Pirates DVR: Matt Fraizer Arm, Altoona Home Run Barrage, Diego Castillo

Welcome to the Pirates Prospects daily video rundown, where we pull some of the top videos of the Pittsburgh Pirates across the internet.

Daily Video Rundown

Matt Fraizer

Altoona had quite themselves the game offensively, hammering a few home runs on their way to the win. Matt Fraizer also chipped in defensively, gunning out a runner who tried to tag up and take third base.

Endy Rodriguez

Endy hit his 18th home run of the season, and his second at the Double-A level in just his first week playing for Altoona. He also picked up another hit on the day, and finished with six overall in five games played during the week.

Andres Alvarez

The former 22nd round pick out of Washington State picked up his 18th home run of the season for the Curve, good for second on the team behind Aaron Shackelford.

Blake Sabol

The catcher has cooled off a bit as the season has gone along, but he still picked up his 13th home run of the season, tying his mark from a year ago.

Jared Triolo

When he’s not making highlight reel plays defensively, Triolo has been really making some solid contact of late, hitting another home run, his seventh of the season. After showing no signs of power early on, Triolo has a slugging percentage just a shade under .400.

Diego Castillo

Castillo hit his second home run with Indianapolis on Sunday, cutting Memphis’ lead in half in the sixth inning.

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I disagree, more positive than negative down on the farms
Also disagree with extending spring training the entire 2022 season
i completely understand what small market teams have to build then stay competitive
HOWEVER, when a true fan who knows baseball can’t determine if the manager is so far out of touch and in way over his head or if he’s been instructed to TANK games with bizarre line ups and hideous in game decisions that are sometimes impossible to comprehend. please help


Bombs away!


Endy’s performance this year is arguably the best thing that’s happened to this organization in 2022. Gorski was likely to have had a better year if he hadn’t got hurt.

So many disappointments this year, I suppose we shouldn’t forget to celebrate the successes, even if we don’t feel like celebrating.

Great job Endy! Keep on raking!

Last edited 1 month ago by skliesen

Right on buddy!

This was always going to be the downfall of the type of rebuild they’re trying. We were always, regardless of quality, gonna get more failures than successes; that’s just how the game works. Has a way of making things seem worse than they are.


I had unrealistic high hopes this year. I should know better, but I’m sure next March I’ll be talking about how great everything is going to be, too.

Hope springs eternal. While Summer usually kicks you where the sun don’t shine.


The beauty of being a baseball fan, hope I never lose that feeling completely.


Keep following the Pirates and you will. Eventually.
Ten years from now you will be reading about all the great prospects and then you will ask yourself “What ever happened to all those great prospects I used to read about years ago?” Groundhog decades.


I made it through ’97 and 2014 my friend, this is just part of the sickness. 😉

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