Pirates Prospects Daily: Plenty Of Wheels In Motion After Henry Davis Promotion

There are probably very few things that could beat sweeping a rival to stretch a winning streak out to five games, keeping within a half game of the division lead in the process.

While it still might not beat a sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, with the final game being televised nationally, there was still a bit of fresh air added throughout the system after the game – Henry Davis getting promoted to Triple-A.

Moving Davis up was coming at some point, and it was obvious they had some sort of timeline in place for all of this could happen.

The former first overall pick showed that the only thing that was holding him back the last two seasons was injuries, and that there wasn’t much developing he could do at the Double-A level.

Davis moving up to Indianapolis could start a ripple effect throughout the system, as his promotion actually impacts multiple players throughout several levels. Here’s a look at some things to watch in the aftermath of the recent news.

— An open spot at the catcher position is now opening in Altoona, which you would have to imagine opens the door for Abrahan Gutierrez to finally get out of Greensboro. After spending all of last year there, he remained there this season to ensure he got plenty of playing time behind the plate.

Acquired in 2021, Gutierrez has continually put up one of the lowest swinging strike rate, while also putting up one of the better line drive rate in the system.

He should get the big test to see if the hitting translate to Double-A now.

Endy Rodriguez probably doesn’t directly get promoted due to Davis coming up, but this happening does start some sort of final countdown for him.

In the meantime we get to see how the team could deploy the two in the same lineup. We saw a bit of that last year when they were both in Altoona, but Davis was in and out of the lineup with an injury before Rodriguez getting promoted to Indianapolis.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Endy has seen time at first base and Davis in right field as their secondary position. There’s probably some fun things they can do to get both of them in the lineup, and keep the defensive prowess of Austin Hedges behind the plate for a game here and there.

Say what you want about his offense, he’s been huge with the pitching staff and they’d be crazy to abandon that while the team is competing. If they fall out of contention, that’d be a different story.

Daily Video Rundown

Miguel Andujar has been on a tear in Indianapolis recently, driving in a pair here in the first inning.

Matt Gorski with a huge weekend, picking up multiple extra-base hits, including this home run.

A look at one of Sean Sullivan’s recent starts against the Bowie Baysox.


By Tim Williams 

We started a few new features over the weekend, including P2Live, a new way to follow game action on the site. 

**Williams: Endy Rodriguez, Henry Davis, and the Pirates’ Catcher of the Future

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**P2Live: Pirates Sweep the Cardinals; Minor League Affiliates Complete the Organizational Sweep

**Braxton Ashcraft Showing Velocity and Control in Return From Tommy John


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Anthony began writing over 10 years ago, starting a personal blog to cover the 2011 MLB draft, where the Pirates selected first overall. After bouncing around many websites covering hockey, he refocused his attention to baseball, his first love when it comes to sports. He eventually found himself here at Pirates Prospects in late 2021, where he covers the team’s four full season minor league affiliates.

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Plaz fanclub assemble! Hes back in action


Rosa was good last year and looks like he was absolutely dominant today


sadly also still in the dsl

Wilbur Miller

Lonnie White sighting. He’s in the FCL lineup. Assigned there on rehab.


Can we assume team previews are forthcoming for the complex leagues?

Wilbur Miller

Yes. John will do the DSL and I’ll do the FCL. I’m still away right now so it’ll be about a week, but the upside is that by then I should have photos of some of the newbs.



Wilbur Miller

One thing right now, the FCL team is loaded with guys on rehab. Inc. Josh Sightler, last year’s 15th rounder out of U. South Carolina. Finally making his pro debut today. Gotta think he’ll move up after a bit.

Wilbur Miller

Two batters into the game and he’s still there. No injuries yet.

Wilbur Miller

And he reached on an error, stole a base and then scored without incident.


Take him out NOW and call today a victory in the Lonnie White experience.


Awesome article here on Cutch’s return: https://www.gq.com/story/andrew-mccutchen-pittsburgh-profile


Great read, thanks for the link!


