Bryan Reynolds Trade Rumors: Yankees, Rockies, and Braves Interested

The MLB Winter Meetings began today, and as you’d expect after the Bryan Reynolds trade request being made public, there are teams attached to the Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder. The New York Yankees, Colorado Rockies, and Atlanta Braves have all been mentioned as interested.

Jason Mackey of the Post-Gazette says that the Yankees are “very much” in the Bryan Reynolds trade talks.

Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post says that the Rockies like Reynolds. Saunders points out that a lot of teams would be in on Reynolds.

Rob Biertempfel of The Athletic hears that the Braves might make an under-the-radar push.

The Braves and Yankees have previously been linked to Reynolds when his name has been mentioned on the trade market. The Rockies are a new team, and I can only imagine what other new teams are inquiring about him with the recent news.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic wrote why the Pirates should trade Reynolds, and it’s hard to argue with what he says. He also has the note that another team made an identical one-year offer to what Kyle Gibson accepted from the Orioles. While we don’t know if that came from the Pirates, we do know the Pirates were interested. Gibson cited the catching situation and infield defense in Baltimore — two areas where the Pirates are still building. The Orioles are superior defensively, even if the Pirates upgrade. Assuming Gibson is on a one-year deal, it makes sense for him to go to Baltimore, who are at least a year ahead of the Pirates in this process.

We’ll be keeping track of all Pirates rumors this week during the Winter Meetings.

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I wish the Yankess didn’t trade Wesneski and Waldichuk. Jason Dominguez plus Waldichuk and Wesneski would’ve been nice. And probably acouple low A or rookie ball prospects as well.

I hope they work it out with him. He’s said publicly many times he wants to stay. If they do trade him, they better get something like that. And they should do it this summer when he’s coming off a 27 HR season and still has 4 years of control left.

It doesn’t seem like the Yankees have the top pitching prospects anymore the Pirates need to get the deal done though. I guess, Volpe, Jasson Dominguez, Spencer Jones, Will Warren, Lucas Gill gets it done. But I’d prefer top pitching prospects.

And I guess, Veen, Joe Rock, Gabriel Hughes, Joe Beck gets it done from Colorado. But again, I’d rather the get top pitching prospects.

Something from Seattle like Matt Brash, Taylor Dollard, Prelander Berroa, and J.Kelenic would be good. 3 top pitching prospects in AA or above.

Or the Braves with Kyle Wright, Bryce Elder, one of the young recently drafted pitchers, and Justyn-Henry Malloy.

Something has to be as big as the Soto deal though. He’s a switch hitting, 5 tool, All-Star OF-èr, with 4 years of control left.

Last edited 1 month ago by pittsburghbob69

If the Pirates want to be a major league team, they have to keep him around. He is a proven commodity. It’s time for the Pirates to overpay to show some stability and reward their players. Give him his 6 years and $120 million. Grossly overpay him for the first two or 3 years and then taper it a little to remain competitive. It’s time to put the big boy pants on. The Phillies just gave Trea Turner 11 years and over $300 million. The Pirates will never compete if they can’t pay their best player what he is worth.


This is exactly what I’ve been saying. You really think the Pirates are gonna attract free agents? Especially coming off two(2) 100 loss seasons, back-to-back.

Pirates just can’t offer the same amount as another team. The UFA has to want to come here and sign here.

Baltimore is coming off a winning season. Russell Martin signed with the Pirates coming off a .500 season and a team that already had pieces in place. Like Cutch, Pedro Alverez, Neil Walker, Josh Harrison, AJ Burnett and Gerrit Cole, etc. And it was probably an overpay for Martin in terms of AAV and term.

This is the case for a lot of teams too; not just the Pirates. And in most sports. Like Cleveland did with Jose Rameriez. You have to draft well, develop and sign homegrown talent long term.

Of course, NY, Boston, LA, Texas, Chicago, etc. are always gonna play from the free agent market. Pirates won’t have that luxury until they start winning or atleast a .500 season. Which imo, should be this season.

I’m just hoping they work things out with Reynolds. I don’t care if he brings back 3 top 100 prospect(which he probably won’t).

