Fangraphs has posted updated prospect rankings to include 2020 draft picks. The new rankings include a top 127 (don’t ask me why 127) for all prospects, as well as the rankings just for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

First round pick Nick Gonzales enters the top 127 rankings in 92nd place. Fangraphs has the highest rankings for the Pirates farm system, so a 92nd place ranking in the top 127 has him lower in the system than it would for most other sources. Gonzales ranks (in order) behind Ke’Bryan Hayes, Oneil Cruz, Mitch Keller, Travis Swaggerty and Tahnaj Thomas. He’s slightly ahead of Liover Peguero, who was in the top 100 before the draft, but has since dropped out (now at 104).

Carmen Mlodzinski (31st overall draft pick) now ranks 14th overall in the system, placed between Rodolfo Castro and Nick Mears.

Third round pick Nick Garcia is ranked 23rd in the system between Kevin Kramer and Michael Burrows.

Second round pick Jared Jones is now 25th for the Pirates, one spot behind Burrows.

Fourth round pick Jack Hartman and fifth rounder Logan Hofmann didn’t make the expanded rankings, which goes to 46 spots now for the Pirates.

We will have our own updated rankings after the draft picks officially sign.

*We will have at least four articles today, including this one. If any news comes up, that will be added on top of the four scheduled articles. As for what’s coming up today on the schedule, we have:

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