Pirates Reportedly Acquire Infielder Yu Chang

According to Jason Mackey, the Pittsburgh Pirates have acquired Cleveland infielder Yu Chang for cash considerations. He was designated for assignment on Thursday.

Chang was signed by Cleveland out of Taiwan in 2013, not long before his 18th birthday, and has spent his entire career in their system. He made it to the majors in 2019 for the first time, but hasn’t played a full season in the majors yet. Over parts of four seasons, he has a .208/.265/.372 slash line in 131 games. His time this year has been limited to four games and ten plate appearances, going 0-for-10 with seven strikeouts. Now 26 years old (27 in early August), he has played all four infield positions in the majors, with more time at first base than anywhere else. He has played almost as much time at third base, and his time in the middle infield has been spread out over the last three seasons. Chang has a .766 OPS over 600 minor league games, where he spent a majority of his time at shortstop.

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Seems like another Tucker, so why bother?


Yeah he isn’t good, but the difference is he has proper training at 1b


I didn’t know this until reading Mackey’s article about Tucker just now, but in Chang’s final 41 games beginning on July 1 last season he hit .280 with an .867 OPS and 8 doubles, 3 triples, 7 HRs, and 25 RBIs. July 1 was Mackey’s choice of dates but Chang played July 1 and then didn’t play again until July 21 and all of his extra base hits came from July 28 on. The message is the same though–he had an extended period of time when he played very well.

We need RH bats right now, so this seems like a decent acquisition (being objective; see below for my more subjective view of him :)).


Chang won the 2021 opening day starting 1B job with Indians. So yeah there’s some interest here.


Thanks for bringing some good info to the discussion. At least we can see it as an improvement over Tucker and maybe more.


I want to see Cruz batting 4th and playing 1rst. He won’t make as many errors learning to play 1rst as he will playing SS. Believe me, he is not a major league SS. He’ll make 25 errors before the All Star Break. Stick him at first and play him everyday! He’s 6’07! He’s athletic! He’ll make a great 1rst baseman!

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He can stretch half way to shortstop to grab the throw LOL


0 for 10 with seven strikeouts! We finally have our cleanup hitter.


I really wonder if the idea of bring Martin up was ever part of the conversation among the BMTIB before they pulled the trigger on this pop-gun move.


Probably not. They might want Martin to get as many AAAA at bats as he can. If they acquire this guy and he flames out no big deal, maybe they want Martin to spend more time learning not to strike out in 1/3 of his plate appearances.

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If this team didn’t have so many automatic outs in its lineup, it easily could have swept in San Diego.


Another signing of other teams junk to further block our own prospects…this organization is a circus. BTW what did Park do in Indy to earn being called up again for yet another failed attempt at major league baseball, while Bae remains in Indy??


Dumpster diving at it’s best!


Sublime to the ridiculous…

Just bring up Mason Martin…


Can he catch? Because that kind of line would fit right in.


Double Why!!!!




When almost everything shut down in 2020 and the Taiwanese league (CPL) was the only league playing games, I watched a lot of their games and fell for the way they played and their culture. One day the game I was watching had Chang join them for an interview and he was the nicest, most gracious guy; and a big hero in Taiwan. At the time I recall thinking I really hope he makes it big as it would be so good for the sport there, but had slowly forgotten to check on how he was doing as I got back into focusing on the Pirates.

Anyway, if this was any other infielder with similar stats I’m sure I’d be asking why. But I really hope that Chang can make enough of an impression that he can stick as our utility infielder.


Its nice to be optimistic, but I don’t share that optimism given his work to date. Looks like Park 2.0.


Except for 2 months last year he has never hit much. Even in the Minor Leagues he was a terrible hitter. I really hope the guy from August and September is the guy we wind up with, but I am skeptical that we will actually wind up with the guy from all the other months.


O-10 with 7 strikeouts. JVM is about to get Wally Pipped.


Yeah, but those three outs that weren’t Ks had a 98.8 average exit velocity!




Please stop!


Every Pirates fan




I see the Bucs forgot to cancel their Bum of the Month Club subscription.


Cant have Chavis getting too many at bats. He’s only our best hitter this year fer chissakes



0-10 with 7 K’s this year.

Wilbur Miller

So he bats cleanup.


No double plays if you strike out, genius!


They need someone with a nice clean swing – you know where he doesn’t actually make contact with the ball.

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