Hitters like Reynolds don’t come around everyday. A switch-hitter, that hits for power and average from both sides. You just stick him in the lineup batting 2nd or 3rd and forget about that spot. You got that spot covered against both lefties and righties.

Last edited 1 month ago by pittsburghbob69

And If it was up to me I’d look at Boston. Ask for Mayer, Casas, Bello, and Walter. I think that’s a fair ask for Reynolds and we might get it. Casas, Bello and Walter(a lefty) are all AAA and above too.

Last edited 1 month ago by pittsburghbob69

Mayer will be an untouchable in any trades. Looks like Boegarts is out the door and Boston won’t deal their heir apparent. Pittsburgh fans may be placing some unrealistic expectations on the return


I guess we’ll see. He’s controllable for 4 more years. Soto got that return for 2 years. Whats the return for 4 years of Reynolds? I would hope similar. Atleast 4 of a teams top 10 prospects.


Gibson passing on the Pirates just underlines HOW important it is to sign a catcher… this week. Having no MLB catchers on the 40-man would kinda, just a little, get the attention of a starting pitcher FA. Duh Ben…….


It would be a consideration, but Baltimore finished 83-79 in 2022 and has Adley Rutschman at Catcher – one of the best in MLB as a Rookie. The Orioles committed to a rebuild 2 years earlier than the Pirates, and trading Mancini at the deadline was an indication they had almost all of the parts in place.

Gibson and any of the pitchers who sign early are looking for a team committed to winning. Instead of just signing a Catcher, maybe firing Shelton and verbalizing a strong commitment to rebuilding and winning would have played better. I really think the time for a FA pitcher is still a year or two away. We need to see what we have with Contreras, Oviedo, Ortiz, Burrows, and Priester.


Tbh, if he was that focused on who the catcher would be, not too many signings would probably beat out adley


That’s a good point I hadn’t thought of that angle


Rockies must expect to turn it around quick bc their record was nearly as bad as the Pirates. They are in a tougher division but I am kind of surprised they would give up much of the farm. Any good insight to why?


The rockies is the rockies


Just smokin it up. Puff, puff, give in the GM’s office.


I like Reynolds, but I never have seen him as more than a complimentary piece. I think his contract is a win for the Pirates; teams should be willing to deal because of it being currently team-friendly. I wouldn’t doubt that Cherington knew this when they re-upped last year


If you squint, Bryan Reynolds looks like he could be an offspring of Elon Musk.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I’ll take one Zac Veen please.


We can take tovar too so they dont have to worry about his development any further!

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

And then Oneil Cruz becomes Reynolds replacement in the OF!!!



Sign me up!


I was hoping they would draft him when he was available.


I don’t know, man. If I’m making this trade, I want a player in return that will be as good as Reynolds. I don’t think Veen is that player. His k rates scare me, his first taste of AA scare me.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Eh, he made it to Double-A as a 20 yr old. Had 15 BB’s to 8 K’s in AFL.


Yeah, but those #’s in AA were brutal. If Veen is the guy, I’d have some backroom agreement in place for the 2023 trade deadline…. I need to see more of him in AA.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Fair enough. If a trade is to happen, I just hope they get a high tiered closer to majors kid than a bunch of A ball kids. I’d like a help right now piece, and a high end could help in very near future piece.


Yeah, they can’t take chances on teenagers. Veen is certainly interesting, but there’s red flags. They cannot mess this up.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Pache might not work out, but I like the general framework of the return the A’s got for Olson. And they seem to feel strongly enough about Langeliers that they’re looking to deal Sean Murphy.


Pache might be a Gorkys Hernandez clone


From my playing around so far, the yanks, mariners, and dodgers could put together the best prospect packages that interest me


I’ve had more success with Yanks and Dodgers but I think it is partly because the higher valued Mariners players I don’t see them trading (based off the wit and wisdom of Mariner’s posters on other sites only – ugh).


The Pirates of today cannot afford to trade another piece of the basic foundation of this franchise – Reynolds, Hayes, Keller, BRU, and Bednar. These are our leaders even though Reynolds, Keller and BRU have only 3 years of MLB Service and Hayes and Bednar have only 2 years of MLB Service.

