Site Updates: If You Are Having Issues Accessing the Premium Content

Tomorrow, I will be starting a new Site Updates feature that will run every Wednesday on this site.

This update is less to tell you about that Site Updates article, and more to give an update on subscriptions.

Last week, our paywall went live for the first time consistently in three years.

This has confused a lot of people, who may not have realized they didn’t have an active subscription because they were able to access our content without even logging in.

Then, when they finally logged in, they still couldn’t access the content.

There are some people who have a subscription that I need to fix on the site. There are a lot more people who can’t access the premium articles now because their subscription is expired. I’d say it’s a 1:5 ratio right now.

If you’ve emailed me to check on your situation, I’m behind, due to a death in the family over the weekend.

This week’s Tuesday article drop was shortened as a result, and my only goal in the next day is to get all subscription issues answered so that everyone can read the articles.

Right now, everyone who has an active subscription should have their plan listed on their Account page. If you don’t see a plan under “Subscription Information”, and are worried there is a mistake, check your email for a receipt from “Pirates Prospects”, “Pittsburgh Baseball Network”, “Paypal”, or “Stripe” to see when the last payment you made was.

If you do find a mistake, email it to me and I’ll get it fixed.

If you still think there’s a mistake, I can do a search if you provide your account email and user name.

Email with any issues.

If you’ve already emailed, I thank you for your patience. There’s no need to email again. Unless you didn’t check this update.

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Mine has expired and I sadly do not have the money to re-up yet. Friday is payday tho!

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