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Pirates Trade Kevin Newman to the Reds

The Pittsburgh Pirates have reportedly traded Kevin Newman to the Cincinnati Reds, according to Rob Biertempfel and Ken Rosenthal. The move came not long after the Pirates tendered Newman a contract for the 2023 season.

Newman was expected to receive $2.8 million in arbitration. It was likely that he would be a backup infielder for the Pirates, with Oneil Cruz starting at shortstop, and Rodolfo Castro emerging as a second base option. Newman wouldn’t have been cost prohibitive as a backup. His value was more defensive geared, but his price was within that normal range.

No word yet on the return. We will post an update when more information becomes available.

UPDATE 10:05 PM: The Pirates are getting right-handed pitcher Dauri Moreta in return.

Moreta is a 26-year-old reliever who put up a 5.40 ERA and a 4.38 xFIP in 38.1 innings last year in the majors. His fastball averages 96 MPH, and he mixes in a changeup and slider. Opponents had a .464 OPS against the slider, and a .694 against the changeup. They crushed the fastball this past year to a tune of a .948 OPS. It’s possible that Moreta could benefit from a move to a two-seam, to pair with the slider.

At best, the Pirates made a cost cutting move to boost their depth. They are down a backup middle infielder, added a middle relief option, and saved a few million. Moreta has two options remaining, and six years of team control if he figures things out.

UPDATE 11:01 PM: The trade is now official.

UPDATE 11:12 PM: Here is a good note on Moreta from Doug Gray, who runs the amazing RedsMinorLeagues.com.

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While a nice guy and a hard worker to be sure, Kevin Newman is the definition of “fungible.”

Good luck, Newman.

Last edited 15 days ago by Cocktailsfor2


When I think about Kevin Newman as a Pirate, I’ll choose to think about the handful of clutch game-winning hits he had, and not the seemingly thousands of weakly hit ground balls to short.


I saw Kevin Newman in A+. To say he was a hitter with little power is an
understatement. Bob Prince would’ve ‘coined’ an interesting phrase to describe his batted balls. Unfortunately, in today’s ‘power-baseball’ there’s little patience for ‘small-ball,’ so Kevin’s brand is nearly obsolete. That said, it’s sad to move-on from Kevin Newman. He’s a good guy and apparently, a good teammate. Bon voyage, Kevin.


Two things I quickly noticed about Moreta’s 2022 season:

1) He pitched much better away from Great American Ball Park; and

2) His numbers are extremely skewed by 2.2 IPs in May.

That’s all.


Item 2) that very much reminds me of Manny B. Good LH’s are actually worth a ST invite and he deserved a contract, even a combined Milb/majors contract.


I was surprised as well considering they have ZERO LH bullpen options. I hope they will sign (MiLB and MLB), trade, or draft (rule 5) a couple guys and not give us that BS line about the handedness of the pitcher doesn’t matter as long as they can get outs.


I very much like that they are getting bullpen arms. I have no idea if this guy will be good in the future, but he has a really good arm and the pirates need bullpen arms with good stuff more than anything. I really believe that if the pirates can find a solid to good bullpen next year then they will be close to a .500 team. I’m just excited that BC is addressing the bullpen, that’s much more than he did in the previous 3 years.

I’m at work and my buddy just walked by, looked at me and said, Another righty? What the hell.


Moreta isn’t an exciting return but he was quite good after June 19, allowing runs in only 3 of his 20 appearances and limiting opponents to an OPS of .601.


Unloaded about $2 mil of Newman’s projected Arb value and received a RP who had a 9.2/3.1 K/BB/9 for Cincy in 38 IP.

Possibly not on the 40 since he has Options remaining, and only pitched 11.2 innings in the 2nd half of 2022. Could we use this to hide another prospect from the Rule 5?

7.09 ERA in his first 26.2 IP in the 1st half of 2022
1.54 ERA in his last 11.2 IP in the 2nd half of 2022


You can “option” a player to the minors, with options remaining, on the 26 man roster(or 25 man roster) without clearing waivers. While a player without any options left has to clear waivers.

To “DFA” a player off the 40 man they all have to clear waivers.

I believe that is right.

Last edited 16 days ago by pittsburghbob69

I think there is a limit on the number of times you can send a guy down during the season.


Moreta is on the 40. would have to DFA if wanted him off I believe. Options are only for movement off the 26.
Can’t bring any one to 40 now from minors, deadline has passed.


Only in Pirates land is a $2.3M salary termed as “unloaded.” I like the return though.


It’s a comment on this owner and his direction of this franchise which is an embarrassment to MLB, the City of Pittsburgh, and all of the surrounding communities. That said, Newman would have been the 4th highest paid player on the roster.

Nutting’s only concern is the 3rd bullet under his name on Cot’s that speaks to the value of the club according to Forbes Magazine. BTW, if memory serves, it was 1.32 Billion in April 2022. That’s more than a BILLION more than when he became the principal owner, and more than the Reds, Brewers, and about 10 other MLB franchises..


Personally I love this move for both teams, which is how it’s supposed to be.
A possible stud reliever who hits 99 with 6 years of control is welcome IMO especially to compete with last year’s group. I’d love to see him instead of Duane.
Also I hope for the best for Newman who delivered some AWESOME moments especially the Blass HR.
I saw him play in Morgantown and and said to my wife I’ll be surprised if this kid makes it to the majors… he was BAD. However he is a hard worker and turned it around the next year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do it again.
Anyway, I’m just hoping more middle infielders are traded for an actual corner outfielder… I do have one trash heap thought… Ramiel Tapia was dfa put him in center and return BRey to left?


