First Pitch: Unofficial and Official Exhibition Games

While it still hasn’t been announced yet, Cleveland Indians media is now reporting that the Pittsburgh Pirates and Indians will meet up in three exhibition games before the regular season starts 12 days from now. We originally heard on Friday from Jason Mackey of the Post-Gazette that these games were in the plans.

If all goes according to the sources from each side, the Pirates will host the Indians on July 18th and July 22nd, while the Indians will get the July 20th game in between. Mackey also noted the other day that all three games could be broadcast on TV.

So while we wait for the 2020 season to finally start, it sounds like we will be able to fill three of those 11 days of Spring Training 2.0 with televised game action.

Last night for the second day in a row, the Pirates had a live feed of their sim game on Facebook. The video feed was better last night than the previous day. The camera angle on Friday was from the first base dugout facing the pitcher/batter match-up and only showed about 30% of the field. Last night the single camera/no sound shot was from behind home plate and about 80% of the field was visible.

Mitch Keller started last night and did well until his fourth inning when the first four batters reached. After two singles and a walk loaded the bases, he walked in a run and that’s how the game actually ended.

Just like yesterday, if there is an exhibition game today, I’ll throw together a quick article with the link as soon as I see the confirmation from the Pirates.

Here’s video of Adam Frazier collecting a hit

Here are some photos from yesterday

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