Cutch is such a thoughtful, reflective person–his quotes are awesome. I hope he stays involved with baseball (and it would obviously be with the Pirates) after he retires, whether that’s as a commentator on broadcasts, a coach, or in the FO. He may not want to travel much, but they can still find a role for him.


how is tirado still in the dsl? smh


i will do you one better, where in the world is Carlos Jimenez?
On a side note, where have you been?


i see that he is on the fcl team. guessing he was hurt or something?

i’ve been around. just haven’t commented much. i really enjoyed the daily prospect forums to post. but alas. those aren’t around anymore. also the minors haven’t been that exciting for me this year. too many stagnating prospects and some disappointments. nice to see davis having a resurgence though!

Wilbur Miller

He had some issue. Was supposed to be back in early May but that obviously didn’t happen. Hopefully it won’t be long, but he hasn’t pitched so they may want him to do a rehab spell in the FCL.


damn injuries =(


I second both, but mostly the second!


I think when Endy is first brought up they will keep both catchers. I would not be surprised if Endy replaced Mathias. Reps in the field in many spots. C, 1B, 2B, and even DH. If his bat plays, the time will come to drop to two catchers. At that time Delay goes down, unless an injury or another concussion occurs. Right now it’s a nice problem to have.


I like carrying three catchers if they’re intent on keeping Hedges. With the third catcher, we shouldn’t have to see Hedges bat in a high-leverage situation just because they’re worried about the replacement getting injured.


Delay, in my mind, has proven himself to be a major leaguer. I would hate to lose him but, since he is a better backup (heck maybe first string) catcher than many teams carry, he may be a very valuable trade chip.


Say what I want about his offense? How about his ability to block the ball, catch the ball, or throw anyone out. I’m tired of hearing about all the intangibles…….if they are that great, ask him to be a coach and get him off the active roster. He’s not helping us on the FIELD at all, Hedges is a huge dagger in our offense.


Agreed. People are trying way to hard to justify his existance. I don’t think he brings anything to the table. His defense has been bad at best, and he can’t throw anyone out. I’d take some offense over a little pitch frraming.


Some more prospect stuff:

(No wonder Hayes started hitting, lol’
3B Jared Triolo

Game stats: 1 for 2, three runs, two walks
Season stats: .284/.413/.378, five doubles, one triple, 15 RBIs, three steals, 21 games

CF Rodolfo Nolasco

Game stats: 3 for 3, one RBI, one run, one walk, one steal
Season stats: .262/.389/.467, 10 doubles, four home runs, 22 RBIs, four steals, 30 games
Nolasco was on base in all five of his plate appearances


Optioning Mathias within the week (if not sooner – per super two calls) seems inevitable. Who replaces him: Endy or Triolo? Both have a case to make.

Endy to understudy Hedges, back up 1B, 2B and OF while adding offensive punch.

Triolo to backup 3B, SS, 1B and OF while adding offensive punch.

IMO, let Endy learn from Heges while we continue to carry him on the roster. It will make the price tag more palatable.


Up until the last game, he was playing SS and doing very well defensively. Marcano has done an excellent job of filling in for Cruz at SS for the Pirates, but Triolo is a GG 3B, and was fielding .963 with the highest RF/G of any of the other guys playing SS at AAA so far this year.

Triolo .963 Fielding, 4.73 RF/G, 11 games
Capra .949 fielding, 4.67 RF/G, 12 games
Marcano .941 fielding, 2.29 RF/G, 7 games
Gonzales .929 fielding, 3.25 RF/G, 8 games
Owings .920 fielding, 2.56 RF/G, 9 games

He’s a RH hitter who hits RHP’s very well. The reality is that there will possibly be 2 infielders who could be included in trades this year of the group of Cruz, Castro, Bae, Marcano, Triolo, Gonzales. Capra, Mathias, and others are not really trade bait caliber. Who is looking? The primary infield need of a contender, IMO, is Seattle.

Bryan Hall

Bae to Seattle makes too much sense. He is the poor man’s Ichiro and immediate starter at 2B. I don’t want to part with Marcano since he has proven he can be a major league SS. I’d like to see Triolo up to platoon at SS since he profiles as a potential backup as well.


Bae makes sense as does Nicky G.


What position do you want on my Cabinet? 🙂


I voting for Lee for president of the Triolo fan club!


I’ll take any and all campaign contributions,


Go Go Gorski!

