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Prospect Watch: Taylor Hearn Strikes Out Eight in Six Innings of Work

P2 Top 30

A look at how the current top 30 prospects did today. If a player is in the majors for an extended time (Tyler Glasnow, Trevor Williams, Alen Hanson, Jose Osuna), or loses his prospect eligibility, he will be removed from this list. Everyone below him will be shifted up a spot, and a new player will be added to the bottom of the list. If a player is out for the season, he will be removed and everyone below him will move up a spot. Removing these guys doesn’t mean they have lost prospect status. It is just an attempt to get more active prospects on the list. Rankings are from the 2017 Prospect Guide, and links on each name go to their Pirates Prospects player pages.

1. Austin Meadows, CF, Indianapolis -[insert_php]
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2. Mitch Keller, RHP, Bradenton – [insert_php]

3. Kevin Newman, SS, Altoona – [insert_php]

4. Cole Tucker, SS, Bradenton – [insert_php]

5. Ke’Bryan Hayes, 3B, Bradenton -[insert_php]

6. Will Craig, 3B, Bradenton –  [insert_php]

7. Taylor Hearn, LHP, Bradenton – [insert_php]

8. Gage Hinsz, RHP, Bradenton  – [insert_php]

9. Nick Kingham, RHP, Extended Spring Training – [insert_php]

10. Steven Brault, LHP, Indianapolis – [insert_php]

11. Clay Holmes, RHP, Indianapolis – [insert_php]

12. Braeden Ogle, LHP, Extended Spring Training – [insert_php]

13. Max Kranick, RHP, Extended Spring Training – [insert_php]

14. Elias Diaz, C, Indianapolis – [insert_php]

15. Edgar Santana, RHP, Indianapolis – [insert_php]

16. Luis Escobar, RHP, West Virginia – [insert_php]

17. Dovydas Neverauskas, RHP, Pirates – [insert_php]

18. Yeudy Garcia, RHP, Altoona -[insert_php]

19. Kevin Kramer, 2B, Altoona -[insert_php]

20. Tyler Eppler, RHP, Indianapolis -[insert_php]

21. Stephen Alemais, SS, West Virginia –  [insert_php]

22. Brandon Waddell, LHP, Altoona – [insert_php]

23. Travis MacGregor, RHP, Extended Spring Training – [insert_php]

24. Barrett Barnes, LF, Extended Spring Training -[insert_php]

25. Max Moroff, 2B, Indianapolis -[insert_php]

26. Eric Wood, 3B, Indianapolis – [insert_php]

27. J.T. Brubaker, RHP, Altoona – [insert_php]

28. Chris Bostick, INF/OF, Indianapolis –  [insert_php]

29. Connor Joe, 3B, Altoona – [insert_php]

30. Pat Light, RHP, Indianapolis – [insert_php]

P2 Top Performers



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Indianapolis was off on Monday.


[expand title=”Box Score” tag=”span”]

Altoona was rained out on Monday. A makeup date has yet to be announced.


[expand title=”Box Score” tag=”span”]

BRADENTON, Fla. – Taylor Hearn got off to a rough start in the first inning tonight, giving up a one out walk and a two-run homer. From that point forward, he settled down, retiring the next seven batters, and finishing his outing with two runs in six innings of work.

Hearn did have some control issues throughout the start, including a few walks with two outs in the third inning. After issuing the first two-out walk, he picked off the runner at first, but Will Craig’s throw to second pulled Mitchell Tolman toward the pitcher’s mound, allowing the runner to slide around the tag. Hearn then issued another walk, allowing the runner at second to take third. He got out of the jam with a strikeout, one of eight on the night.

That was the big thing working for Hearn tonight. He was throwing his fastball consistently in the 97 MPH range, getting a lot of swings and misses with the fastball, especially when he got ahead in counts and elevated it up and away. The last time I saw Hearn, he was inconsistent in putting opposing hitters away, often because he was working deep into counts, rather than getting ahead and getting in a good position to get batters to chase like he was doing tonight.

It wasn’t a perfect night for Hearn, but it was a good outing. I thought he did a good job of rebounding from the home run, and rebounding from some poor control at various times. At the same time, he did have control issues, which will be the biggest focus as the year goes on. He also gave up runs in the first two innings for the third start in a row.

