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Pirates Discussion: Closing Out a Series With the Rockies on Draft Day

The Pittsburgh Pirates went from a four game winning streak, to a four game losing streak.

Mitch Keller backed up his seven innings against the Miami Marlins last time out with six innings against the Colorado Rockies, allowing only one unearned run.

Keller is a perfect segue into draft day, being one of the six current rostered Pirates draft picks. If you count Yerry De Los Santos, that makes seven players that were either drafted or signed on the International Free Agent market: Mitch Keller, Jason Delay, Cal Mitchell, Ke’Bryan Hayes, Kevin Newman, JT Brubaker, and Yerry De Los Santos.

An entire roster can’t be built from the draft, but it can have a lasting impact if they Pirates are able to properly identify prospects, and then develop them into big leaguers.

Pirates @ Rockies

Time: 3:10 PM EST

Pirates Starter: TBD

Rockies Starter: Austin Gomber (5-7, 6.11)




1. C. Blackmon (L) RF
2. Jose Iglesias (R) SS
3. Kris Bryant (R) DH
4. C.J. Cron (R) 1B
5. B. Rodgers (R) 2B
6. Ryan McMahon (L) 3B
7. Randal Grichuk (R) CF
8. Sam Hilliard (L) LF
9. Elias Diaz (R) C

UPDATE: Wilson up, De Jong injured.

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Andy haines needs cruz to go up and sit fastball in early counts and let it rip, he has a bad habit of watching fastballs go then has no shot at recognizing breaking stuff


Haines needs to justify his hiring through his work with guys like Cruz, Suwinski, and Mitchell–guys with a lot of talent but who may need help making the transition to the majors. Sending Suwinski down instead of letting him work with Haines was a strike against Haines in my book. But now Cruz needs to be his top priority.



Man, Bednar is not who he was early in the year, his fastball is no longer dominating…… hope he gets it back!


I was VERY happy that he only threw 7 pitches.
I’d be fine if he wasn’t used at AS game too.


Crap! I am dog sitting and was outside with the mutt without the phone……..

Happy Crowe Day Y’all!!!!!
![]comment image)_


Boston should just play out the season if Sales goes back to the IL, but if they get stupid, I’ll like to propose this trade; not meant to trigger just a fun (for me!) exercise!

Last edited 4 months ago by PirateRican21

Id take that tbh, could even throw in an extra reliever to boost their pen if we get a lottery ticket or two back

b mcferren

Niko Kavadas


Why did they even take Bryce Wilson out?


Break coming, wouldn’t surprise me to see 6 pitchers today.


Liking Delay more and more


Marlins might be looking for a catcher before the trade deadline!


Lol, maybe we can tap into some of the their premium pitching with him




Should Chavis have gone to home there?


Cruz against a lefty, why doesn’t he just look for a breaking ball on the outer half of the plate, and swing at it when he gets it, that seems to be at least 50% of the pitches he sees against a left hander.


Take strikes until two strikes and then swing at balls, not a good strategy. I get the feeling Cruz is trying to bat like Vogelbach, which isn’t working for him.


He badly needs 4 days off. Maybe start platooning with Newman at SS vs LH’s.


Wouldn’t be the worse idea, but Then how is he supposed to get better?


He’ll see his share of LH relievers after RH starters. Just to get him in a more positive place than he’s at now. Like Jack, he’s in a funk and these LH AB’s isn’t helping.


Most pitchers who haven’t picked up a bat in two years would’ve looked better than Cruz in that last AB.


Are we going to go homerless in a Colorado series?


Hayes offense this year is definitely headed into depressing territory. 4 homers at the All-Star break? Soon to be under .250.


Can any of you baseball guys tell me why that was a dead ball on the Castillo strike out? I totally get why he couldn’t take first but why couldn’t the runners advance on the passed ball?

Let’s say Chavis was stealing third on that pitch, would be have had to return to 2nd? If not then why wouldn’t he have been permitted to take home after the passed ball?


It hit Castillo so it becomes a dead ball.

Last edited 4 months ago by 1979andCounting

I feel less stupid now 🙂


Ahhh thanks!!! I didn’t notice that it hit him. Makes way more sense now lol


I feel stupid that I had thought runners could advance even if the batter couldn’t. Seems like a dumb rule.


I like Chavis but wtf?

1st to 2nd on a ball off the wall…

I’ve seen him do this quite a few times on the basepaths.


I’m convinced Brock is a quiet spectator there as 1st base coach. Time for a change there. That play is on him as much as Chavis.


Brown seems to be a little more willing to call out boneheaded plays by our veterans–Marisnick the other day, Gamel yesterday, Chavis today. To quote Casey Stengal, “Can’t anybody here play this game?”


He did hustle on that dead ball, made it all the way home!

Wilbur Miller

Lineup isn’t as big a farce as usual, but Vogelbach cleanup vs. a LHP keeps the stoopid alive and well.


Yeah I just don’t understand why he even plays against lefties.


I read a political blog every day called electoral-vote.com. Sunday is the day that readers send in their thoughts. Today, a reader sent in an item about prepositions. One of them was, “Pirates Prospects Flip up before after – ASB Stretch.” It was written by J. M. in NY, NY.


Just tell me I only have to waste two more weeks watching Tsutsugo, VanMeter, Gamel, and Marisnick take Ab’s from prospects. The draft is what it is and I hope we nab Johnson but I’d like to see 60+ games with Marcano, Madris, Suwinski, Bae, Swaggerty, Park and even Castro instead of AAAA guys just hanging on.


Fingers crossed 🤞 BC puts together another good draft class


Both mayo and callis have us picking temarr in their final mock


Hoping to end with a win going into the break!


As ugly as the last four games have been, winning today would make us 6-6 on this tough road trip and I’d feel okay about that.


Derek Shelton can bat Josh Van Meter, Yoshi and their entire immediate families in today’s lineup & it still won’t ruin my vibes

Last edited 4 months ago by Cobra

What time does the draft start?


After we raise it……
No jinx!

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