In 2023 the Pirates will add 2 or 3 new Rotation pieces, 2 or 3 new IF, and 1 or 2 Catchers who will all be in their 1st years of MLB Service. Pay Reynolds and challenge him to continue to be a leader on this team.

No matter what the Pirates commit to pay, he has already earned it with his play, and will be worth that and even more in the future. He has played 3+ seasons with the Pirates and has 12.5 fWAR. In the last 2 years of 2021 and 2022, he has averaged 4.5 fWAR. At $8 mil per point, that’s an average of $36 mil per year. In 2021 we paid him $601,000 and in 2022 $6.75 mil for an average of $3.7 mil/year.

Wake up Pirates.


I think this is probably more about term than anything else. Personally, I’d only go five or six years on him too, but there has to be a way to pump up the PV on a deal to offset/ compensate the term risk on both sides.


Maybe some creative bonuses or opt outs to give him some more potential but doesnt cripple our spending? I dunno if he would go for that though


TBH, forcing Nutting to pay for two beers and two dogs would cripple the spending.


You can’t really push PV AND have an opt out, but I get what you’re saying. I’d prob do 6/$92 and structure the contract to pay out 40-45% in the first two years, something like that.


I like that, similar to what we did with Ke but just on a larger scale for the bigger contract. If we could count on sustaining even 100 mil payroll, we could fairly comfortably give him like 3/75 for the first few years then really taper off on the contract right around when everyone else should be getting expensive


Former Rockie GM Dan O’Dowd made a similar point to Rosenthal’s on MLB network last night. My biggest concern is what Dejan said on his podcast on YouTube Saturday that the Pirates make a trade similar to the Jason Bay and Xavier Nady deals that nets them promising young players that never turn out to be as good we had hoped.


That’s why you can’t trade him for futures as the headliner, which then makes any deal even that much more difficult to structure.


I now expect the Pirates to trade Reynolds this winter, but would be shocked if he is traded this week. I would like to see him go to the Rockies just because the Rockies front office seems like one that would overpay for Reynolds.


They _would_ but their system is bad so they can’t exactly. Their top prospect is a 50 fv in Zach Veen who’d be our #4 prospect (and admittedly our best OF prospect so he’s interesting). Their next best guy is a MIF 50 fv Tovar and we have a few MIFers at the upper levels as we all know. Their next best guy is a HS catcher prospect who’d be up in 2025 or 2026. Benny Montgomery is a weird swinger CF who’s done nothing but hit so far and is interesting.

Here’s a best guess at how the Rockies could “overpay”

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 08-17-07 Rockies & Pirates » Baseball Trade Values.png

Just saw a Cardinal blogger at fanside suggest a similar type deal

He suggests OF Dylan Carlson, LHP Matthew Liberatore, and RHP prospect Michael Mcgreevy.
This one would definitely
Interest me as well and fits the Archer model


Carlsons only got one year more of control than Reynolds, right? Give me Jordan Walker instead.


I don’t think you’ll get Walker for Reynolds, especially with the Cards being in the same division.

Walker is 8th ranked prospect in baseball.


That’s the prospect cost for an in division team who wants Reynolds


This is BC asking for Julio…it’s not happening.


That’s ok! There are 28 other teams.


This is a big value haul TBH and frankly more than I think we can realistically get. If we get this, I would say we ‘won’ the trade which I don’t believe we will be able to


I would be pretty happy with this tbh, especially hoping we can get more ceiling out of carlson


I’m still looking for the reverse Chris Archer trade. Meaning an ex Uber prospect (Glasnow), an mlb ready youngster (Meadows), and a long range high upside play (Baz)
I still think I’m still looking at a Kelenic, Matt Brash, and Walter Ford package from the Mariners. Kelenic could still be a star and instant Reynolds replacement. Brash is a swing and miss rookie who can transition back to the rotation and RHP Ford was a high pick from last season who had a huge debut.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Pirates could also get the Comp pick or PPI pick Mariners have.


Let the bidding commence. The more teams in the mix the better result there should be.

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