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Pirates Trade Hoy Park to the Red Sox For LHP Inmer Lobo

The Pittsburgh Pirates have traded infielder Hoy Park to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for left-handed pitcher Inmer Lobo. The deal comes a day after Park was designated for assignment to create room for the waiver claim of first baseman Lewin Diaz.

Lobo is 18-years-old, and just finished his pro debut in the DSL. In five starts, he put up an 0.82 ERA in 22 innings, with 28 strikeouts and two walks. It’s hard to take much from DSL numbers, but those are solid numbers, and you’d expect to see Lobo move up to the FCL next year.

Anthony Murphy found a video of Lobo from a few years ago.

This is a good overall outcome. The Pirates essentially traded out Hoy Park from the roster for Lewin Diaz and Inmer Lobo.

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Its hard to believe that a team would actually trade any asset for Hoy Park


Something is better than nothing.

Wilbur Miller

In other news, Beau Sulser signed in Korea. The Pirates must have released him to facilitate that.


Rigo Sanchez??


I like these trades a lot better. The chances of dude succeeding is low but I’m all in on acquiring rookie ball lottery tickets.

One thing the Pirates have done well is scout FCL and DSL. Endy and Peggy being the two big ones. Eddy Yean being the bust.

But I like Joaquin Tejada too. And the catcher from Milwaukee, Samuel Escudero, has been good too.

Again, the likelyhood of them ever seeing the dirt at PNC is low but so was Oneil Cruz’s when they got him.

Imo, I would rather give players at the upper levels the opportunity, PT, AB than acquiring say Dauri Moreta or Nate Webb.

But we’ll see; I think a bullpen of: DavidBednar
and say Zach Thompson for long relief, would be super dangerous. Most of them are pumping 96-99 mph.

Last edited 13 days ago by pittsburghbob69

I’m shocked. I can’t find anything to complain about. Hoy Park is likely a bench
player at best and the Pirates have many similar players. Most astonishing, Lobo is a young left-handed ‘wild-card’ and is the kind of return they should seek for their near major-league ready excess, rather than release.


I hate to say it, but I started singing this song after this trade, I don’t like this song much, but it got played to death on the radio.



I was thinking of ‘How will the wolf survive?’ by Los Lobos. Poco, underrated band.


I remember hearing that song many a times on the Kmart radio network in the later 90’s while trying to look busy at work. I had to listen to a Bread song after that little gem just to keep that good feeling going.


That comment is a blue light special!


Baby, I’m a Want You? 🙂 🙂 🙂


Guitar Man followed by Everything I Own. But I will take another slice and listen to your selection.


I was being sarcastic, tho. I DID like ‘Everything I Own’ because it reminds me of a girl I was dating………who dumped me……Hey waitaminnit!!


I have no shame in listening to those songs. Kids may not dig them but I just put my phone up high where they can’t reach. Jim Croce was another mainstay on the Kmart radio network. Learned a lot while wearing that red smock.




Park will probably hit 300 with the Sox lol.


In .spring .training?

Wilbur Miller

I’m not going to get excited just yet. DSL stats, especially for an 18-yr-old pitcher, are worth basically nothing. As John just pointed out in an email, a LHP with a good curve and good control could strike everybody out with grandma’s velocity. We have no idea yet what else this guy has. But when I saw “Red Sox Acquire Hoy Park,” I immediately figured Bobbo picked up a few bucks in the form of Sid Cash. So I’m happy to wait and see where this goes. Hopefully I’ll see Lobo in the FCL next summer.

Wilbur Miller

Anybody who throws LH, give it a shot. Maybe a butterfly flaps its wings in China and he mysteriously turns into Joely Rodriguez. Hell, Nick Dombkowski signed as an NDFA barely over a year ago and it’s not totally crazy to think he could see PNC in 2023.


Lotto ticket with big numbers at the lowest level for a guy that got dropped from the roster. I’ll take that any day.


but still a long way to recover from LAST years trade for Hoy…


Holmes reverted to form after the All Star Break. Let’s see how he does in 2023.


Had a 5.33 ERA after July 1st. Just like he was with the Bucs. Lights out for a good stretch then suddenly the hit parade starts.


