Pirates Prospects Daily: Henry Davis Homers in His First Rehab Game

Here is what every Fantastic Four movie gets wrong about Doctor DOOM…

I’m getting a bit out of pocket today, before eventually getting to the daily Pirates recaps.

I didn’t create this image below, but it will do for representation of current Marvel Cinematic Universe super villains.

All eight of these “super villains” are villains because they threaten mass, uncontrolled change to the existing reality.

  • Thanos – Erase half the living universe at random with a snap.
  • High Evolutionary – Any time a new society is created, all lesser societies should be destroyed.
  • Malekith – If you need the light to grow and live, you’ll die.
  • Gorr – Doesn’t care if some of the Gods are good. They all need to go.
  • Wenwu – Would threaten the souls of everyone in this reality to bring his lost love’s soul back.
  • Hela – Would kill every being to gain the throne her father decided would never be hers, while still raising her for the throne.
  • Ego – A celestial who never developed and emerged from the core as more than a brain and a planet of his own design. Would infect all other plants to prevent the same growth and emergence of other celestials.
  • Kang – He would destroy entire universes and realities to win the love of a woman who only loved his power and status. Ravonna ultimately just wanted to show her father, King Careilus, that she could be truly loved by a powerful man. Ravonna isn’t much different than Hela, with the difference being that Ravonna accepts her father’s path for her being a princess waiting for the right King, while Hela wants to be a Queen with no man in her way.

The common trend is these people are “super” due to their unrelenting drive toward a single task. They’re “villains” because they can only think of reducing reality to get what they want.

Then there’s DOOM…

DOOM is not a super villain.

I’m not saying DOOM has never been a super villain. He’s destroyed an entire universe with the angry flip of a switch when disgraced enough. There is nothing super about DOOM’s villainy. He’s an angry child lashing out, with no purpose other than to enflict pain on all that threaten the greatness that is DOOM. In fact, call him an angry child and he will show you just how mercifully adult DOOM has been all along.

DOOM is a super hero.

Who can be a villain at super levels.

DOOM acts as a “hero” in that his main drive is to protect and grow his reality and the people within it. The difference between him and other “super heroes” like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, arrogant Reed Richards, and Namor! — the only difference is they claim responsibility of everyone they see. They could fly to a planet they’ve never stepped foot on, and those Avengers would assume instantly that they are the most powerful force in existence. Anyone who threatens their might is deemed a villain.

That is how DOOM ends up branded a villain. But DOOM only cares about his kingdom of Latveria. He’s on the same spectrum of Black Panther — his first focus is his nation of people, his conscious guides are the women close to him, and he will destroy any force that threatens his nation, including The Avengers.

The difference between him and Black Panther is that DOOM has the natural drive to take over the world.

Not to destroy it.

Just to run it properly.

For all people to thrive.

DOOM is ultimately driven by praise for his unmatched everything. He will go to endless bounds to show the world that the way of DOOM is the only way.

And honestly, every time DOOM has taken over, things have run smoother than they do when The Avengers are in control.

DOOM ultimately wants the world to run perfectly, he wants to save his mother’s soul from the devil, and he would sacrifice the love of a woman who truly loves him if he can only choose two.

If he could only choose one…

Everyone would thrive under the benevolent rule of DOOM.

And The Avengers would plot to reset reality to the way it should be, in their view, despite evidence that DOOM’s way works.

Turning The Avengers into true “super villains” like everyone in the image above — Destroying peace to gain the reality they feel is best, even though that reality only exists in their minds.

DOOM would only take over reality to establish peace.

The Avengers split and fight any widespread initiative to establish peace in a chaotic reality.

The super villains for the next Avengers movies should be The Avengers.

Bring me DOOM to eventually stop Kang, who reveals the super villainy of The Avengers, only to reveal himself as a super villain.

In the end, there is only Emperor DOOM.

And me, working on a novel series every Saturday with characters based on Marvel Comics villains, real life rock stars, historical political figures, religious leaders from every book, and whatever other inspirations are driving me that day.

I’ve found that if I can escape baseball and focus on another writing interest for at least one day a week, it makes my baseball writing all the better. Even if none of that becomes anything.

You’re reading about Doctor DOOM today, because I’d rather burn potential bad first inning energy on this, versus my weekly features, which I always write on Sunday and Monday, when I’m most rested.

