New Mock Draft from MLB Pipeline

MLB Pipeline posted an updated mock draft on Thursday night. They have been going back-and-forth between Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis making the selections each week. This week is Mayo’s turn.

We looked at the latest mock draft from Baseball America yesterday. That one didn’t stray from the most recent storyline for this draft class. They had the Pittsburgh Pirates taking LSU outfielder Dylan Crews with the first overall pick when the MLB draft begins on July 9th. They also reiterated that this draft class has a clear top five.

This mock draft from Mayo has more of the same. If you’ve been on the crowded Dylan Crews bandwagon all year, you’ll be happy to know that he is still in the top spot.

Mayo also mentions that the top five is still separated from the pack, with LSU pitcher Paul Skenes, Florida outfielder Wyatt Langford and prep outfielders Walker Jenkins and Max Clark going in the next four spots.

Mayo notes that “the Pirates will undoubtedly go down to the wire in making a choice and have done due diligence in scouting all of the top five.”

I think that’s to be expected from scouts, but it’s still good to see in print. 

The Pirates should be focused on these five players. They don’t need to drop down a tier to save money for stocking over-slot picks later in the draft. It’s rare to get a true game changing talent in the draft, yet you have five legit potential #1 draft picks here to chose from.

Having the largest bonus pool this year guarantees that they can go well over-slot with their second pick if needed. Getting savings with the first overall pick isn’t necessary to still maximize their bonus pool.

We are now exactly one month away from seeing what they will do with the pick. 

I’ll also note that both LSU and Florida each have at least two games left to their season, possibly quite a few more, so there’s no reason to settle on a pick now.

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Any likelihood Paul Skenes will wear a Pirate hat while giving an interview at the Super Regionals this weekend?

The only benefit I see for Crews is that, if drafted, he can start in the minors at A+ or AA this year, and get a sense of the game at those levels prior to ever seeing ST. Skenes already has thrown 99 innings in 2023, therefore, he will not pitch until ST 2024. That said, I think that Skenes is more important to the future of the Pirates than Crews. We have to locate THE ACE of our Rotation and then go from there, without having to promise somebody $30+ mil/year. If Keller can compete for that title – even better for the Pirates.

A serious look at Statcast is in order – the Pirates can hit. I like to watch the numbers of Barrels/PA – that’s a tough number because it calls every Plate Appearance into the formula. Right now, guys who can do that in double figure percentages are in the Top 25 in MLB. Reynolds may be our only possibility, but Suwinski is in the Top 100, and Castro is maybe around 112. Throw in a healthy Cruz, and the continued development by Hayes to elevate the ball and this team can be solid.

But pitching has to be strong and the possibility of having Jones (almost 22) and Skenes (just turned 21) – wow, now we’re in business!


We are finally close to win-now mode and – because of that – it’s tough to envision GMBC taking another first round prep bat this year when there are 3 impact college players who could be on a fast-track to contribute in the majors.

The real pool is three: Crews, Skenes & Langford — not 5.

Last edited 3 months ago by Cobra

the Pirates will take the consensus best player at 1-1 but that does not mean that player will be the best of the bunch or even good. Lets hope and pray that the pick results in a superstar player joining the team and leading them to the playoffs and the world series before I die.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Choose Crews!!!! But also, I already can’t wait for next year’s draft coverage to kick off. I’m sure it’ll see some drastic change, but BA has Tommy White 8th?! 8th?! Jac Caglianone is #30th?! 30TH?!?! Next year’s class is stacked.


Give me Travis Bazzana baybay!!!


I’m on board the Crews train as well, but sign me up all day, everyday and even twice on Tuesday for Jac Caglianone. I will be following his progress till this time next for sure


I’m still leaning Crews, but a case could be made for most of the top group. I really don’t want the Cardinals to get Schanuel though. I have a feeling he’s going to be one of, if not the best bat in this draft.


All I can ask for is the Pirates taking who they feel is the best player in the draft. I don’t care how long it takes for them to make their MLB debut. The Pirates need impact talent. Period.


I’ll be surprised if they don’t take Crews. I’ll be shocked if they don’t take either Crews or Skenes. I’ll be upset if they don’t take Crews, Skenes, or Langford.


The question has to be which of these players will have the biggest and in the case of the current Pirates fastest major league impact. They do not have the luxury of waiting 4-5 years for one of the high school players to make it to Pittsburgh so it really has to be one of the college guys.

Crews, Skenes or Langford? Which one will be the best? Anyone knowing the answer to that question wouldn’t be working as a sport writer or commenting on sights like this one. No one can possibly know of course and no one will for at least a few years.

Logic says it’ll probably be Crews in large part because virtually everyone seems to be saying so. He seemingly has all of the tangibles and by all reports intangibles to become a star in MLB. Skenes sure looks the part but pitchers are far riskier. Will he be able to stay healthy and avoid the dreaded TJS that takes down so many young pitchers? Will Langford be better than Crews in a couple of years? Doubtful but certainly possible.

I think it’ll almost surely be Crews because of the risk involved in taking a pitcher this high and the way he’s performed at a consistently high level. What I really hope is that the guy the Pirates take will become a real contributor in Pittsburgh in the next few years regardless of what player eventually turns out to be the best in the long run.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Lest we not forget that every single Pirates first pick going back to Swaggerty has missed time due to injury. Priester had probably the shortest amount of missed time, with Termarr’s relatively limited this year. And most of the injuries were just random.


He’s certainly deserving but let’s at least be clear-eyed about inertia being the primary reason Crews remains in the top slot.


Pitching, pitching, pitching…the Pirates need quality SP, there is no one close to moving up to the majors and actually be a major league pitcher…

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

In the next 6 months? Probably not, but the pitching landscape should look very good by start of next season. Jones just got added to BA Top 100, and I think Solo and Harrington may join him by beginning of next season. Longshot of Bubba. All 4 should also be in Altoona and above next year to start.


2025 is a long way off for the above and they are just a hope and prayer at this point…


And yet I still see that as a downgrade to the prospect environment heading into last year that has now matriculated to the point of concern.

They’ll need more – and better – arms.


I could see Solo and Harrington making it to Altoona this year if they keep performing well. Same with Jones and Sullivan to Indy.

Last edited 3 months ago by melkel

see Jones, J.


I do remember some hype on Preister and I would guess his best position would be as a RP…

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