Pirates DVR: Rodolfo Castro Home Run, Matt Gorski’s Arm, Henry Davis Double

Welcome to the Pirates Prospects daily video rundown, where we pull some of the top videos of the Pittsburgh Pirates across the internet.

Daily Video Rundown

Rodolfo Castro

Castro has an all or nothing type of approach at the plate, and we saw that in full swing on Saturday. He swung for the fences during his first inning at-bat and missed, but on the very next pitch blasted it over the wall for a three-run home run.

Matt Gorski

Starting to get the feeling there isn’t much Gorski can’t do. He’s built like a tank, and hits the ball accordingly, but he can also handle center field with ease and has an arm to go with it. Gorski recorded not just one, but two outfield assist on Saturday, with the second one coming at home.

Travis Swaggerty

Speaking of defense, Travis Swaggerty showed once again why he’s so highly regarded with the glove with this nice catch at the wall.

Henry Davis

The former first overall selection picked up his second consecutive multi-hit game, this one scoring a runner for the Curve.

Ji-Hwan Bae

With his seventh home run of the season, Bae is now one short of his 2021 total, and has passed his extra-base hit total now.

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Bae reminds me of Ichrio.


I really hope for his sake Castro grows up, because Lord knows he can crush baseballs. Between Cruz, Peguero, Castillo, Nicky Sticks, Bae, and Castro, Pirates have an embarrassment of riches for two MI spots. Competition is going to be fierce. Of course, one of these guys could become the Super U guy, and maybe another one could be dealt for some help on the bump, too.

Going to be interesting to watch how BC sorts this out over next 12 months or so.


And, only Castillo is 24, the rest are all in their age 23 year except Peguero who is only in his age 21 year! As far as worth on the market right now I’d say Cruz and Peguero are at the top, then Gonzales and Bae second, and Castro and Castillo are probably 3rd.

Not sure of Gonzales, Bae, Castro, or Castillo as Shortstops, but for 2B/Utility players they are all very skilled defenders and good hitters. Castillo with 7 MLB HR in 178 AB and Castro 6 MLB HR in 157 AB are very impressive with a HR every 25 AB – excellent for young MI’s in their first year of MLB. Bae was impressive hitting doubles and his BB/K rates were good, but this year he has added power with 7 HR, 26 EBH in AAA while still having good BB/K rates.


Gosh, sure folks are sick of my love affair posts on Bae but this homer was impressive, a blast against a tough lefty. Im expecting a significant rise in prospect ratings the next time they are published… Bae is special👏👏


Keep pounding that table for Bae, Ted. Hopefully one day soon BC will give him his shot to show Pirates fans he is the perfect lead off hitter for the team.


Yes mate, I know you have been pounding that table as well, what a leadoff hitter he will be, talk about extending the lineup👍👍


I see two issues. Bae is not on the 40-man roster and several IL guys should be back shortly. No clue what the plan is, but it won’t be releasing players with trade vale.


Yes, and im not asking for him now, that time will come, cant control the tryouts etc, going on🤷‍♂️


Don’t know any of them that have trade value, but ‘sugo will be kept because we signed him for $4 mil. If Newman had any offers he would have been gone long ago. He was just an insurance policy until Cruz “matriculated” through AAA.

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