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Upcoming Pittsburgh Pirates Minor League Free Agents

The Pirates have quite a large number of players set to become minor league free agents this offseason.  A few will be eligible to declare free agency right after the regular season ends.  Most will become FAs after the World Series.  Offered without comment:


Taylor Davis


Michael Chavis
Josh VanMeter
Kevin Padlo
Hunter Owen
Drew Maggi


Greg Allen
Lolo Sanchez


Jerad Eickhoff
Tyler Beede
Dillon Peters
Cam Vieaux
Austin Brice
Eric Hanhold
Matt Eckelman
Travis MacGregor
Oliver Garcia

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Ethan Hullihen

Wilbur, not sure where you’re getting your info, but Gonzalez, Finol, Acuna, Florez, Melendez, or Miliano are not minor league free agents this offseason.

Mostly looks like an issue of signing versus assignment. Sure, most were signed in 2016, but not assigned until 2017. So, 2017-2023 is 7 seasons, not 2016-2022.

Gonzalez signed and assigned in 2017, so not sure why he’s included, and Melendez signed a 2-year MiL deal last offseason.

Also, 10 of them are actually XX(D) FA’s (9 of which elected today), but I’m covering that tomorrow. I was totally unaware you were doing this though.

Ethan Hullihen

Yeah, I submitted my article an hour or two ago, and minutes later saw the elections. That’s on top of not knowing this was here, so not only is it out of date, it’s also redundant.

If I’m reading your reply correctly, I think you’re agreeing with what I’m depicting in the rules? I’m reading “First champion season covered” to be the assigned season, and “Execution Date” to be signing. So, if a J2 guy signs in 2016 and is assigned in 2017, 2017 is the first year, not 2016.

I referenced what my formulas spit out last year, and I had everyone correct. It also included several international players (Enyel De Los Santos and Raul Hernandez) that were in the same situation we’re discussing (signed 2014, assigned 2015).

Basically, I trust the answer my formulas are spitting out. Yes, Rule 5 is signing, and free agency is assigning, for whatever reason.

Also, no one knew Melendez signed for two years, unless my info is wrong.

In the end, give it a month, and we shall see.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ethan Hullihen
Ethan Hullihen

Vieaux. He was outrighted twice, so he has the option to elect. He is, however, a minor league free agent is he doesn’t elect early.

Ethan Hullihen

From the 2021 Rules:


Other than Lo Lo, nothing to see here.


Lolo ain’t the Lolo you remember.


I look at that list, and am totally underwhelmed. A few I would weep a LITTLE over, but jetsam/flotsam out…


Thanks a lot Wilbur for the list… I now need plan B on avoiding the Honey-do-list. Only the three who read my comment from yesterday will understand.


Get to work, young man. Happy wife, happy life.



I thought Beede showed some real promise as a reliever until the failed attempt to stretch him out. And Peters had a some non-terrible moments. I’d consider keeping both of them — or at least just Beede — around as bullpen depth..


I’d try to re-sign Beede and Hanhold for AAA depth and MacGregor to see how he looks after a healthy offseason.


Gonzalez, Loki, and MacGregor are guys I’d like to see back.


Who is Loki?


New name for Lolo. I’m sticking with it lol


Love it, will use it!



Are we listing Santiago Florez as an IF in hopes nobody will see him as a 6’5″ RHP – averaged about a K/IP at A+ as a 22 year old, but still a wild card with plenty of arms ahead of him. Are there more than one Santiago Florez in the Pirate Org?

Michell Miliano had a 13.0 K/9 at A+, but also had a 9.8 BB/9. Big arm with promise if he develops some control. Part of the return for Frazier to SD – Suwinski has already validated that return, but Miliano could be a sleeper. 1st season with the Pirates, I try to keep him.

Lolo Sanchez has been relegated to corner OF, and the bat just cannot support him if he is not playing CF.

b mcferren

the hype of Lolo Sanchez is a perfect example of why we should be trading prospects for MLB veterans instead of all these dumb waiver wire claims


No problem with that if we would just show a little more emphasis on promoting the kids we want to the MLB level. Ji-Hwan Bae and Endy Rodriguez are examples of kids who should have been up earlier. Bae made around 30+ AB with an .800+ OPS at the MLB level, but Rodriguez was kept at AAA.

I think Gorski could be our CF sometime in 2023 if he can stay healthy. Or could Matt Fraizer find himself? A really good trading chip for a Veteran bat could be Jared Triolo. 795 OPS at AA, Best 3B in the Eastern League?

Either Triolo or Malcom Nunez should be playing 1B for the Pirates sometime in 2023. Why did we send Jacob Gonzalez to the AFL as a 1B instead of Triolo?


what do you think Lolo would get in return ?

b mcferren

its a slight gamble

Oneil Cruz was a C+ prospect even though he’s (so far) proven nothing more than a C+ major leaguer

b mcferren

right now nothing, but three years ago, he would have fetched a major league relief pitcher with a 3.5era


Not much to be concerned about on that list for sure but I would offer Chavis a minor-league deal with an NRI. He literally embodies everything you want in a guy at the end of the bench.


This is what I call familiarity bias. It’s why crappy politicians from both parties keep getting re-elected. And it’s why fans want former Pirates to return, like Josh Bell, Quintana, Taillon, etc.

Pirates management should not pursue players just because fans are familiar with them. They should go after players who offer the best bang for the buck.

As for Chavis, he was decent early on, but just God awful for a long time before getting DFA’d. I think it’s best he be given an opportunity elsewhere.


Hey! You mentioned the three players I want signed, reason is not so much familiarity, is affordability, the knowledge that they will sign here, or at least consider and that they still have upside left to become above average players. Rodon, Judge and Correa would be better options, but can’t afford, won’t likely come here.


Nicely worded last sentence. I thought the same about Newman at the trade deadline and before the Sep deadline because he actually could provide MI help for a playoff contender.

b mcferren

I had thought Jacob Gonzalez was on the arizona team?


Wrong Gonzalez. Nick is in Arizona.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Both are


Not much wheat in that chaff.

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