After Sam Street slowed it down for two innings, lefty Jake Brentz came on and brought the velocity, sitting around 97-98 MPH in his inning of work, and pounding the strike zone with his fastball. Brentz and Hearn have often been paired up in the same outings, which seems more coincidental than a strategy. It’s an unfair coincidence, as both lefties can pump in lively upper-90s fastballs, making for a tough day for opposing hitters.

The Marauders won the game 8-3, scoring four runs in the third and four in the seventh. In each case they benefited from poor defense by St. Lucie, along with some aggressive work on the bases. Cole Tucker stole four bases on the night, giving him 17 this year. Logan Hill continued his hot hitting, getting a two RBI double in the seventh inning to help break the game open. – Tim Williams


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West Virginia had off on Monday.

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When he didn't make it as a lefty pitcher with an 80+ MPH fastball and a slider that needed work, John turned to covering the game, eventually focusing in on the prospects side, where his interest was pushed by the big league team being below .500 for so long. John has covered the minors in some form since the 2002 season, and leads the draft and international coverage on Pirates Prospects. He writes daily on Pittsburgh Baseball History, when he's not covering the entire system daily throughout the entire year on Pirates Prospects.


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Scott K

Easy to pile on Pirates today, but I’m encouraged about a couple things. First, Cole pitched like a top of the rotation SP again last night. Even the HR he gave up was a good pitch. Duval looked to be sitting on it and hit it much farther than location indicated he should. Hamilton may have signaled location to Duval?

Next, I like seeing JHay and Cutch taking good swings on mistake pitches. We need both of them to hit like they have in the past to get enough offense to be competitive.

Lastly, Felipe Rivero is downright filthy. He’s going to be a lockdown Closer for many years to come for the Buccos once Watson is dealt or leaves in FA.

And one last note, despite all the injuries, poor situational hitting, Bad News Bears level defense, and questionable managerial moves this season, the Pirates are only 2 games out of 1st place.

Thomas H

I 100% agree. I’m still not bullish on the Pirates and I still think they will be on the outside looking in at the end of the year, but I am more optimistic about this year than before.

It looks to me like the starting pitching might hold up. I like the way Harrison is playing and I think Osuna and Bell might turn out to be very good players. If Polonco can improve in a hurry, who knows?


I’m not convinced that wasn’t a Great American Bandbox dinger, either. And that inning likely looks very different if Gosselin doesn’t boot Hamilton’s grounder. That’s basically a double with Hamilton running, no matter who’s behind the dish, and that means pitching very carefully to Votto instead of attacking him more directly. Even so, Cole made some really good pitches to Votto, but Votto Votto’d his way on base anyway. Even if Cole gives up the dinger to Duval, it’s not nearly as devastating without that error.


I’ll just say ditto to all of this – the 3 run HR, Votto working the walk, the error. I had something I was going to post here but you said it better so ditto.

John W

Well, the problem is this team just doesn’t have the margin for error they have one of the worst bullpens in MLB at this point in time. xfip of 4.69 is the 3rd worst in MLB. Some people thought this bullpen could be dominant… I think they will be waiting for a long time.

Tim Williams

Meanwhile, Josh Harrison is back to 2014 mode with his offense, and is the best hitter on the team. Anyone saying he should have been traded for a lack of offense was wrong.

Or is a one month sample size only applicable when the result is bad?

Grow up. Stop crying over one word in an article title that you disagree with. Stop trying to play “Gotcha!” Stop being so damn argumentative. Learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. Just talk baseball without all of the petty shit you bring here daily.

John W

LOL, OK Tim. I never “cried” about anything. I asked you to specify what “dominant” meant and you refused to do so…. probably because after you thought about it you realized what utter nonsense referencing this bullpen and dominant in the same sentence was.

But as you said, that is just another one of your articles people will forget about when it turns out to be “right”.

Tim Williams

Think about who you’re talking to here. I’m giving you a chance to take a different tone on this site, rather than the attack mode you’re always in, constantly looking for a fight, the dismissive “LOL” to start about 50% of your posts, and so on.

There are a lot of people on here who can talk baseball without all of this. I’m asking you to be one of them. Take the same tone as everyone else and I might answer your questions like everyone else. Continue being combative, play “Gotcha”, and just keep being argumentative, and you’ll see that this site doesn’t really need your input at all.

