a somewhat underrated guy I think- 20 years old in A+ and just put up a .268/.333/.535 May.


Lopez is my pick to click this season, hope those numbers continue. Then where he’s gonna play will be the question. He is not an infielder!!!!


How long until T Swag gets promoted? I won’t be surprised if he comes up if Van Meter goes on IL.


I turned on the game after Castro came in, is Vanmeter hurt?

Wilbur Miller

Left hand discomfort. Day to day.


Are we the only team that, when one of these guys starts hitting, he gets hurt? Seems like this has gone on for decades!


I also am happy about Campana, nice to see the DR side of things having a guy who could matter, others will as well of course, fingers crossed👏👏👍👍

Last edited 2 months ago by tedwins

Nice segway, Anthony, from the personal story to the prospects👏👏… Im not sure what Frazier will become but he seems to be someone who makes adjustments and battles back from down times, to me. Also great to see Swags rise, important guy I think, and really nice to see some good performance by Travis M., fun guy to root for👍👍

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