Check back after today’s Pirates game for a column to kick it all off.


PIRATES (66-76) AT Braves

Score: Pirates 8, Braves 4
Pittsburgh Starter: Johan Oviedo, RHP (4.34)
–Line: 3.2 IP, 9 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 4 K, 0 HR
Player of the Game: Bryan Reynolds, LF (3-for-5, 2B, HR [20], 2 RBI)
Attendance: 42,866

Notable Performers

  • Ke’Bryan Hayes, 3B (1-for-5, 2B)
  • Miguel Andujar, DH (3-for-5, 2B)
  • Liover Peguero, SS-2B (1-for-4, BB, HR [7])
  • Jack Suwinski, RF (2-for-4, BB)
  • Ji Hwan Bae, CF (2-for-4)

One Sentence Recap: Bryan Reynolds now has 20 homers and 30 doubles, and the top of the Pirates’ lineup is looking good with he and Ke’Bryan Hayes providing consistent impactful contact.


In place of the old Prospect Watch, here’s the daily look at the highlights from the minor league system.


  • Henry Davis, RF, Indianapolis (2)
  • Eli Wilson, C, Altoona (3)
  • Wyatt Hendrie, C, Greensboro (6)


Indianapolis lost 13-2, though the game was highlighted by the beginning of a rehab assignment for Henry Davis. Playing right field, the 2021 first overall pick went 1-for-2 with a walk and a home run. As this was his first rehab game, he only played seven innings. Max Kranick opened the game with two shutout innings, allowing one walk and striking out one. Matt Gorski went 2-for-4 with his third double in his third game since moving up to Triple-A.


One of the best hitters in Greensboro this year was Jase Bowen. He was recently promoted, after hitting 23 homers and stealing 24 bases in High-A, with a .257/.333/.469 line. In his second game with Altoona, Bowen went 2-for-3 with two doubles and three RBIs. He’s got the defensive abilities to play center field, but was in right field as Altoona has a good option in Matt Fraizer, who went 1-for-1 with two walks, and two runs scored. Eli Wilson hit a two run homer in the third to cap off the early 9-0 run after three innings. Aaron Shortridge pitched the rest of the way, allowing two runs and striking out seven, with the game ending early in the sixth inning.


The Pirates added Hudson Head as one of five players in the Joe Musgrove trade — a trade which has so far produced Endy Rodriguez to catch last night’s win in Atlanta (going 1-for-5 at the plate), and David Bednar to pitch the final scoreless inning (non-save situation). Head missed a few months with an injury in High-A, but has returned for the end of the season. He went 2-for-4 in Greensboro’s 11-4 loss last night, and is now batting .296/.406/.370 in 27 at-bats this month. Greensboro got a late home run from Wyatt Hendrie, along with a double from Luke Brown, and a double and a steal from Francisco Acuna.


The Bradenton Marauders were officially eliminated last night, although it was from a Lakeland win, as the Marauders won their game 5-4. The pitching staff worked a bullpen game, overcoming 13 walks on the night and two errors for just four runs and two earned allowed. The offense managed three hits, with all being well-timed. Esmerlyn Valdez, who had an .895 OPS in the FCL this year, hit a two run triple in the fourth inning. He scored on a Javier Rivas single. After Rivas moved around, he scored on a Mitch Jebb sacrifice fly. The Marauders got the go-ahead run in the ninth on another sacrifice fly from this year’s second rounder, Jebb, who went 0-for-2 with a walk and two RBIs. Small ball victory.


The Pirates added left-handed pitcher Jackson Wolf in the Rich Hill/Ji Man Choi trade. The lefty with a funky delivery is pitching this afternoon for Altoona. Today is the final game of the year for Greensboro and Bradenton.


Bryan Reynolds is having a great season.

Liover Peguero already has seven homers in the big leagues.

Henry Davis doing Henry Davis things.

Both of the doubles from Jase Bowen last night were hard hit shots down the third base line.


  • Henry Davis started his rehab assignment in Indianapolis yesterday, if you skipped over everything above.


