Pirates Discussion: Pirates Lose 3 of 4 to Start West Coast Trip

The first three innings of the Pittsburgh Pirates fourth game against the Arizona Diamondbacks were rather quiet. Things got wacky in the fourth inning.

In the fourth Ke’Bryan Hayes reached on a slow roller to third base and then Oneil Cruz drew five-pitch walk.  With one out, Hayes and Cruz would succeed at a double steal putting men on 2nd and 3rd for Tucupita Marcano. Marcano hit a one-hopper to a drawn in Christian Walker, who took a second too long throwing home allowing Hayes to slide in safely. Greg Allen was up next and hit a line drive single to center field scoring Oneil Cruz easily, but by way of a defensive gaffe and some alert base-running by Marcano the Pirates stole another run on the play for a 3-0 lead.

Armed with a three-run lead and having made quick work of the Diamondbacks through three innings, JT Brubaker’s control would begin slipping. Brubaker hung an 0-2 slider that leadoff hitter Emmanuel Rivera promptly deposited into left-center for a homerun. After a four-pitch walk he was able to get Christian Walker to hit a grounder right at Josh VanMeter, but VanMeter wasn’t able to field it cleanly leading to the Pirates only getting one out on the play and allowing the baserunner to reach second base. This would prove costly as Brubaker would strikeout Daulton Varsho before Carson Kelly managed to hit a single to center field scoring the runner from second base and closing the gap to 3-2.

The teams would then trade zeroes over the next couple innings until the bottom of the seventh.

In his second inning of work, Chase De Jong ran into some trouble. The first two batters reached by way of singles and then after going 0-2 on Geraldo Perdomo who failed to get two bunts down, De Jong would hit him on a 2-2 pitch loading the bases. Kevin Newman — who entered by way of pinch-hitting for Josh VanMeter in top of 7th — couldn’t handle a hard grounder and managed to get only one out at first with the tying run crossing the plate. Yerry De Los Santos entered the game with one out for De Jong and E-Menace Rivera (who hit the HR off JT Brubaker earlier) pulled an 0-2 pitch inside the 3B line for a 2-run double. Yerry would give up four runs without registering an out before being relieved by Duane Underwood Jr.

The Diamondback scored seven runs in total in the 7th to take a 9-3 lead. That would be all they’d need as the Pirates’ offense would go down quietly over the next two innings.

Pirates @ Giants

Time: 10:15 PM EST

Pirates Starter: Bryse Wilson (2-6, 5.86)

Giants Starter: Carlos Rodon (10-6, 2.95)

Wilson Notes: Bryse Wilson has a 4.12 ERA over four starts since his most recent recall on July 17th. He’s only struck out 12 batters in the last 19.2 IP but that’s come with only issuing two walks. That’s good for a 2.5% walk rate that’s well below his career average of 7.9% (per Fangraphs). While Wilson appears to be trending in the right direction his metrics still paint a gloomy picture. A quick look at his Baseball Savant page shows a lot of blue that ranks near the bottom of the league.




1. Joc Pederson (L) LF
2. Brandon Belt (L) 1B
3. Wilmer Flores (R) 3B
4. Mike Yastrzemski (L) CF
5. Brandon Crawford (L) SS
6. Thairo Estrada (R) 2B
7. LaMonte Wade Jr. (L) DH
8. Luis Gonzalez (L) RF
9. Austin Wynns (R) C

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Madris has been hitting .093 since June. Wait, it’s worse now. Great pinch hit decision but the real question has to remain why is he still on this team?


Yes. He isn’t bringing anything to the table.


Why the taxi squad guy in a one-run game? Brice has no command. How long has it been since he’s pitched? Has no clue where’s it going. And Shelton sends Marin for a chat?
Terrible. What more is Shelton waiting for?


Bases loaded no runs, on that note I will go to bed.


Good game from Allen tonight but that was an embarrassing AB in the 8th. Swinging at pitches nowhere close with a guy on the mound struggling to throw strikes


Why sac bunt with no one out and the guy who has a homer and a triple is hitting? I just hate giving away an out there and it didn’t even work.


I’m over here cursing at Shelton right now, why? Why bunt?


B Rey continues to disappoint.


I say hold off any extension talks until after next year.


0-5. Strikes out to end the game. Can someone explain what is going on with this guy? He looks lost and off more than not this year, seems to find it for a game or two and then loses it again. He has had one really good month, June, and has been bad pretty much the rest of the year, especially when you consider RISP.

I am not one to run to criticize the hitting coach because I think it is hard to know what is going on I that front, BUT in the case of B Rey and the ‘22 team, what are we getting out of our hitting coach this year?


