Left-Handed Pitcher Nik Turley Suspended 80 Games

According to Adam Berry from MLB.com, left-handed pitcher Nik Turley has been suspended for 80 games, which will begin at the start of the 2018 season. Turley tested positive for Ipamorelin, which is considered a performance enhancing drug under MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

Turley was picked up off waivers from the Minnesota Twins in November. The 28-year-old made his big league debut in 2017 with the Twins, making three starts and seven relief appearances. He had a 11.21 ERA and a 2.15 WHIP in 17.2 innings.

Turley was not expected to make the Opening Day roster this year, instead serving as bullpen depth in Indianapolis after pitching well in Triple-A last year. He is out of options, but it was possible he could have been DFA’d to open up a roster spot before the season. Montana DuRapau was also supposed to pitching out of the bullpen for Indianapolis this season, but he received a 50-game suspension last week. The longer suspension for Turley is due to him being on the 40-man roster and DuRapau failing for a drug of abuse.

This suspension opens up a spot on the 40-man roster, which was full.


  • I know things aren’t looking great for the Pirates but come on guys, drugs are not the answer.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    January 28, 2018 9:58 pm

    Not that he or DuRaprau are significant losses, but can this off-season produce any more negative news concerning the Pirates?

  • Pheww…I was thinking Nick Burdi at first.

  • question—-does the suspension mean Turley is no longer on the 40 man roster? or do we have to waive him to open up that spot?

    • see edit below

      • Thanks–next question—are you permitted to waive a player on suspension?

        • I was actually wrong, site had not been updated. He will be on the restricted list when the season starts, so no need to waive him

      • So, if we keep him, will he count as one of the 40? Or would he be on some suspended list, so that we can fill his spot with someone else?

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  • I guess this raises the probability that they keep Milbrath? I guess?

    • Don’t think so because I don’t think Turley had a chance to make the team. He is out of options, but I didn’t expect him to make it to Opening Day still on the 40-man roster. I guess I should have included that in the article…or did I? (possibly afterwards)

  • Who ever selling drugs to the Pirates gotta be cruising in a new Lamborghini.