Luis Ortiz takes the mound today against the Atlanta Braves. The Pirates are sending out a lineup of Ji Hwan Bae setting the table for Bryan Reynolds, Ke’Bryan Hayes as the DH on a day off, and Jack Suwinski batting cleanup. This is not a bad start to a Sunday lineup, against a Braves starter with a 5.17 ERA.

From there, the Pirates go with two aggressive hitters with pop in their bats in Liover Peguero and Joshua Palacios. Jared Triolo is at third base today, ensuring the Pirates don’t lose much of a step on defense with Hayes getting a break to focus on hitting only. Alfonso Rivas and Jason Delay wrap up the lineup with more defense, and the ability to still get on base and turn the lineup back around.

The Pirates could take a series from a possible 100-win team in September, playing a lineup of guys who they could build around for the 2024 season with offseason additions.

The game starts at 1:35 PM EST.


The day I took my mask off my face was missin’ for two days
For the record, G, came back a year later, whole new identity
Tony Starks pedigree, my money green like my nickname was celery
Who is Ghost who flashes toast, never wore sheets but bulletproof coats

Oh no! the fans cry for the mask back on
Told ’em “Ghost is dead, he’ll return at the crack of dawn”
Few years from now, him and his pals before the Jetson-era arrived
He’ll be back summertime, 2000 and [2]5, with a half a face iron
The other half water look like alien science

In the summertime, you can see the face boil
But the other side I keep blue with the Penzoil
Mad loyal, when the wintertime come, (what?)
I get stuck ’cause my brain all numb
Like I ate a thousand icee’s and frozen Pepsi’s
Aquaman’s pops can’t water-check me, disrespect me, indirectly
I seen his feet and they both lefty, he’s steppin’ half correctly

As I stroll the globe and terrorize the planet
With a Bill Clinton mask and them Playskool hammers
Me and DOOM, always be the best on the landin’
Superhero’s for life, until our souls vanish


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Tim is the owner, producer, editor, and lead writer of PiratesProspects.com. He has been running Pirates Prospects since 2009, becoming the first new media reporter and outlet covering the Pirates at the MLB level in 2011 and 2012. His work can also be found in Baseball America, where he has been a contributor since 2014 and the Pirates' correspondent since 2019.

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Dr. Doom is maybe the biggest reason the MCU has never panned out when dealing with the Fantastic Four. They got Doom all wrong, in my book. So the FF movies didn’t work.

I liked that Doom and Reed Richards knew each other and that they both had a thing for Susan Storm, the invisible woman, but I don’t believe we ever got to see the gothic Doom in Latveria in the shape of the old Hammer horror movies about the Frankenstein monster.

Maybe I didn’t see enough of the films or what have you, but Doom was always a character who had an almost moral thru-line much the way Thanos did.

I’ll think on this post a bit. I’m driven by many comic books of the 1970s that drew Doom, and somewhat the Sub-Mariner (who also had a thing for Sue Storm), in a neatly gothic way and with complicated motivations.


That’s a pretty good take. Doom wants to be adored, Reed is essentially a nerd that needs love to be strong and Namor is an emperor.

I see Reed as always being somewhat wishy-washy or stuck in nerdville rather than “weak” per se and Susan loves his brilliance. Sort of like Julia Roberts marrying Lyle Lovett.

I think I’d like to go back and read some of the early FF arcs that concerned Doom, his disfigurement and how that plays into the weird love-triangle…

I like your take on him, though. As a quasi-villain.

As for Reed Richards, he’s handsome enough, which he’s got over Doom but not Namor… Namor, by today’s standards would be very metro-sexual, I think… But the comics never get into the idea of what an elastic man can do in the boudoir… I suppose that would be a unique quality!



I wish Bryan Reynolds was having a great season! He is hitting with RISP better this year which isn’t nothing but his OPS + before today was 111 4th lowest of his career.. He is hitting well on this 11 game hitting streak and had a fine series in Atlanta, but this is not ‘21 Reynolds, ‘19 Reynolds, or even ‘22 Reynolds.


His body language looks different to me this year (along with Key). When those guys are on, they are the backbone of this team, imo. When things aren’t going their way such as a bad strike call, there seems to be more getting mad or pouting. When a ground ball is hit, only expect a slow jog to first unless they see a bobble. With a team full of youngsters, I would like to see them set good examples.


All of those super villains and super heroes and politicians should just f*&^ off and leave us all alone to live our lives.

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