CF Matt Gorski

Game stats: 1 for 3, one home run, two RBIs, two runs, one walk
Season stats: .261/.324/.444, seven doubles, seven home runs, 26 RBIs, nine steals, 41 games

Last edited 3 months ago by leefieux

and a K rate of over 35%….


Stop with the 35% fabrication

Trolling Gorski is over

Yep Gorski adjusted went to a shorter compact swing
Down to 23%
He doesn’t have enough middle fingers for all the trollers

RUN- 59 SB 9 CS



POWER- 102 XBH —-900 AB





Think he’ll be heading to Indy soon as well, new approach does seem to be taking hold. He’s really cut back on the K’s and now the power is starting to play.


sounds good. we need outfield prospects


You can be my VP of my MG Fan Club.


With the risk of building another chris archer trade, am thinking of controllable starters who might be available at the deadline, could we go all in for cease (2 years after this season) or bieber (1 year after)? I dont like bieber’s underlying numbers at all so i would probably prefer cease. Per BTV, would take something like termarr and priester for cease which is scary to me but keller and cease as 1a and 1b would be pretty damn nice for the next few years


Pls Cease this line of trade talk. 🙂


Did you just issue a Cease and desist order?


Draft Skenes and quit @#$@# around with wishes.


I would do a Priester- Johnson for Cease in a heartbeat!


Sorry I think that would be a bad move. Cease has NOT been good this year and trading two of your top prospects is not ideal in hopes that he would turn it around.


While I might not mind Bieber, not a fan of getting Cease. Cease is too much of a Flyball pitcher, and a Flyball righty in PNC does not always do the best. He also can have control problems sometimes. I would much rather have Bieber. Going after Cease would remind me of the Archer mistake.


Bieber’s K rate is way down this year, dont know if there is more under the hood causing that but would make me hesitant


I’m on the fence about what to do with Delay once Super 2 passes. I think a case can be made to either keep him in Pittsburgh, demote him to Indy, or make him available in a trade.

I think the Pirates will probably keep him in Pittsburgh when Endy is promoted. But I think he eventually gets dealt towards the deadline to a Catcher needy contender.

b mcferren

delay needs to start taking ground balls at first base so we can keep his bat in the lineup


No way. I think his value lies in being an above average reserve Catcher. Any other role turns him into a negative WAR player.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

No, not at all. Since start of May, he’s been mostly what he’s always been. All defense, no bat.


I’m baffled by the love Delay is getting, similar to ST sss love.


I think you keep Delay and deal Hedges. It saves money. Or you keep all three for awhile because Endy has some positional mobility.


Hedges gets dealt if Pirates turn into sellers at deadline. And we’re in agreement about Endy being added as 3rd Catcher initially.


Hedges get dealt? For what? Two fungo bats and the book of bad hitting catchers?


Funny. Did I say dealt? I meant DFA’d. Stupid iPhone.


lol….still hoping he’ll get his OPS up to .600. He’s always had power despite his inability to hit, what happened?


Trade him before his BABIP comes back to earth?


We got SD with frazier playing at an unsustainable rate so i would see if we can do it again lol


But, who did we get for Stallings? Ugh.


What did Florida get??


Ummmmm…..good point. 😎😎😎


Still hope for Nicolas, may not be a starter but another power arm for the bullpen when ready


I’d like to hope Delay is that guy, but he is exactly what he was in college – a pitcher’s Catcher who can sometimes hit. His fWAR is heavily weighted on Def

If I had to pick some Players who I think are the “unsustainables” of the Pirates in 2023 I would pick Connor Joe and Tucupita Marcano.


In many ways I feel for Delay. He is having an unexpectedly good offensive season and is a good catcher. My ‘cold hearted – what is best for Bucs only’ view is that he has options and they should be used to keep the depth. Endy and Hank will have growing pains and for now I will assume Hedges is one and done with the Bucs so Delay profiles as a much needed backup / depth option at catcher as he still has a lot of control. Fast forward 12 months, Hank and Endy are sharing the catcher position in Pittsburgh and Pirates are in the playoff hunt. One of them gets a 30-60 day injury. We need Delay! On a very related note, I also feel we are greatly overstating his trade value. He is only 71 at bats into a .300 average and there is nothing about his minor league record that screams this is sustainable. Regarding Stallings comparisons: he had a full year of decent hitting and was considered an ELITE catcher/framer. Let’s keep the guy and hope this continues. Roster spots will sort out at this demanding position!


