P2Daily: Jared Triolo Has Been A Hit Machine The Last Two Years

For each of the last two seasons, it may have been easy to overlook third base prospect Jared Triolo when looking at the Opening Day roster of the team’s he has played for.

Being part of an infield that included Nick Gonzales and Liover Peguero — not only two of the top prospects in the Pirates system, but in all of baseball — it could be easy to not get recognized.

All Triolo has done over the last two years is hit. He doesn’t have a ton of home run power, but is excellent at using the gaps to pick up extra bases.

His 2022 season didn’t get off to the best of starts, at least from that extra-base hit standpoint. In the first two months of the season, he picked up just seven doubles and slashed .265/.350/.309 in 183 plate appearances. He drew plenty of walks, excelling in the leadoff spot when he was penciled in that spot of the lineup.

From June until the end of the season, Triolo finished as good as any player on the Altoona roster, hitting .293/.391/.487, with 28 extra-base hits, and nine home runs in 312 plate appearances.

Triolo ended up seventh in the Eastern League in hits, and tied for the highest batting average among players who finished the season at the level (Brett Batty had a higher qualifying average, but finished the year in the majors).

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it should, as Triolo finished with the best average in the High-A East division last year, again among players who finished the season there. He was only beat out by teammate Matt Fraizer.

He also finished with 128 hits, tops in the league that year. That gives Triolo 248 hits over the last two years combined.

That hasn’t even factored in his Gold Glove level defense at third base.

Triolo may never be one of the team’s top prospects, but over the last two years he’s been one of the most productive in the system. He’ll be Rule 5 eligible in the offseason and at the least could be a strong bench option in the majors one day, with his ability to hit and defense at third making him a safer option.

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Pullin’ for Big Joe tonite, especially after that Bush League move by Showalter. Joe is spinning a gem tonite……Buck needs to go back to the studio.


He conducted himself very well while with the Pirates and I was glad to see him return to his hometown to pitch. Signed a club friendly long term deal – happy to be around family in SoCal – just a very solid team player.


If you pull that stunt, you better be freaking right……and Showalter was wrong.


Peguero, Ortiz and Triolo were the top 3 guys I thought looked like future major league ballplayers at Altoona. Physically and the talent exhibited.

Wilbur Miller

Looks like the Steelers may be worse than the Pirates this year. Is Dumbo coaching them in secret?

The Gunner

Pardon my ignorance; I’m new around here. Is Dumbo your nickname for Sheltie?

Wilbur Miller

Yep. And Howdy!


Yes, but it’s a different Dumbo and there’s nothing secret about it. Might be the worst Steeler team in over 50 years. Unlike the Pirate ownership, however the Rooneys aren’t likely to tolerate this level of incompetence too much longer.


The Rooneys also operate in a league that is designed for everyone to go 8-9.

Wilbur Miller

Putting winning over the process? Disgraceful. Just disgraceful.


Pirates played about 2800 innings in 2021 and 2022.

Hayes, who is elite defensively, played about 1800 innings.

That leaves space for someone(s) else.

Triolo who is also an excellent defender could have part time roles at 3B with a mix at the other IF positions and CF. Right now you could make an argument that he’d be the second best defender on the Pirates.

IMO Triolo is better than Cronenworth with the Padres.


He’s a throwback to an era where defense was essential and putting the ball in play was more important than how many HR’s you were hitting. He had a solid year at AA, and we should always have room for a guy who can play play GG-like D at 3B. That defensive skill level transitions well to 2B and 1B also. Still young, and still with a full complement of MLB Service.

Wilbur Miller

It’ll be interesting to see whether they add Triolo. He’d be incredibly easy to hide on a roster all year. A competently run team might straight up give him a chance to win a job out of ST. He’d probably be better than 2/3 of the players whom Hodge ‘n Podge put on the field this year. Of course, that might cost them Eric Stout or Peter Solomon.

Last edited 3 months ago by Wilbur Miller

I believe he has opened enough eyes that he will be picked and lost if not protected on the 40. I would trade, DFA, and strip that present 40 down to bare bones and get talent like Triolo protected. He’s fighting uphill to get a starting job with the Pirates, but could be a valuable trade chip because he has an MLB quality glove at a key position.

Wilbur Miller

Triolo had a huge platoon split. He tore it up on the road but struggled badly at home. Trouble is, PNC plays a lot like the Altoona park.


Why isn’t Triolo one of the pirates top prospects? Gold glove fielder, hits for average, draws walks and limits strikeouts. Seems like another Hayes who is referenced as the pirates best player. So what gives?


Triolo is 24 at AA and Hayes is 25 and just finished his third year in the majors. Gold Glove defense in the minors can be overexaggerated and unlikely translates to elite defense in the majors. He’s likely a solid defender but not good enough to rack up WAR like Hayes. I like Triolo a lot and with the lost covid year he’s probably underrated. But he’s still well overage for a prospect at AA so it’s wait and see as he moves up.


Maybe he could play 1st base?


He seems like the Brock Holt or Robbie Grossman type who will end up with a decent major leaguer career but likely never be considered a building block. So yea.. what Anthony said – strong bench option!


This is a good assessment, since we have plenty of this type of players trading them should be considered. Unfortunately for him, he might be asked to skip AAA if selected in the R5.


A good fielding third baseman who can also hit? Sign me up.


Yee of little faith.


Let’s call up Oakland and see if they will take Triolo for AJ Puk. In other words, Triolo should be a nice trade bait as soon as this off season.


4.3 WAR Hayes for Puk? You should put in your application for Pirates next GM right now!


Plus, that 25 year old’s OPS+ is in the 80s for 2022 and 2023. Sorry. But, I think we can do better and just (again) calls into question the validity of that WAR stat.

Last edited 3 months ago by leefieux

fWAR takes into consideration the total value of a player. It appears you’re just looking at hitting.

Hayes is 12% below an average hitter, but his defense and baserunning makeup for it and he’s a 3 fWAR player. His defense tends to get overlooked in these rooms, but he’s arguably the best defensive player in the game. If he just becomes a league average bat, he’s pushing 5 fWAR.

It would behoove BC to find a really good hitting coach to get that last bit of development with Key and help his launch angle. With his hard contact rate, if he can find a way to consistently lift the ball, watch out.


I guess I am in the ‘fielding metrics are ver subjective’ camp. I still think if Hayes has another OPS+ in the 80s, he should be replaced. On a good team, he’d be batting 8th or 9th.


I’m a Hayes critic, I’ve called his swing one of the worse I’ve seen, but I doubt Triolo will be half as good.


All defense, no stick. Triolo, while not in Hayes’ stratosphere is pretty darn good with the glove. If he can hit better than Hayes, then he might be worth 3-4 WAR.

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