Prospect Roundtable: Anthony Solometo vs Carlos Jimenez

The Bradenton Marauders have some pitching talent.

Anthony Solometo, the 2021 second round prep lefty who received a $2.9 million bonus, was just added to the level. We broke down his start in last week’s roundtable, and Anthony Murphy provided a further breakdown of Solometo this week.

Anthony Solometo: High Changeup Usage Highlights Debut

I got a chance to see that debut from Solometo, which was followed by four innings of Carlos Jimenez, who I broke down this week.

Carlos Jimenez Has Emerged As One of the Pirates’ Best Lower Level Pitching Prospects

I came into this week planning on writing about Jimenez as the top pitching prospect on the team. That was before Solometo arrived. After seeing them back-to-back, I’m not sure there’s much that separates them on a talent and future value level, even if they are as radically different pitchers as you can find.

So, I asked everyone this week which player they would take.

JOHN DREKER: Anthony Solometo

The Jimenez vs Solometo question is really an interesting one because no one else has Jimenez on their radar, so it doesn’t appear like a contest between the two until you see Jimenez pitch. He is really something special. They are both 19 years old and there’s no real comparison between their stuff. Jimenez has more velocity, the best changeup in the system and his breaking ball is also better, sometimes looking like a plus pitch. He also already has big league confidence and poise on the mound. Everything that could go wrong in his last outing did, yet he struck out six batters in his first two innings, when some pitchers would have fallen apart with that many bad breaks as soon as they take the mound. The real question lies in the frames, where Jimenez is smaller and he’s probably maxed out his frame, while Solometo still has plenty of room to fill out and much less experience on the mound. If I needed someone to pitch a game right now, it is Jimenez without a doubt, but as far as judging them as prospects, I’d still give the overall nod to Solometo. However, it is much closer than you may think.

WILBUR MILLER: Anthony Solometo

This is especially tough. Even though Jimenez is only five months older than Solometo, he’s been pitching for several seasons while Solometo has appeared in just one pro game. Right now, Jimenez has better stuff. In fact, his stuff might rate as high as top five in the system. He throws a mid-90s fastball that gets swings and misses, a curve with a lot of break and a change that he uses nearly as much as the fastball, against both left- and right-handed hitters. Both secondary pitches miss a ton of bats. Command is a work in progress, but it’s better than you’d expect for a 19-year-old. Solometo sits in the low-90s right now, with good movement, and his slider and change appear to mix effectively with the fastball. And he’s left-handed and has the crazy motion. I’m going to go with Solometo, although I could easily be wrong. At 6’5”, he should still have a good deal of projection and he hasn’t had much opportunity as a pro to refine his secondary pitches.

ANTHONY MURPHY: Carlos Jimenez

The fact that this is even a question already states just how impressive Carlos Jimenez has been early on. Solometo has the pedigree from being an early round draft pick, but at this stage in their development I think Jimenez has the advantage. He already has one of, if not, the best changeups in the system, has shown good control, and has two other pitches he’s been able to get swing and misses with. Solometo, while having his moments, is still incredibly raw and has a few notable things he’s going to work on. The deceptive delivery and being a lefty may give Solometo a better floor, but the upside on Jimenez is undeniable.

RYAN PALENCER: Anthony Solometo

This is a nice problem to have for sure. Both hurlers have a high ceiling and it’s even more fun that they will be coming up through the system together. It’s also a great dilemma that they are both only 19. I’m going to ride the hype train and select the second-rounder Solometo, due to his stuff along with the deceptive and unique delivery. Throwing off the hitter goes a long way, particularly as a lefty, as long as the mechanics remain repeatable as he grows. However, that said, I’m putting Jimenez only a slot or two below since he has already produced in both the DSL and the FCL.

TIM WILLIAMS: Carlos Jimenez

I got a chance to see Solometo and Jimenez pitch last week. I came away from the outing slightly higher on Jimenez than Solometo. I love the movement on the off-speed stuff from Jimenez, but especially love his mentality on the mound. He stares down the batter, and waits to deliver an even mix of his fastball or swing-and-miss changeup, mixing in a swing-and-miss curve. He’s got the makings of three plus pitches, and I think he can fix his command issues without removing the effectiveness of any of those pitches. Both of these pitchers are 19, and they both have a long way to go in their development. Jimenez has some of the best stuff in the system, but Solometo is one of the best lefties in the system. Solometo is probably a safer option, and I’d give him the higher floor as a lefty with a seemingly strong changeup and a deceptive delivery. He will get all of the chances in the world to make the majors, especially with his draft profile. Jimenez, meanwhile, was an under-the-radar signing, and has seemingly remained under-the-radar until this week for a lot of our readers. What puts him over the edge for me is his projectability. Not just the projectability of a 19-year-old who is already averaging 94 MPH with his fastball, but the projectability of a guy who has already taken a big step forward at a young age. My assumption with those guys is they probably aren’t finished taking steps forward. As for now, I’ve got Jimenez a small step ahead of Solometo, with both just outside of my top ten. I wanted to pose this question to see where everyone else was on the comparison.

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you are comparing a player with 96IP to a player with 3IP in Low A?