Talking to myself (ha)…. I think the catcher more likely to be traded is Hedges. That to me is purely dependent on the Pirates playoff contention.


I don’t see them trading Hedges. They brought him in to mentor the young catchers and because of his defense. They paid him 5 million knowing he would hit in the .170 range. Hedges has done everything they paid him to do. I doubt they trade him as soon as those young catchers arrive. Once 1 of the catchers comes up they will likely keep Hedges, and either keep 3 catchers, or option or trade Delay. I doubt they would get a lot for Delay in a trade, but they might get a low level prospect for him, or maybe a relief pitcher.


I agree.. that’s why I added it depends on their playoff contention. Love him or hate him, he is a free agent at the end of the year and likely will not be flooded with offers if the Pirates want him back in 2024. If they have fully fallen out of the playoff window, then the end of 2023 is as good a time as any to learn how to handle the catching position without him assuming Endy or Hank are ready for MLB.


I have said the same thing. Makes no difference to what the fans or the media thinks of Hedges, the pitchers all love him behind the plate. Hedges will stay and Delay will go and Endy/Hank will learn from Hedges how he handles the pitchers and how he prepares for every day in the Majors.


I dont think endy will be ready right as super 2 passes, but hopefully by the end of the month he will be on a heater offensively. I think after that, we hopefully get a team to overpay for delay and restock the system a bit. Though, IIRC delay is one of reynolds’ best buds so i dunno if that plays into the calculus at all


Delay is 28, in 2022 he had a wRC+ of 53, OPS of .536. Since May 1st of 2023 he has had an average of .200 and an OPS of .450. Delay is not blocking Endy, and he will not be much of trade chip. He is a fine backup catcher if you are running out of catchers. The team is likely to better with Endy on roster and not Delay, so you bring Endy up when super 2 passes. Endy might replace Mathias or Palacios (and then Davis and Cruz replaces whoever is left of Mathias/Delay/Palacios). And of course injuries probably change most/all of this.


He’s not striking out, just not lucky and not really making hard contact…….another month in Indy will probably tell us more.


Out of the 2, I think Davis is closer to getting the call…

  1. I don’t think they have illusions of Davis being a full-time Catcher. I think he’s going to be primarily RF/DH. The bat is ready.
  2. I think they have illusions of Endy being a full-time Catcher, behind the dish 120 games per year. He still needs polish on the defensive side and more development on the hitting side. Like NMR said, kid is young and missed a year to the pandemic. There’s zero reason to rush him, unless you want the next Francisco Mejia.

They’re in a tough spot with him.

Not at all overwhelmed at AAA, but short of catching a heater upon being called up would also be decidedly below average as a big leaguer right now.

Does that help the team? His development?

Kid just turned 23, lost a year to the pandemic, and plays the most developmentally-demanding position on the field. Time would be the easiest and best decision, but also the one nobody likes.


Like Pee Wee Herman said about Dottie, I LIKE Delay. Like. I doubt the hitting is sustainable. And he deserves the chance to be a starter somewhere. The Pirates would be doing him a favor by trading him to one of the many teams who need catching. Stallings 2.0. Some team will pay nicely for a controllable catcher with options.


Thumbs up click for the Pee wee reference alone


I’m thinking the fact there are several Catcher needy teams out there makes it more likely Delay is dealt this summer. Some GM will make them an offer BC can’t refuse.


I personally would like to see Delay traded for his own sake. I would like to see him go some where where he could get more of a chance.


there are also several top prospect catchers whom are blocked around the league, so don’t overestimate.


The padres certainly need catching help and i wouldnt mind if we tried to fleece them like we did in the frazier trade. Lets say jackson wolf as a very raw but intriguing LHP who stands 6’7″ at AA

b mcferren

left handers Wolf and Lobo

outfielders White and Blanco

I am liking a theme like this (me gusta)


Wolf and lobo? Will the wolf survive?

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