Daily Video Rundown: Travis Swaggerty, Matt Fraizer, Connor Scott

Welcome to the Pirates Prospects daily video rundown, where we pull some of the top videos of the Pittsburgh Pirates across the internet.

Daily Video Rundown

Travis Swaggerty

If you want to search for the little victories, not only did Travis Swaggerty record a pair of extra-base hits, he also was able to get his batting average over the Mendoza line after going 2-for-3 on Friday.

Swaggerty picked up his first triple of the year in the fourth inning before hitting his second home run in the seventh. There’s still a long way to go for the former first round pick, but again, tiny victories.

Matt Fraizer

Another player that could use any small victory he could get, Matt Fraizer has yet to get his average over .200 but he picked up three hits on Friday, including his second home run of the season.

It was a beautiful swing, as Fraizer was able to get his hands in enough to still drive the ball out the park. In total the outfielder drove in four runs, two on that home run and two more on this base hit.

Connor Scott

After a blazing start to the season, Connor Scott has came back down to earth a bit, with his average just a bit under .300 at the moment. With a pair of runners on base, Scott was able to find the left center gap just past the center fielder and end up on third.

Ji-Hwan Bae

Ji-Hwan Bae picked up three more hits on Friday, making him 6-for-12 against Toledo this week. Bae hit his fourth home run of the season on the first pitch of the bottom half of the first inning.

Mason Martin

Martin his his seventh home run of the season, and is answering his late April/early May slump in thundering fashion.




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Cruz seem to have help Swaggerty, what a teammate!


The scarcity of interviews and articles about Cruz is telling. Is he off to a terrible start because of the Pirates genius decision to keep Tucker and VanMeter instead? Did the Pirates screw up yet another top prospect by their gross incompetence?

Tim Williams

We had a full multi-look feature on Cruz on 5/10.


Can the love affair with Van Meter please come to an end and let Bae come up and play 2B and lead off already? And while we’re at it, kick Hembree to the curb and give Yerry a chance, too.

Enough is enough already. Us fans don’t want to watch vets circle the drain. We want to see good young players get rewarded for doing well in Indy.


Shelton should love Bae, seeing as though he’s an actual utility player and he doesn’t have to force him to play a position he’s not comfortable at


I’ve watched Bae a lot this season and the kid is an exciting player. He’s truly versatile as he plays a very good second base and outfield especially centerfield where I saw him really go and get a couple of drives in the gaps. Disturbing to see Fletcher hanging around Indy doing his fletcher things knowing they will probably bring him back before Yerry because…why


The apologists here still defend that great trade and decision to keep playing him.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I don’t think I’ve seen a single person defend Vanmeter lol i think we’re at a point that the consensus by everyone is these players/team is awful.

Though, this did make me think to look up Listher Sosa, and he’s done pretty well in Low A this year.


who exactly is defending the vanmeter trade? lmao


Are the Pirates lousy in player development? It appears that is the case. Look at how many of their top prospects and draft picks are having horrendous seasons so far? Is that just a coincidence? Their farm teams are also playing poorly.. this from a supposed top 5 farm system. Are our coaches in the system considered top notch with great track records of success or are they like the major league roster…those willing to accept what the Pirates pay?


Way too early to make a blanket statement like that. Not unusual for even good players to take some time to get adjusted and lock-in.

Nicky Sticks appears to be doing better against the soft stuff, Swags hasn’t played in two years, but is showing signs of life, and Cruz has hit a few 115+ mph rockets, too.

Now if we can just get Priester healthy and keep Davis on the field.

I’m more concerned BC is stifling development by keeping crappy vets around for no apparent reason than good ole veteranosity.


Swags is at the Mendoza line and is a former college player and high first round pick…how long do we keep making excuses for him and Keller?


I’d like to know how our minor league coaching payroll compares to other MLB organizations


Really, too soon? How many more years of terrible drafting and player development?


Golly, good questions. Why not do some research?

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