I’m giving you the opportunity to scale it back, and just have a normal conversation about baseball like everyone else. Please take it.


‘Think about who you’re talking to here.’

What do you mean by this?

Tim Williams

I mean that I run this site. And for a few days I’ve been suggesting to him that he changes his approach on here. And then his responses are to tell me to relax, or to continue with the exact same combative behavior I told him to stop, in response to me telling him to stop.

When the person running the site makes a suggestion to change an approach, then continuing with the same approach and just disregarding and disrespecting the site owner is not the path to take. It’s not a right to post here.

I don’t ban people from the comments easily, as seen in this case (and the fact that our comment ban list is one person deep right now). I’ve been asking for days for him to take a new approach. Now I’m reminding him exactly who it is making the request.

John W

You absolutely run this site and it’s obviously within your jurisdiction to lay out your ultimatum. As a humorous aside, I must admit a small part of me feels honored to be in the same boat as Bruce (would we be the only 2 bannees?)

But getting back to what you have said… I don’t feel that I have been disruptive or out of line(but I don’t run this site- you do). I’m here because I LOVE baseball and really enjoy reading the opinions of many of the posters here. It’s nothing personal Tim(if we ran into each other in another walk of life I would buy you a beer) but it is just so happens that quite often I really, really disagree with your baseball opinions and the way in which you support them.

I will tell you one small difference between you and me. You brought up the fact that Josh Harrision is having a great season and that my supposition he would be traded because the Pirates wanted out of his contract was wrong.. you acknowledged that Jhay was a small sample as well as the bullpen performance so far. But if both these trends continue I would readily admit I was wrong… something it seems you have a very difficult time doing. I would not say the reader misunderstood me or what I said is not really what I meant.

All this being said I plan to take a step back and stop commenting for the time being. Or you can simply ban me, it’s obviously up to you.

Tim Williams

“but it is just so happens that quite often I really, really disagree with your baseball opinions and the way in which you support them.”

That’s totally fine. It’s the way you disagree that is the problem.

“I will tell you one small difference between you and me. You brought up the fact that Josh Harrision is having a great season and that my supposition he would be traded because the Pirates wanted out of his contract was wrong.. you acknowledged that Jhay was a small sample as well as the bullpen performance so far. But if both these trends continue I would readily admit I was wrong… something it seems you have a very difficult time doing. I would not say the reader misunderstood me or what I said is not really what I meant.”

Funny thing is, I had no clue what your thoughts were on Harrison. I just randomly grabbed the first small sample size that I saw.

Here is the key difference between you and me: If I see you say something that I disagree with, I will give my side of it, and we’ll eventually agree to disagree. I also will forget about it almost instantly after the conversation, because these things aren’t that important to me.

You will see something you disagree with, and act incredulous that someone could have a different opinion than you. You will demand the person defend their opinion because you disagree, rather than just simply stating why you disagree. Then, months later, you will bring it back up at every chance you get when you’re right, but you’ll forget all about it when you’re wrong. And you’re never going to hear from me when you’re wrong, because I’m not keeping track of our conversations, ready to throw them back out at you at the slight moment they go my way.

In the case of the bullpen, there could have been a discussion here. You could have started by saying that the bullpen has been a disappointment. You could have asked me whether my feelings had changed since writing that article, or how I felt about the bullpen performance so far. That’s a civil conversation. Instead, you went with this:

“Well, the problem is this team just doesn’t have the margin for error they have one of the worst bullpens in MLB at this point in time. xfip of 4.69 is the 3rd worst in MLB. Some people thought this bullpen could be dominant… I think they will be waiting for a long time.”

You talked about the bullpen, then went into a passive aggressive comment about the article, followed by more comments later. You’re not talking baseball here. You’re keeping score about opinions, while trying to dig back up an old argument. Your goal comes across not as talking baseball, but wanting to win and to be right. And it’s just childish.

That’s why I’m suggesting you take a different approach. Stop trying to play “Gotcha” and stop launching into argument mode.

