2023 Altoona Curve Roster

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced the Opening Day roster for the Altoona Curve on Monday morning. Here’s a look at the roster by positions. Note that not all of these players will be active on Opening Day, but this will be their placement once they return. The Altoona season opens on Thursday.


Bear Bellomy, Omar Cruz, Nick Dombkowski, Matt Eckelman, Oliver Garcia, Jared Jones, Cam Junker, Travis MacGregor, Justin Meis, Juan Minaya, Kyle Nicolas, Braeden Ogle, Tyler Samaniego, Aaron Shortridge, Sean Sullivan, Tahnaj Thomas, Noe Toribio

Jared Jones and Kyle Nicolas are the top prospects here. Both will be in the starting rotation. I received strong reports about Aaron Shortridge and Sean Sullivan from Spring Training, so they will be players to watch. Brad Case had a minor injury in Spring Training and should return here when healthy.


Carter Bins, Henry Davis, Dylan Shockley

Henry Davis is the top prospect for Altoona, and some have him as the top prospect in the system. He’s in Altoona so Endy Rodriguez can catch full-time in Indianapolis, allowing both to see maximum playing time.


Andres Alvarez, Claudio Finol, Jacob Gonzalez, Domingo Leyba, Drew Maggi, Mason Martin, Liover Peguero

Liover Peguero returns here as one of the top prospects in the system. If he does well early, I’d expect him to move up to Indianapolis. He’s easily the top prospect of this infield group, which has mostly older/experienced players. Francisco Acuna could play here once his suspension is over in June.


Matt Fraizer, Matt Gorski, Fabricio Macias, Josh Palacios, Lolo Sanchez, Connor Scott

This is basically the 2022 Altoona outfield, plus Josh Palacios. Matt Gorski missed time last year twice, yet still had an outstanding season with Altoona/Greensboro. He played one game with Indianapolis, but was injured in that game. He was only moved up to help make up for missed time. Andres Alvarez and Henry Davis could see outfield time as well.

Here’s the Bradenton roster

Here’s the Greensboro roster

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Interesting that our AAA roster is dominated by prospects while our AA roster seems stuffed with AAAA suspects. I don’t mind that. I can see a couple of these players finding themselves and blossoming into contributing major-league players quickly. Think Martin, Gorski, Fraizer, etc. It would be nice to think that this organization is becoming an Organization, where players have to earn their way out of AA, not age their way. Just a take.

Last edited 2 months ago by Born4rf

Why didn’t Alvarez get bumped to Indy?


Likely just because he stinks.

I’m bummed too, right along with Tahnaj and Gorski, but you don’t have 24-26 yo prospects repeat AA if you think they have much of a chance.


Crossing my fingers to see Davis in the big league this year. He seems like a leader.


so bummed Dariel isn’t here.


Excited about this group! Really need some big performances as these guys represent the next wave of prospects to hit in ’24.

  1. Davis
  2. Jones
  3. Gorski
  4. Peguero
  5. Nicolas
  6. Sullivan
  7. Meis
  8. Thomas
  9. Scott
  10. Alvarez

I’m interested to see how Meis handles AA specifically. If he can manage the level without a particularly great fastball it would go a long way to seeing him as a future back end starter instead of middle reliever type guy if he makes the big leagues.


some weird demotions this year

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

According to Baker, “it’s not”. It’s pairing players in the best level, cause they “see Indy and Altoona as almost equivalent”.


For all this guy says that sounds amazing his understanding of the minor league levels as they relate to development is so obviously f*cked that it has me questioning how right he is on the rest.

Last edited 2 months ago by NMR
Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I’m beginning to think it’s just a feel-good answer that attempts to temper table pounding for promotions, momentarily. Cause they then create an additional issue of when a prospect is dominating Double-A, then fans say, “Well, you said Double-A is the equivalent to Triple-A, so promote them straight to majors!!!”

Feels like another case of them attempting to act as showing full transparency, while really just muddying the waters even more.


Very good take.

The kind of coach-speak that should be taken neither seriously nor literally.

Last edited 2 months ago by NMR

What a politician! Does that mean that promotions to MLB will be the same whether they are at AA or AAA? He’ll have to check with the GM before answering that!

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Who knows lol I don’t have a full AAA-AA breakdown of which pitchers are where. Just at quick glance at Pipeline’s Top 100, there’s 10 (including Priester) arms in Triple-A, and 11 in Double-A. I guess to their credit if we want to give it any credence, a lot of the Triple-A arms are teams Indy doesn’t face. Whereas Altoona will face Akron (CLE), Bowie (BAL), and Erie (DET).


So accordingly Altoona should get pummeled their first three games, lol.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Apparently lol

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