Jordan Luplow is Reportedly Getting Called Up Friday

The Pittsburgh Pirates are reportedly calling up outfielder Jordan Luplow for Friday’s game in San Diego. His college baseball team announced the news on Twitter this evening.

With the Pirates off on Thursday, you will likely see the first part of the transaction, which could possibly be Steven Brault being returned to Indianapolis, unless the Pirates want to keep the extra arm in the bullpen. The second part wouldn’t become official until Friday before the game.

Brian Peloza recently featured Luplow in an article, mentioning what he is working on in Triple-A, while getting ready for the majors. He is hitting .324/.407/.568 in 21 games with Indianapolis. He leads the entire farm system this season with 21 homers.

  • Posted this on other thread as well.
    Surprised I didn’t see this mentioned, bringing Luplow up now is no brainier. He has to have been on roster by August to be playoff eligible. And with no Marte if they make it Luplow on the playoff roster makes a lot of sense even if they pick up someone via trade.

    • BuccosFanStuckinMD
      July 28, 2017 5:46 pm

      Good point – hadn’t thought of that. Although, I am not overly optimistic about making the playoffs. The Cubs are playing much better and adding pieces. The Pirates can’t beat one of the worst teams in the NL – the Giants – losing 5 of 6. Those losses, along with the early 1-6 start against the Reds will end up costing this team a chance at the playoffs. You cannot lose that many games to teams you should consistently beat.

  • It seems to me that Luplow is being promoted as part of a trade situation either other players are being looked at for trade or Luplow is.
    Or he’s being showcased.
    Perhaps Jaso with his 1-30 is facing a release?
    Some shoe will be dropping and although it may not be immediately it feels like some changes are coming.

    • BuccosFanStuckinMD
      July 28, 2017 5:44 pm

      Yeah, it would be typical Pirates to keep Jaso and trade Luplow, just as he was knocking at the door of the majors….

  • Got to see Luplow on 6/29/2015 in West Virginia in a rain shortened game. He absolutely crushed a two run homer to the opposite field in the fourth. (Also saw Tucker, Joe and Yeudy Garcia that night) Connor Joe’s parents and my wife were the only Asians in the whole park. 😉

  • Can Bostick play 2b? If so, bring him up and move J-hay to 3b to give Freese a rest. Happppy for Luplow. wish him great success.

  • This looks like something Cards would do – bringing up OFers with limited AAA experience. Then again, a 2015 Tommy Pham level of play from Luplow would certainly be appreciated.

    • It would be nice to see a Pirates minor leaguer get the call and run with the job for a change. It always seems like they have a sharp learning curve.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    July 27, 2017 8:39 am

    A bit of a surprise and un-Pirates like, but well deserved by Luplow…he has had a remarkable season.

  • Chris Thomas
    July 26, 2017 11:48 pm

    Good grief, I just don’t understand why everyone gets so worked up about a fourth outfielder! How many teams have a fourth outfielder that is significantly above average! Everyone talking about pagan, guess what, he didn’t sign with anyone. Frasier and Osuna are adequate backup outfielder s. The reason the pirates are where they are is because cutch sucked while the backups played better then him. That is when they blew the season.

    • “How many teams have a fourth outfielder that is significantly above average!”

      Careful! If you start pointing out that most teams don’t have a starter as their fourth outfielder, then you get into the territory where you say that having a starter as your fourth outfielder is a luxury. And then people will complain about that almost daily for months.

      The truth is that the Pirates had fourth outfield options like Adam Frazier, Jose Osuna, and a few others who haven’t performed as well. The complaint against Frazier and Osuna is that they aren’t true outfielders and have bad defense. Yet you didn’t hear those same complaints about true outfielder Matt Joyce, who had horrible defense.

      Teams just don’t have outfielders on their bench who can both hit and play strong defense. Those are starters. If you have a starter as your fourth outfielder, it’s a luxury that most teams don’t have.

      • First and foremost, congrats to Luplow. Well deserved promotion and I hope he takes the job and runs with it.