Castro Phone come out that time? Smh


I’m watching the Giants’ telecast, I can’t listen to Brown anymore, anyway they replayed the cellphone play after the triple. Good game by Castro so far, Reynolds with a really bad game so far!

Last edited 1 month ago by PirateRican21

Don’t understand how Allen leads off with single and then very poor choice of steal attempts against Rodon, who allows 88% steal rate. Then third hitter Newman swings on first pitch. Rabelo needs to be working the count much better. Take and steal sign is basic signs 101.


So Cruz makes a highlight real play at SS for the 2nd out then Reynolds misplayed a fly ball to allow the 4th run to score….


RIP Tatis ‘22 and ‘23, at least through April. I wonder if he will also be ineligible for playoffs in both years since the suspension extends into next season?


ESPN reports playoff games in ’22 will count towards his suspension, so he should be hoping for a deep run. I really thing Soto can fill the void. He’s just about the best player in the game imo.


Anyone know why Hayes isn’t starting for the second time since they went out west? He didn’t seem quite right last night, but I expected to see his name in the lineup against a lefty, especially when we’re left with Gamel batting cleanup.

John Dreker

How crazy is it that Tatis gets suspended for 80 games? He was the poster child for their worst marketing idea ever, the “let the kids play” campaign, and now they won’t let him play.


I wonder what kind of clause his contract had, if any, about getting suspended. Surely some of the money the Padres invested in him was based on him being the “face of the franchise”, but it’s hard to be the face of a franchise once you’ve been suspended. (Though I still love Marte.)

Wilbur Miller

One way or another, this juggernaut the Padres are building keeps turning into a juggernot.


Rondon at home? No hitter alert! He beat the Bucs like rented mules at home in June.

Wilbur Miller

As long as they’re facing a sentient bipedal organism, a no-hitter is a distinct possibility.


Oneil did not swing until the 13th pitch he saw last night and only twice in 21 total pitches.

His game is so unrefined, but I do think you can see the gears turning toward some kind of maturation. Oscillating between aggressiveness and passivity, maybe, but it looks like he’s starting to put in the thought one way or another. The chess game in real time.


As we were watching the game last night, I said to my daughter that it was like he’s afraid to swing because he’s looked so bad on some of his swings. I agree that he’s figuring things out; there will be times when that’s pretty frustrating but he’s must-watch.


One day in the near future he won’t let 90 mph fastballs thrown over the center of the plate be taken. Unfortunately I have a feeling he’ll always swing at those sliders from lefties way too often. He’s kinda like a bigger stronger version of Starling Marte in that respect.


You said it brother.

That’s the nagging voice in the back of my mind that wonders if he just plain struggles to pick up the ball, if we understood such tools enough to grade such a thing as a 30 or 40 on the scouting scale. But for now I’m happy to hope that it’s just a natural part of finally putting an actual plan together at the plate.


Ugh, I feel like that’s a skill you refine and not develop at this point, let’s hope it’s the former.


Analyzing, and it is very difficult to get this type of exposure at AAA. It’s one of them “you gotta be there” type things, and I hope they get smart and start to bring 5 or 6 others up from the upper minors to get the same exposure the next 50 games. It will help them all in the off-season and in prep for ST 2023. The ship has sailed for many of the guys we still see in the lineup every day.


I’m not sure what to think about de los santos. He has some awful outings, But the stuff seems to be good enough for him to be a solid relief pitcher, hopefully he gets more consistent for next year.
With bednar on the IL and beede starting, the bullpen is really thin right now so I guess that explains why they were trying to get multiple innings from de jong, But that’s an awful idea that I hope we don’t see moving forward.

Wilbur Miller

It appears what to think about him is that he wasn’t healthy.


Beede and Contreras and Bednar are the pieces to this puzzle. I love Beede’s stuff. If Contreras was in our rotation, Beede would be a high leverage BP guy yesterday to relieve DeJong. So with each domino, there’s a counteracting domino. De Los Santos is out of the circle of trust. Let’s keep him in middle innings relief for now.


With modern BPs, every team seemingly has 3 arms with DLS stuff. IMO, he’s probably more of a dime a dozen arm, opposed to someone that the Buccos can count on in high leverage in the future.

Seems like every time they put him in those situations, he gets lit up. The irony here, the VM crowd was complaining that Shelton wasn’t using him in those very situations. Now that Shelton is using him in leverage and it’s not going well, the VM crowd is blaming the manager for not knowing how to manage a BP.


For a rookie with less than 40 innings above A ball, I think he acquitted himself well. He would def be someone I expect to improve next year.


Maybe, just maybe, the players aren’t very good.


I think you might be onto something.


No maybe’s…


Probably a reason Fangraphs didn’t rank DLS among the Pirates top 61 prospects and classified him as AAA depth.

This BC rebuild has made folks lose their touch with reality

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