John W

Small correction: I never am incredulous when someone has a different opinion than me. I’m used to it, ask my wife…

I’ve been reading here for a loooong time Tim. And I’ve been wrong about plenty of things and will be wrong about plenty more before it’s all said and done. But I unequivocally feel you have a very difficult time admitting when you’re wrong on something. I really don’t know why… it’s the nature of the beast. I can only speculate that you think it diminishes you’re credibility or professionalism which is silly in my estimation.

Tim Williams

But I’ve admitted when I’ve been wrong many times. So that’s not true. It’s impossible to be right about everything, and guaranteed that you will be wrong about things when discussing baseball. It’s not predictable.

In the case of the bullpen, no one is right or wrong yet. It’s one month. See me at the end of the season, just like I’ve always said about this.


This is embarrassing.

Tim Williams

Feel free to take the same advice I gave John.


You clearly have spent plenty of time on internet message boards; how many of them have moderators who threaten banishment without use of profanity, personal attacks, or trolling?

Seriously, man. Take a step back and listen to yourself. This is petty and unprofessional.

Tim Williams

This isn’t a message board, and setting the bar at the conversation levels you see on message boards is setting the bar very low.

I’m suggesting you take a step back and listen to yourself.

John W

Take a deep breath… relax

Tim Williams

I’m very relaxed. I’m telling you how it is. Take a different tone on here. Take the petty stuff elsewhere.


Hudson has been the difference maker between the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

John W

Hudson does not look good. He might get better but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Scott Kliesen

Xfip isn’t the only way to evaluate a Pitcher. Nor is it even the best. For example, Watson has a high xfip, but his ratio of soft contact is also high. Xfip doesn’t take that into consideration.

Watson has been successful this season because he has limited hard contact. If that continues, he will continue to see positive results despite what xfip says.

John W

No… if Watson continues to not strike anyone out and walk a lot of guys he will most likely have problems because even with soft contact the pitcher can’t always control where the ball goes. The reality if IF Watson keeps pitching like he has been the most likely result is his ERA goes up, not down.

Both our 8th and 9th inning guys are less than ideal. This is one of the worst bullpens in MLB right now.


I’ll still quibble with calling them “one of the worst”, but man, I sure thought I’d be able to dig up more evidence to support me.

At best, I think you can argue semantics and call them “below average” by excusing Bastardo from the equation, but yeah, Huddy and Watson still drag them down quite a bit.

John W

Perhaps not one of the worst but you can squint from miles away and not see “dominant”. Rivero is dominant. Nicasio while very good… I still don’t feel good about him facing lefties(even if better this year) and his shutdown/meltdown historically hasn’t matched his other peripherals. The rest of the pen… just not very good imo. Leblanc is serviceable enough and has been fine so far.

Trust me, I wish that article did turn out to be correct because this team could really benefit with a dominant bullpen given the number of close wins they are going to have to pull out.

Scott Kliesen

We can find common ground regarding strikeouts and walks. As for soft contact, we can agree to disagree. Soft contact can nullify a walk quicker than a strikeout via the double play grounder.

A high strikeout % may be ideal for a Closer, but the ability to induce soft contact is a valuable talent, too.


My hope is we are not buried in the standings by the time Marte and Kang get back into action

Scott Kliesen

I just can’t see Pirates falling too far back considering how Cole, Taillon, and Nova are pitching.

I wouldn’t count on Kang this season. Maybe ever again?

John W

I think the last 3-4 games are the best I’ve ever seen Cole pitch and that includes 2015. He was been dominant and he’s now throwing a changeup with confidence.

mitch t

I disagree. I think he gets his visa cleared in a week or two and spends a week in Extended Spring Training before coming up mid-May. Hope he’s working out in Korea as we speak. then we can move JHay into RF and turn this thing around.

Chuck C

Do you know something we don’t? I hope you’re right.

Scott Kliesen

Not holding my breath.


His appeal hearing isn’t until the 25th and from what I have seen even if he wins they aren’t just going to hand him his visa that day. Best case for him would be mid to late July I am guessing.


Am I just dreaming or do the Pirates have at least 3 good bullpen arms in AAA? Why are we using Hudson a day after he got tagged for 5 runs? # Hurdled


Hey John … Hamilton is surprisingly better against three other teams: The Giants, The Rockies, and … The Cubs


Another pathetic loss to the Reds, that should have been a W.
Hudson again? Really? How many more bad outings by him before the team figures out they may want to try someone else in that 8th inning spot?
Cole pitched a decent, not great game, but with little offensive support again. He cannot seem to shake the HR ball…it cost him again…3 run HR was a killer.
Stewart 0-3 at the plate and 0-4 against base stealers. Gosselin and Jaso – more automatic outs. We have to have the weakest bench in MLB.
How much longer Neal?

