MLB Network Will Show 11 Pirates Spring Training Games

MLB Network released their schedule of Spring Training games on Tuesday night. The Pittsburgh Pirates have a total of 11 games scheduled to be broadcast. Just two of those games will be shown live. The first game will be the February 23rd spring opener at the Phillies.

I’ve included the schedule below for easy reference. Many of the games are on in the early morning, so some DVR skills will be required. One interesting note is that both games from March 23rd with be shown on tape delay. Some of these games will be on ATT Sportsnet (likely all of the home games), so local fans will be able to watch them live. Those outside the area will want to save this chart below for reference.

2/24 @ Phillies 6:00 AM (replay from 2/23)

3/8 vs Orioles 3:00 AM (replay from 3/7)

3/10 vs Twins 9:00 AM (replay from 3/9)

3/12 vs Twins 1:00 PM LIVE (also replayed at 3:00 AM on 3/13)

3/14 vs Phillies 11:00 PM (tape delayed from 1:05 PM. Will also be shown at 6:00 AM on 3/15)

3/16 vs Rays 3:00 AM (replay from 3/15)

3/19 vs Tigers 1:00 PM LIVE

3/21 vs Orioles 4:00 PM (tape delayed from 1:00 PM)

3/22 @ Rays 4:00 PM (tape delayed from 1:00 PM)

3/23 @ Red Sox 4:00 PM (tape delayed from 1:00 PM)

3/24 vs Phillies 6:00 AM (replay from 3/23)

When ATT Sportsnet officially releases their schedule, it should add two more games for fans, which I believe will be March 8th vs Blue Jays and March 17th vs Red Sox. ESPN is also showing the March 6th game against the Red Sox. That will give fans a total of at least 14 games this spring on TV. More games could be added to the MLB Network schedule. We will post an update once the ATT Sportsnet schedule is officially announced.




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