Pirates Prospects Daily: Liover Peguero’s Big Week Continues For Altoona

Even through a slow start, a player can show signs that their slump will only be temporary. Liover Peguero has been the living embodiment of that this season.

Despite a lot of his base stats being a tad underwhelming, Peguero was striking out less, and walking more compared to last year. You can see the work getting put in, and that it would only be a matter of time before the shortstop exploded.

Peguero had a slash of .238/.324/.302 during the month of April and didn’t hit his first home run until May. He’s been lights out in this weeks series against Bowie, picking up 11 hits in 21 at-bats while collecting five doubles and a pair of home runs, both of which came in Saturday’s game.

He’s also swiped two bags this week, giving him 11 steals on the season. He has sold out a bit this week, at least at first glance, striking out five times, but statistically he was always probably due for a week with a little added swing and miss.

The Pirates are trying to string together their middle infield picture until they can get Oneil Cruz back. At his absolute best, Peguero has the best collection of tools that could potentially supplant Cruz at shortstop, between his hitting ability, speed, and fielding ability.

He’s still working through the fielding part of things, with it really becoming a concern once again this year, and is one of the main reasons he’s been seemingly passed over despite being 22-years-old in Double-A.

We’ve seen this before from Peguero, who got off to a really good start last year, before struggling down the stretch, so he is going to have to find some sort of medium to start advancing forward.

If he does, he should help to find some clarity in the middle infield picture, and the rest can fall into their future roles.

Prospect Notes

–Not prospect news, but I’ve been impressed with Tucupita Marcano playing shortstop so far this season after being thrown into the role. The defensive metrics haven’t been kind to him there, but he’s always gave me a ‘gamer’ type feel to his approach. 

Maybe not the loudest tools in the room, but he’ll never be outworked. In the short term that can really be helpful, and cover a lot of holes. Long-term, it’s kind of unfortunate there are so many ‘middle-infield’ options, but none have really laid claim to the temporary shortstop position.

All things given, in that kind of competition, give me a player like Marcano.

— I don’t care what his age is, or what level he’s at, this is the Jackson Glenn I kind of expected after watching him in Bradenton back in 2021.

His approach was amazing at the plate, and that opened all sorts of opportunities for him. Last year wasn’t a good year, but he’s back with a vengeance this season, posting a .975 OPS after hitting his sixth home run on the season.

Daily Video Rundown

Near daily post about Henry Davis hitting a ball really hard, his 10th home run of the season.

His experience in the outfield is limited but he looked a lot more comfortable out there on Saturday. He gets an outfield assist on the play above, and then nearly gets a second one below. A great slide to elude Peguero’s tag saves the runner from being out.

Pirates Prospects Daily

By John Dreker

Pirates and Diamondbacks finish up their three-game series today. Roansy Contreras goes for the Pirates. P2Live will be up later this morning. All of the minor league games are early afternoon today.

**The Pirates lost last night, but Mitch Keller pitched well.

**Keep an eye on JP Massey. That and more in the Prospect Watch.

**The college regular season is winding down, but there’s still plenty more for Pirates fans to follow.

**A look at Thomas Harrington’s success from Anthony Murphy

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Anthony began writing over 10 years ago, starting a personal blog to cover the 2011 MLB draft, where the Pirates selected first overall. After bouncing around many websites covering hockey, he refocused his attention to baseball, his first love when it comes to sports. He eventually found himself here at Pirates Prospects in late 2021, where he covers the team’s four full season minor league affiliates.

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They need as many Cupid Marcano’s as possible

Thats all my wife on the nick name, her fav player

And she hated them moving AF

That’s why women should ……

I’m out

If ever again the FO inserts Castro as a defensive replacement for Cupid after seeing him alertly know the defensive positioning and without hesitation run down a fly ball out near the warning track. I won’t be at peace with myself knowing the last chapter of the rebuild is more important than a taste of winning.
This management group is that pompous to think that a 20-8 start, a hideous division, survive worst hitting slump in gazillion yrs, lights out pitching is automatic. You might not have 24 wins at this time the next, who knows…

Maybe they change their minds and rid themselves of DFA’ retreads
committing to the puppet does not bold well for a taste of winning

Unbelievable, hope they get murdered on baseball tonight


Good call murph, jackson glenn gives me the vibes of a late bloomer but someone who will find a way to hit in the big leagues even if it takes until his late 20s


Tough to tell through the rough quality of those videos, but hank looks much smoother out in RF than i would have expected. Makes me think he can actually make it stick there


He looks faster and a better athlete than projected, he does seem a little stiff in his midsection but not bad.


Seems like hes got the work ethic to make it happen. Time for a 3/3 C and RF for him in Indy with Endy going 3/3 with C and 2B


I like that but would try Endy at first base instead of 2nd. We still need to see if Nick G. can hit breaking and off-spead pitches. Really need someone to lay claim to 2nd though.


Games a week at Indy
3rd) Triolo 3 or 4/ Nunez 2
SS) Liover 4/ Triolo 2
2nd) Nick 4/ too many
1st) Nunez 3/ Rodriguez 2
C) Rodriguez 3/ Davis 3
RF) Davis 2/ too many
CF) Swaggs 3/ ???
LF) Mitchell 3/ CSN 3
DH) Davis 1/ Rodriguez 1
Shackelford 2 he also needs time at 1st, and 2nd as well he’s earned it.

Last edited 15 days ago by melkel

Feels like Marte really bounced around a bit since this trade. Appears it’s going to be a 1 for 1 due to all of Malone’s misfortunes. Assuming if his fielding struggles remain he will move to 2nd. Any hockey fans here got a pick for lifting the Cup?


Hypothetical. Peguero continues to fulfill his vast potential and starts (loudly) knocking at the MLB door. Does he move to 2b assuming Cruz is back and fully healthy?


I hope they move him up along with Davis soon to Indy, Liover’s plate discipline has been impressive. He might have taken a few strikes, but in the at bats I’ve watched he hasn’t chased anything out of the zone recently. (Not a lot of swing and miss either, just seems they have been strike 3 lol)


I assume he does, he was projected to be a plus SS so if his defense goes from a weakness to a strength, that might become a different conversation


His hands are not that bad, its the throws, not an easy fix

If he cuts the throwing E’s in half, he will be


in the BIGS

They don’t care about defense right now anyway, its obvious


Good article, to me (I could be way off) Liover’s approach has improved greatly, he’s not chasing pitches out of the zone early in at bats but jumping on the pitches in the zone. In doing so he’s avoiding pitchers counts and starting to get more XBH’s. He’s struck out more this week because he fell behind in counts but with good swings at pitches in the zone. Very encouraging

Last edited 15 days ago by melkel
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