Holmes stabilized in Sept and Oct., wasn’t the best closer of all-time like he was in the first half. But pitched to a 2.50 era in his last 16 appearances. Which included 0.00 era in 5 postseason appearances.

b mcferren

Little old lady got mutilated late last night


Getting a Warren Zevon vibe here!


Send the Envoy!!


Or lawyers, guns, and money.


That’s on Excitable Boy. I could talk all day about Boy, Dancing School and Envoy. Very literate songs.

Last edited 12 days ago by leefieux

Loved that album, Lee, good article on the 10th anniversary of his final appearance on Letterman’s show at the ringer website.


I bought just about everything he did thru the 80s. Bad Luck Streak has so many classics, like Gorilla You’re a Desperado , Play it All Night Long, Jeannie needs A Shooter and Bill Lee. “Sometimes I do things I shouldn’t like……..(cue harmonica).

Last edited 12 days ago by leefieux

Enjoy every sandwich, Lee!


Absolutely love this. I would flip every flotsam and jetsam for 18yo LHP if i could

John Dreker

You have to be really careful with lefties. They can dominate the lower levels of the minors with almost nothing but the ability to throw strikes. I’ve seen lefties put up strong stats at Low-A with junk, so imagine what they could do to younger hitters who have almost no experience against lefty pitchers.

The Pirates could have signed Lobo for $10,000 last year because he waited until this January to get that amount from the Red Sox. He was supposed to sign with the Mets in 2021, but he didn’t for some reason. He also went to a tryout with the Angels and didn’t sign there…I’m going to try to get his scouting report after Thanksgiving and see why he last pitched on July 1st


Lobo is certainly a wild card. If the Red Sox thought there was any chance, he was going to be Sandy Koufax, he wouldn’t have been available. The real point is he’s a left-handed pitcher, which is a commodity the Pirates need. Even though it’s unlikely he makes it to the majors, he’s got a chance and the Pirates got something they need for Park.

Aside: I’m remembering some lefties from the past that had low velocity an/or low spin that didn’t do so badly: Harvey Haddix, Booby Shantz, and Joe Nuxhall to name a few. The one thing these guys all had was command. They pitched to the corners.

John Dreker

They already have nine DSL pitchers who are lefties. What they need is good lefties


I was going to check that out but the player pages have disappeared from the site. It doesn’t matter how many lefties the Pirates have in the low minors. It matters how many develop into major leaguers. In any event, getting something for Park, rather than nothing, is an improvement. Development, development , development …

John Dreker

It might be an improvement and it might not. They have limited minor league roster spots, so a soft-tossing lefty with low spin on his pitches and a maxed out frame could possibly keep them from signing someone with a better chance. Lobo signed for $10,000 in his third year of being eligible to sign, which means the Pirates had a chance for him for quite some time at a low price, and the fact that there’s video of him from four years ago doing well shows that he didn’t just come out of nowhere or develop late. As for developing lefties, that’s what I meant by needing good lefties.

His DSL stats are meaningless, the best pitchers in the league (by stats) don’t have a better success rate than the worst. I did an in depth series on it earlier this year. DSL pitchers have a low chance of even making the majors for one day, but their stats in the league didn’t make any difference as to whether they made it or not. The fact that he’s a lefty makes his stats below High-A completely useless because he should be able to dominate Low-A without getting any better than 87 MPH and a mediocre at best breaking ball, as long as he throws strikes. Where he will have trouble without significant improvements is High-A and above if he makes it that far.

John Dreker

I’m still going to get a scouting report from my source if I can after Thanksgiving, but Alex Stumpf got one from someone who said Lobo throws 87 MPH with a low-spin breaking ball. I was able to confirm he was back on the mound recently, so whatever the injury was, it wasn’t a big deal. He also looks pretty maxed out as far as his frame, definitely filled out a lot since that video above, so I wouldn’t expect a huge jump


He’s only 18, he can’t possibly be maxed out with his body frame.


Doesn’t sound promising. Have a great Turkey Day.

John Dreker

No, that is not a great report. He would need pinpoint command and deception to have any chance of success with that type of stuff. We will see if the report I (hopefully) get sounds any better.

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