        Not that my opinion changes anything, but I would argue that considering all bench players have holes in their games, then 4th outfielders and backup shortstops have significantly more value, especially in the national league with double switches and more end game substitution shenanigans, if they are competent defensively to close out tight games or provide adequate run prevention when starters need a day off. If the provide any extra value with OBP or speed on the bases thats a bonus. How many balls hit towards Osuna during Taillon’s start the other day would Danny Ortiz, Eury Perez or Justin Maffei caught instead of chasing down and firing the ball back to the infield in a panic? We’re at the end of July and there isn’t a single player on the bench who can provide adequate defensive in any outfield position or give Jordy a day off. Its a bit disheartening.

        • I also remember seeing Osuna on base scoring runs in the last few weeks. Maffei or Eury wouldn’t have got on base to score runs because they are horrible offensively.

          • I prefer run prevention to run production. Way easier to win games when you only give up 1 or 2 runs than when you have to score 5+ every night.

            And for the record I have no issue with Osuna on the bench but either use him strictly as a bench bat or get him one start a week against lefty starters at first because Bell is on pace to play 160 games this year even with Osuna and Jaso as natural, not out of position, replacements on the bench.

      • “Yet you didn’t hear those same complaints about true outfielder Matt Joyce, who had horrible defense.”

        Couldn’t have had anything to do with the fact that Joyce’s well-above average bat more than made up for it?

        Matt Joyce was worth 1 WAR more than Frazier, Osuna, and Jsso combined in 400 less PA.

        Remember back when teams weren’t allowed to make trades in April and May? What month is it?

        • And really.. as below average as Matt Joyce is defensively what a joke to compare him to someone such as Jose Osuna. Tim will point to the SSS of -27 UZR last year the clearly looks like an anomaly. Meanwhile Osuna is still worse at -30 and looks EVERY BIT THAT BAD and worse. Joyce could catch routine fly balls and was a former centerfielder.

          But really, Matt Joyce is besides the point.

      • People would be clammoring for an additional SP and heaping blame on NH for that failure too had trevor williams and chad kuhl not started pitching respectably the past few weeks. I dunno if its a misery loves company mentality or just a mindless self indulgence to throw around i-told-you-so’s, but the whole conversation seems very tired.

      • Tim,
        Did this move come as a surprise to you?

  • The way the FO has handled the outfield situation this year is a complete joke. Good for Luplow. Shame on them for running Jaso and Osuna out there as often as they did and having Danny Ortiz /Eury Perez as their best outfield NRI’s going into this year.

    • Foolish non move not getting a 4th outfielder to at least AAA. Hard choice between the 4th OF and a couple of decent bullpen options.

    • Yeh they should have predicted their best outfielder was going to be suspended for 80 games. And then they should have gone after that trove of talented unsigned OF that are standing around in mid-April waiting to play. And probably also should have figured that Meadows would miss half the season and not be ready. And then they should have known JHay would be would be needed in the infield everyday due to Kang getting stuck in Korea. And Frazier getting hurt and then struggling. So many bad things happened that I keep having to edit this post when I think of more of them.

      • Polanco and Marte both have injury histories. Neither has played a full season. Gotta have a backup plan, doncha?

        • They had a couple backup plans- it’s just that they all fell through for various reasons. I suppose they could have used one more bench OF option not named Frazier, but I don’t think it would have made a difference to the outcome of the season. Bottom line is, Marte and Kang ruined this season, and I’m not gonna put it on FO for not having a replacement level backup (or worse) to throw out there at this point.

          • They had 4 back up plans??? Do tell.

          • Hindsight eh… I will show you a post from the preseason where numerous posters were telling Tim it was ridiculous not to address the outfield depth when he referenced trying to sign someone such as Angel Pagan as a “luxury”

          • Here ya go… yeah this is all hindsight. No one could have seen depth as a potential problem. Many people were yelling about this in Spring Training


          • Fair point but even if it was a Jose Tabata, an Alex Presley, a Xavier Paul or even Garrett Jones getting time in the grass, Neal Huntington has pretty much always had a 4th outfielder who can handle playing the outfield defensively aside from this season. Running Frazier, Jaso and Osuna out there all the time is roughly the equivalent of playing Pedro Alvarez anywhere in his last season and a half as a Bucco, sure they might be the spark you need on a specific night but more often than not they’re all gonna cost you more runs against than runs for.

