Updated Draft Bonus Pool Numbers for the Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates signed 23rd round pick Jasiah Dixon and 32rd round pick Jake Wright on Monday. The bonuses for those two are in and those numbers could mean that the Pirates aren’t done signing draft picks yet.

The Pirates had $170,800 remaining in their bonus pool before Monday. Dixon received $225,000 to sign him away from USC. With a $125,000 slot amount after the tenth round, that means that his bonus took $100,000 from the remaining pool.

Jake Wright signed for slot, and his decision to sign was based more on deciding whether to forego the rest of his college time, or go pro later. He was a draft-eligible sophomore, but he had injuries in the past, so that may have factored into the decision more than the money.

That leaves $70,800 remaining in the bonus pool for the Pirates and five players left unsigned. Below are the player pages for those players. If the Pirates wanted to max out their offer, they could pay one player $195,800, or (more unlikely) split it up between more than one player. The signing deadline is a week from today.

18th round: Will Simpson

30: Dawson McCarville

35: Deion Walker

38: Christian Gordon

40: Elijah Dunham

Here’s our updated draft tracker.




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