Pirates are Connected to One of the Top International Outfielders

Ben Badler from Baseball America has an early preview of the 2020-21 international signing period, which begins on July 2nd. He had the Pittsburgh Pirates connected to 16-year-old lefty hitting outfielder Shalin Polanco from the Dominican.

According to Badler, Polanco is expected to receive a bonus in the $2.5M range, which would be the highest international bonus that the Pirates have handed out to a position player. Scouts are very high on the potential in his lefty power bat. The bonus pools haven’t been announced yet, but the Pirates should have somewhere in the $6M range to spend starting on July 2nd.

Badler has a video of Polanco from his instagram account. It’s a bit old (from the summer) and Polanco has filled out some since this video.