The player with 3IP had the better stat line facing the same lineup. Which is the best lineup in the division.


but even though they are the same age their experience to this point has been much different. Solometo was facing HS hitters last year and was able to hold pro hitters in check for 3 innings.

What will he be after 96 innings of facing professional and again his stat line was better.


I like Jimenez and his potential but I think Solometo has a much higher ceiling.

Look at what Solometo did last night. 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️


I’m taking the “rookie” with the better stat line who should have gotten out of the 1st inning in 11 pitches with no runs scored.


That golfball wad of chaw in Solo’s lip is worth the nod for me.


Solemeto has a great frame but it’s not like Jimenez is short (I was curious when seeing references to Solometo’s frame but nothing on Jimenez). Is he still at the 6’2″ listed on his player page? If so, that’s near ideal. If he’s grown an inch, even better. Contreras is listed as only 6’0″ and other 6’2″ pitchers on our 40-man are Keller and Crowe; Bednar is 6’1″ and Brubaker is 6’3″ and with velocity already in the mid-90’s I don’t see any limitations on Jimenez’s upside.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Pirates media guide has Jimenez listed at 6’0″ and 211 lbs.

Which brings to mind, where’s Jrobert5 (I think that was his handle) been?


BNP – Still here

System changes too often for me to keep up …

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Ahhh different handle name. That’s why lol


B-R and have him at 6’2″ and 140 lbs. (which I’m guessing was his weight at signing). Hoping Wilbur or Tim can pull out measuring tape and scale next time they attend a game 🙂

Wilbur Miller

In this case, I wouldn’t trust the figures. They have 6’2″ 140. Can’t be sure about the height, but 140? No.

Wilbur Miller

FWIW. I can’t see 6’0″ 211 either.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I lean towards trusting the 2022 media guide cause it at least seems closer, which he shared with me when I asked about Planchart who looked much thicker than his MiLB listed 6’0″ 176 lbs. MG has him at 6’0″ and 232 lbs, which I think is much closer.

Last edited 3 months ago by Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

So is Anth Solo pitching today? If so I am reserving judgement but it’s great getting to know starters to root for in Bradenton so we can kvetch about them next year in Greensboro!!


Tim, any word on Brennan Malone? Seems like he just fell off the face of the earth. Wasn’t he ticketed for Bradenton?


Love the roundtable discussion! Especially when there’s a new talent emerging like Jimenez. And actual eyes on the ground witnessing them both.


If this was a draft and was asked to pick between these two it has to be Jimenez, he has the arsenal that already flashes plus while Solometo we are hoping that he sees an up stick in velocity and his other pitchers are not currently at Jimenez’s level.

Last edited 3 months ago by PirateRican21

“Dreamin’, I must be dreamin’…”
~Anne Murray

If they both hit…2025  👍 

Last edited 3 months ago by JimEastTennessee
Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Only reason that’d probably hold me back from picking Jimenez, and I wish we could pinpoint it, is the fact the organization still seems to struggle developing IFA’s past the low levels.

Virtually every arm that dominated Lo A last year, is getting blasted in Hi A (some have been better as of late, but still not great *that rhymes*).

Even position players aren’t really clicking, in a league/team that should be inflating stats (again, some hitting much better as of late). Abrahan Gutierrez has really weird splits.


An embarrassment of riches! Too early to make the Jimenez – Pedro Martinez and Solometo – Candelaria comps?


Tim won’t let us dream of nice things 😀


It’s never too early to compare your favorite prospects to hall of famers!


What’s the point if you can’t dream a little?

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

(I’m posting this here since it’s the most recent article)

Was glossing MiLB transactions, since it seems they like to sneak in previous day transactions late. But some I’m seeing, and not sure if they were mentioned:

Shortridge and Oliver Garcia both moved from 7-day IL to 60-day.

Will Matthiessen status changed to “Injured – Full Season”. Idk if I’ve ever seen that “status”.

Last edited 3 months ago by Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)
Wilbur Miller

It’s conceivable the first two are paper moves. Shortridge should be eligible to return in a few days, Garcia in a couple weeks. They’re having to do a lot of roster shuffling with so many guys at the ML level going on IL. Indy’s bench is really short, so there ought to be some moves of some sort coming.

That last one sucks, although the Shack has shown a lot of improvement this year, especially considering that he went from an extreme hitters park to a pitchers park. K rate is down a tick, BA is up and ISO is unchanged. Logically, you’d figure his ISO would drop.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I assumed they were mostly paper moves, but the Tahr of Pahr one is just a status I can’t recall ever seeing. “Injured – Full Season” as opposed to 60-day? Probably has implications on the minors roster size, with the 180 list. Seems they’re gearing up for some shuffling with the FCL season about to open up, which I imagine will be mostly FCL and FSL swapping. As they’ve already somewhat began that, activating players like Nadal and Basabe.

Wilbur Miller

Maybe it’s something newly instituted, since MiL roster limits are a much more serious matter now that MLB is run by corporate raiders.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)


Great question

Wilbur Miller

Seeing these two back-to-back from right behind home plate was a fascinating experience, all the more so because they both didn’t have the command at the start, and then settled in. There’s a long road ahead, but some serious upside.

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