      • Are you being purposefully obtuse or are you simply confused? Have you seen Osuna or Jaso play the outfield? Are you cognizant this is a buyer’s market? I’m not even really referencing the idiocy of their “depth” plan going into this season. JD Martinez is best rental outfielder out there and went for basically nothing. They should have already had someone to fill in for Polanco besides Osuna and Jaso.

        I like Luplow a lot. The fact is he hasn’t had 100 Triple A PAs yet and probably not even 400 Double a/Triple A PAs combined. This is a desperate move by NH. That being said, I’m glad they did it if it saves from having to see Jaso or Osuna out there again.

        • “The way the FO has handled the outfield situation this year is a complete joke. Good for Luplow. Shame on them for running Jaso and Osuna out there as often as they did and having Danny Ortiz /Eury Perez as their best outfield NRI’s going into this year.”

          Sounds a lot like you are talking about the beginning of the year to me. And when did I once defend Jaso or Osuna as legitimate options? Also, the deadline hasn’t passed yet. Relax.

        • Martinez = great bat, lousy defense. Just as bad if not worse than Jaso and Osuna.

      • In fairness, Meadows was never an option before mid June, and both JHay & AF aren’t really Outfielders. Just guys who can play OF like Jaso and Osuna.

        Bottom line is NH did not adequately address the loss of Matt Joyce before the season began.

        • WillyMoGarcia33
          July 27, 2017 8:33 am

          Joyce was atrocious in the OF last year, quite literally, anyone out there is an upgrade. Joyce isn’t really an OF himself, he is just labeled one, cause you can’t put him anywhere else.

    • Yes, because NRI’s are a critical part of a team’s success as a ton of great players are not offered major league contracts. But you are right in that when Marte got suspended, and his back up, Frazier, got injured in the middle of a hot streak, and Meadows suffered through his first cold streak of his career, and Barnes went down with another hammy … they really could have used that NRI?

      • Read the link I posted down thread from Spring about outfield depth and Tim calling someone such as Pagan a “luxury” Many people were complaining about outfield depth going into the season.

        The fact anyone even attempts to defend this FO and the way they handled the outfield is simply comical.

        • I’m not arguing Tim’s position but NH did try to get Pagan. He wanted to be a starter not a 4th OF. My point is that it is rare to get an impact NRI – which is what you referred to above. Plus the good ones look at opportunities which wouldn’t be all that good on paper sitting behind Marte, Cutch, and Polanco.

          • It’s late and I’m tired/ we aren’t changing each other’s minds. But I’ll just say I thought the plan was foolish long before Marte was popped for PEDs. And that’s not to say look at me because I’ve been wrong about plenty of things in my life and will be wrong about plenty more. I’m just stressing this isn’t a hindsight reaction. I’ve honestly thought this was stupid from a process perspective long before Marte ran into trouble(as have many, many other posters). Both Marte and Polanco have a notorious history of nagging injuries and missing time. One or both of them going down for a lot of games shouldn’t have been a shock to me regardless of the PED suspension.

            • WillyMoGarcia33
              July 26, 2017 11:53 pm

              One thing I’ll mention, is people were upset Joyce wasn’t resigned as a 4th OF. But, he’s had a pretty abysmal season as a starter, and himself wouldn’t have been much of a better option in OF than what we have. He had the title of an OF, but he was brutal out there. I have nightmares about some of the throws he made.

              • To be honest, I like Osuna as a 4th-5th OFer and backup at 1st. I also believe he can blossom into something more. I like his approach at the plate and his extra-base power. Keon Broxton sure would have looked nice on our bench next to Osuna.

