Highlight Videos of Five Recent International Signings for the Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been busy signing international players since the start of the July 2nd signing period. We announced a new one this morning, which brings them up to 32 players signed. The big day every year is July 2nd, as many of the players are eligible to sign for the first time on that day. The Pirates signed 21 players that day and shortly afterwards, we provided scouting reports for all of those players. Here are video highlights for five of the more interesting players from that group.

Everyone likes players with power, so we start with Ewry Espinal, who is a 16-year-old corner outfielder, already displaying strong in-game power, with plus potential down the line. He’s filled out some already at 5’11”, 211 pounds, but runs well for his size and has a strong arm. The power is his calling card though.

Gilberto Alcala is a 16-year-old right-handed pitcher from Venezuela, who signed for $450,000. He didn’t get the highest bonus given to a pitcher by the Pirates, but he has a good chance to be the best from this group. There are really four pitchers right now who could be the best, though Cristopher Cruz gets the most attention (videos in that link) because of his $850,000 bonus. This video of Alcala is a year old, so we are talking about someone who was 15 years old back then.


Roelmy Garcia is a 6’2″, right-handed pitcher, who currently hits 89 MPH, but has the best arm speed for any of these pitchers signed, so there will be more velocity as he gets older. He already throws a plus changeup at 16 years old. Garcia is one of the four pitchers who has a chance to be the best from this group. He’s 15 in this video.

Javier Rivas could be the top position player signed by the Pirates. He’s a 6’3″ shortstop with tons of athleticism and room to fill out. There’s speed, defense and hitting ability here. We have two short videos, one hitting and one fielding.


Yojeiry Osoria got the biggest bonus of these players. The 16-year-old lefty signed for $600,000. He already offers three strong pitches and he’s started to command his pitches, which is rare to hear for someone this age. There is lots of room to fill out here too. He’s the fourth pitcher who the Pirates feel has a legit shot at being the best one they signed this year.