Pirates DVR: Grant Koch and Jared Triolo Homer, Deivis Nadal RBI

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Grant Koch

The former Arkansas Razorback and Pirates fifth round pick from 2018, Grant Koch hit his first home run of the season on Tuesday, a towering two-run shot that originally brought the Bradenton Marauders within a run of the Tampa Tarpons.

Jared Triolo

Coming into June, Jared Triolo had just seven extra-base hits on the season, none of which home runs. With just a couple days left in the month, Triolo has nearly matched that output from April and May, while also hitting three home runs.

His third of the season opened the scoring in the first inning as Altoona went on to win 8-3 against Harrisburg.

Deivis Nadal

Not known for his power, Nadal has snuck in an extra-base or two this season with Bradenton, but sometimes it’s not about how hard you hit it, but where you do.

This base hit temporarily gave the Marauders the lead in a game that they eventually lost.

Matt Gorski

The outfielder continues to hit for Altoona as this double gave him 21 RBI at the Double-A level. He also has 13 extra-base hits now in 29 games with Altoona.

Mike Jarvis

Jarvis has bounced around all over the infield this season, and has had a knack for coming up with a big stop defensively from time to time.

He added to his defensive highlight reel again on Tuesday.

Henry Davis

After struggling originally with Altoona, Davis is starting to get really locked in at the plate. For the fourth straight game he has hit a double and has five total extra-base hits in that span.

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If I squint really hard while watching H. Davis bat, I see Paul Goldschmidt.


Have you ever seen Tank and Goldschmidt in the same room? I think not


Pirates could really use Hank the Tank and Gorski in the lineup.

But I’ll tell you what they really need…Jim Leyland!

If White Sox can bring LaRussa out of retirement, and Astros can resurrect Dusty Baker, then why can’t Pirates bring in Leyland to be an actual MLB Manager.


i met Jim last year. In my opinion, unfortunately I don’t think he’d be physically capable of managing a big league team at this point in his life. It’s alot of stress to be a manager, there’s a youtube clip of him crying while he managed the Tigers (IIRC) & him talking about the the pressures of managing a team that everyone expected to be contenders. He’s a guy that pours his soul into the team.


There’s not enough cigarettes in the tri-state area for that to happen!


If all goes well, around this time next year, we could be lucky enough to have them!

Also, bring the super old guys in to manage has worked 1/2 times, with larussa probably being as bad or worse than shelton, so as long as the old dog can learn new tricks then I guess there are worse options

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