Pirates DVR: Look Back At The Endy Rodriguez Five Hit Game

Since non of the full season teams play on Monday, today we take a special look back at Endy Rodriguez’ five hit game from this past week.

Daily Video Rundown

Endy Rodriguez Five Hit Game

Hit #1

Rodriguez picked up his first hit of the night with a RBI single in the first inning, opening up the scoring.

Hit #2

The diving attempt from the right fielder allowed Rodriguez to pick up a double for his second hit of the game. He was aggressive early in counts, picking up a couple of his hits within the first couple of pitches.

Hit #3

Rodriguez takes the first pitch but then drives the second up the middle for a base hit.

Hit #4

This at-bat Rodriguez is able to work to a full count, before dropping one just short of the center fielder for hit number four on the night. It also featured a rare swing and miss on Rodriguez’s part, trying to make contact on the first pitch of the at-bat.

Hit #5

Finally, Rodriguez finishes up the night with his fifth hit which was also a home run, his 16th of the season. Endy fouls off three pitches in working the count full once again, before driving the seventh pitch of the at-bat to dead center and over the wall.


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Everything straight up the middle too, nothing pulled and nothing oppo. Is that typical for him?


Dude can flat out rake, although I wouldn’t say he “drove” hit #3 to CF. More like dribbled a seeing eye single up the middle for his third hit.

He “drove” hit #5 over the CF fence though. That was a beautiful AB. The ability to check his swing early in the count on a close pitch was nearly as impressive as the swing in which he connected for the HR!

Last edited 1 month ago by skliesen

From FG Picks to Click: Rodriguez could fit in several of the categories you’re about to explore since his feel to hit is his carrying tool. Excellent pickup.

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