An extra 2 mil for the carlos rodon fund


Or to cover Choi……

b mcferren

precursor to resigning VanMeter, right?




Why do you hate us, lol.


Im fine with this


Me too. Newman trade value wasn’t huge and I would rather others like Bae or Castro get that PT/AB.

Although, I would rather see them wait acouple more weeks and trade for some extra International money. That would’ve been the best case scenario imo.


Maybe you can’t trade bonus pool money anymore. It might be a hard cap now.


I have no issue with Newman being on a major league roster but I see this as a positive for the Pirates. So I agree.


First reaction is this is a little weird. Newman was good insurance in the middle infield – 2B is far from settled, and there isn’t a regular SS other than Cruz on the roster right now. He’s not expensive or anything, even for a backup/late inning defensive sub. It’s also not the hardest skill set to find on the open market, so there’s that.

Moreta as a return, also weird. Statcast thinks he throws both a 4-seamer and a sinker, about equally, and the sinker is what’s getting tattooed. Both thrown at the same velo, same arm angle, but the sinker has about an inch more of drop and 3.5 inches of run. Could be a classification error, but the horizontal run is meaningfully different.

I guess thinning out the middle infield and adding an arm is something.

b mcferren

This guarantees both Tucupito and Diego Castillo a spot on the opening day roster?


I like Bae better, but those two could be corner outfield/ utility options?

Scam likely

You can’t pay Newman 2.8 million you just can’t. Look up interchangeable in the dictionary and you see a pitcher of Kevin Newman.


If they’re gonna go under because Kevin Newman makes too much money, they have much larger problems.


I’ve never had a pitcher of Kevin Newman. Is it like an IPA?


Definitely a LITE beer,


More like michelob ultra


I dont see any reason to like moreta more than guys they just got rid of 2 days ago.

Just-as-interesting guys come up in dfa limbo all the time.

I’d have rather just seen them non tender him and then I could actually tell myself that 40 man spot would be used well

Then again hey, maybe they “see something” in Moreta. Whatever. Everything’s fine.

Bryan Hall

I was hoping for a high-upside A-ball player for Newman. I hate to see a 40 man roster spot taken by a guy with Moreta’s track record. I like Newman but there are enough potential 2nd baseman on the roster that need audition time.


But the positive is opening up a 40 man spot for a future player. It’s a gamble on Moreta for sure but the Pirates need to find playing time for prospects.


Heres a highlight video, looks like a 97 4 seam, Slider, & a nice Changeup. Can see him striking out several good hitters:



Thanks, I like his enthusiasm.

I don’t know where all the 99mph talk is coming from? I saw a bunch of 96, acouple 97’s(which were probably 96.5’s). And one 98.

Either way 96-97 works plenty.

Last edited 16 days ago by pittsburghbob69

I was looking for pirates in here, didn’t see any until cole tucker pretty close to the end


When he lives on the edges, he’s nasty. Let’s hope that’s where he resides next season.


Thank you


Thanks. Looks nasty.


I was hoping for a competitive balance draft pick as a player to be named later. I knew there was no chance.


That would’ve been great. No chance though. I think KC ended up getting acouple MLB ready guys from Atlanta for their comp pick.

Which the Braves turned into JR Ritchie. Ouch. I don’t see that happening much anymore.


Me either, I was hoping they would have aimed to do this last year with their abundance of left handed outfield bats and utility infielders. Wishful thinking on my part lol

b mcferren

Would be fun to play TJ Friedl

Wilbur Miller

Dauri Moreta, whoever that is.


Bull pen arm. Fills a need I guess.


Is that the return?

Wilbur Miller



I would love to see Mike Siani in CF for the Bucs

Is he too much for Newman?




I was kinda hoping there’d be a RH 1b that’d pair well with Choi as a good trade partner for Newman on Cin but no dice.

Some barely-prospect on the way


Don’t mind me rapidly refreshing the page in hopes of seeing an update with what we got back.

Wilbur Miller

Well, they have a bunch of guys whose departure would improve the team, but Newman isn’t one of them. I thought he still had a useful role to play.


But would another team give us something of value for any of the guys you have in mind.

Wilbur Miller

I’m not convinced Newman brought anything of value. Moreta looks like a standard BC relief pickup. He’s not young and he’s had a thoroughly undistinguished career except for one good season, in 2021. He was bad this year in AAA as well as MLB. He looks like a AAA depth guy at best.
This was a salary dump. They weren’t quite going to give Newman away because nontendering him would look too ridiculously cheap, so they just took whatever live body they could get. This is a slightly improved Charlie Morton for David Whitehead.


5+ walks a start Whitehead?


The only role he could play that the half dozen other middle infielders could not is “veteran” presence.
I’d rather play Bae or Marcano at second until Nicky is ready and find a starting caliber corner man.

Wilbur Miller

I don’t have a major problem with it, but I don’t think much of Marcano and I don’t see a good backup SS anywhere. Bae is probably going to end up in the OF because he’d be better in the IF and this is the Pirates.


Newman might be able to get his ops up in great american. It always seemed he had warning track power to left field in pnc.


I can stand it much more if it creates space for a guy like Bae. If it means the return of a Van Meter type, not so much.

Wilbur Miller

Hopefully it shows they think Triolo will be an option soon.


If they think highly of triola, they’ll do the super 2 dance. If not, they’ll hold him down long enough for the extra year.


I think not. Treating members of the team unfairly seldom plays well.


It looks like Triolo, and one of Bae, Marcano and Castillo, MAYBE two.


It’s a shame that teams can no longer trade for international bonus money.

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