Pirates Sign Fourth Round Pick Michael Kennedy to Over-Slot Bonus

The Pittsburgh Pirates signed fourth round pick Michael Kennedy for a $1M bonus according to Jim Callis from MLB Pipeline. He’s the 15th draft pick to sign out of the 21 players selected last week. The deadline to sign picks is Monday at 5 PM.

Kennedy is one of three high school player selected by the Pirates this year and he’s the first to sign his contract. Our draft tracker has been updated, though we are still waiting on the bonus for tenth round pick Tanner Tredaway. With Kennedy’s numbers, the Pirates now have just over $100,000 for over-slot deals before any penalties, and nearly $800,000 to spend for over-slot deals before any severe penalties.

Here’s the selection announcement for Kennedy, along with his player page.

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Wow…almost double slot value for him. That is stunning


Nope, not really. The word on him is he was going to be a really tough sign. And he was, but they did it.


As long as it doesn’t jeopardize signing the real prize – their #1 pick – that is all well and good. I don’t have a lot of trust and faith in Pirates management in making prudent personnel related decisions, which is why I usually question them. Their track record has earned them that lack of confidence. As with all draft picks, time will tell….


Who haven’t they signed as a draft pick that gives them the label you’ve bestowed upon them


Not really, many thought the $1 mil was the base to get him out of the commitment to LSU. Look for him to follow the same course as Solometo from last year’s draft. Wonder if the Pirates will try to get a LHP in return for Q? Some decent possibilities out there, but I was hoping we could get Sikkema from the Yankees for Q.


The biggest negative of their likelihood of trading Quintana and even possibly Brubaker, is they finally have the makings of a decent core of 4 starters – those two plus Keller and Contreras (once BC realizes what is obvious to most – that Wilson is NOT a major league talent). None of them are #1 starters in all likelihood, but they have all been pretty consistently good since early to mid June. They at least give the team a chance to win in most of their starts. Bullpen failures and obvious abysmal offense has been their achilles heels.


KC Hunt would seem to be overslot as a 21 y/o from the National Champs

And Yoel Tejeda should probably expect something in the $1M range as he was more highly rated by Perfect Game than Kennedy

SEC arms don’t usually come at a discount rate


Why am I so uninspired by this draft? Is it simply because last year was such a haul?

Rob Baran



Appears they’re saving Johnson for last so they can give him all they have left to give.


I wonder if they dont know his bottom line and are trying to get our 19th rounder next, if hes a no go then they just give it all to termarr


I would sign him next, and then see how much money remains. I don’t want them to end up not signing him over a small over slot bonus.

Wilbur Miller

They’ve probably known the amount for some time. They like to stage-manage these things. They got their under-slots done, so they officially have whatever fun money they’re going to have, and they signed their other big prep guy. Termarr will probably be the big announcement Thurs or Fri.




Ha! Called that one on the nose.


I am hoping Johnson signs in the next couple of days. I am figuring they wanted to wait to announce his signing when the team is home. Since the Bucs are home through the weekend they could have Johnson and his family at a game, as well as having him visit with the local media.I hope I am correct because if they don’t sign him, I believe the fan base would be very disappointed.


Come on, Johnson. You said you’re the best and want to play baseball.


Great news!


Good signing. Now get the rest of them.

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