                • WillyMoGarcia33
                  July 27, 2017 11:00 am

                  Yeah, Osuna has had flashes of good and bad. But I think Osuna, and even Broxton who was recently optioned to AAA, are examples of what Tim is talking about when he explains that you just don’t find a complete and competent player for 4th OF, that is labeled as such, just laying around. You’re going to sacrifice one aspect(s) for another. Broxton has shown some flashes of brilliance, but he’s also batting 220, OBP under 300, and K’s an astronomical amount.

            • I will add that going into the season you have a limited bench. Jaso made sense as a back up to Bell if he slumped, Freese was a veteran 1B/3B, Frazier was the UT, Stewart was the C – that leaves one spot. Hanson was the favorite because we lose him if he doesn’t make the team plus we need another INF. I would actually agree with you if your argument was to cut/trade Jaso for a 4th OF (more likelihood of need) or sign a free agent 4th OF/INF and then cut ties with Hanson (because NH should have realized that CH wouldn’t play him anyway). But I don’t think a NRI is the issue here.

              • Yeh, IMO releasing Hanson was the biggest mistake they made this year. At that point Bell was pretty much an everyday player I believe.

                • Yes but only (to me) because NH and CH didn’t seem to be on the page concerning his potential.

                • Hanson has a 70 WRC+ and is below replacement with the Whitesox. He just isn’t a very good baseball player.

                  • Right now, yeh. i’d still rather take a flyer on him over retaining Jaso.

                  • He’s firmly in Keon Broxton territory, as in being a guy with skills but overall not that great. That being said I wish he was at least able to put his uniform in the laundry pile after a game instead of back on hangers in his locker before he left town.

              • WillyMoGarcia33
                July 27, 2017 12:03 am

                The biggest miss was on Gosselin, or hoping Frazier would slide into the super utility role. They wanted Sean Rod 2.0, who I would have taken in OF defensively over all mentioned. To me its not so much they didn’t address it, they just missed horribly.

                • They should have resigned SRod.

                  • WillyMoGarcia33
                    July 27, 2017 10:53 am

                    I think that may have had more to do with he wanted to be assured an everyday position, which he had at 2B with the Braves will his car accident. Pirates wanted to keep him in super utility role.

            • … especially since Marte’s 2016 season ended early because of a bad back.

    • John, you come off as a know-it-all asshole….Your daily trashing of the Pirates org is not warranted and you should go elsewhere with your bullshit.

  • Would this indicate that the ship has sailed for an OF at the deadline? Seems like an aggressive move to make for just a few days.

    • I’d assume Luplow will be optioned when Polanco comes back so he can play everyday, not a 4th OF bench role. So we still need a 4th OF in my opinion.

      • I think they should sit Marte a game or two after that fiasco in LF. Play Luplow and let Marte stew a bit. Very disappointed in his effort since his return.

  • Until next week when Martin passes him.

    • I assume he didn’t play today because he was on his way to Indianapolis…

      • Didn’t he also get HBP and come out his last game?

        Anyway…..HOORAY!!! Can it be that desperate times call for desperate measures? If he gets playing time, it’ll be interesting!

        • The HBP for Luplow was on Sunday, he sat out Monday and played the last two days. I assume you’re talking about Luplow, though my comment was about Mason Martin, who did get HBP, but didn’t come out. I know why Martin didn’t play today and I’m not telling…it would ruin the feature article for tomorrow (maybe?)

          • Love the Martin hype.
            Yeah, I was talking Luplow. Knew he had come out of one game (as you note on Sunday). I read so much that I thought he’d been HBP again.
            Have the Pirates ever been as aggressive under NH? Borman, aside of course.

            • Luplow was hit again today, but the ball barely grazed his jersey, so no big deal. I don’t recall anyone coming to the majors this fast recently. Steven Pearce was up after 34 games at Indy and 81 at Altoona, may have been faster since, but it’s not coming to me right now.

          • Maybe? I would accuse you of “click baiting” but this is a pay site lol.

            • I didn’t want to promise a Mason Martin article and have everyone hitting refresh all day only to have the article pushed back a day or two. Tentatively scheduled for later today but any news could change that.

          • Nice tease John.

          • meanie

      • I thought they gave him the day off after he overexerted himself on that bunt last night.