William R. Maloni Sr

Use Miami as your example and by trading deadline, move Cutch, Marte, Mercer, Watson, and maybe Cole, to acquire some young talent who might give the franchise what it minor leagues can’t.

When I see Bryant, the Yankee RF, Machado, and look at who the PBC chose, I get sick about management.

But, I would rather watch some kids with a possible future than mediocre vets.


Hudson should join Bastardo on the DL. I am curious how much we throw away if we were to cut Hudson. Anyone know?
Gosselin should be parked on the bench until Frazier or Freese returns.
Blaming Stewart for not throwing out Hamilton?


Not agreeing with your post on Hudson but answering the question :), he is two years at 11M Rich… I’m one of the more optimistic supporters but have been greatly upset by Gosselin not being able to make seemingly common defensive plays, at this point I’m quite sure he will be in AAA when one of Frazier/Freese returns, not sure who comes back first, assume Frazier….


Thanks! That’s a higher salary than I thought.

I felt Hudson was more of a projection than a solid results signing. Now in his third season (I skipped his partial (bad) first year back) from surgery, he has accumulated:
ERA 4.87
FIP 3.74
WHIP 1.428
Maybe he belongs in a MLB bullpen, but not in the back end of on.

I would move Rivero to the 8th inning spot and do a 7th by committee until someone stands out


I always get your thoughts Rich, good ones… For me the Hudson signing was a a bit risky but high end reward expectation, of course, if it works out… notice I used “works”, jury still out to me… To me it is the chance we sometimes have to take to be compelling, our payroll is a real thingie…. my fingers are crossed and I sit here on May 2nd, 1st for you, and am ok with pushing him back to less stress situations, makes sense, do what you have to do for the team and a potential asset…

John W

There was no reason to be particularly excited about Hudson. He had an xfip over 4 last year and his peripherals were mediocre. Now his peripheral are horrible instead of mediocre.


Gotta love how mediocrity and junk continue to kill the Pirates…then again, winning teams NEVER have a lineup with Stewart, Gosselin, Mercer, and Osuna all starting…going 0-4 and making pieces of trash like Garrett look like an ace when everybody else has shelled him is pathetic and inexcusable


You can make your point without making up stuff. In four of Garrett’s five starts this year he has been dominant. Has pitched 27 innings with an ERA of 2.00. Has 25 K’s vs 6 BB. So for four of his five starts he has been an ace and has been a “piece of trash” for one of his starts. . . . With Kang, Freese, and Frazier out, there is no lineup that doesn’t include Mercer and another so-so infielder. And with Marte and Frazier out, there is no lineup that doesn’t include Osuna or Jaso.


Don’t include Mercer and Osuna in that crowd. Yes, I do agree, Stewart, Gosselin, Jaso have no business still being on this roster – they contribute nothing – but they have contracts and we have a cheap owner – so, apparently they have to cost the team some more games before anything is done….


I was more referring to the fact of all 4 players starting at the same time than taken on an individual basis, because I do like Osuna, and I don’t mind Stewart for “day-after-night” games as the backup (until the Pirates stop being stubborn with Diaz in AAA). But to have all of them starting at once (and not even mentioning Jaso) is just ugly.

Diaz could have started, and Hansen/Moroff/Ngoepe/someone with actual ability and upside could have started besides Gosselin/Mercer (let’s face it – while the “flawless” defensive metrics may have ranked Jordy as above average once upon a time, he was never really anything more than average defensively, and, unfortunately, his offense never fully developed (outside of 1 red-hot month each year).

Is part of the problem losing Kang and Marte? Obviously, but that doesn’t mean the Pirates should keep playing career back-ups who have had a shot to prove something already over guys with youth and potential upside who could, at the very least, provide excitement.


Mercer should DEFINITELY be included. We have a big problem at SS. Help needs to get here fast. Why can’t I love a team whose best players aren’t hurt, suspended or sequestered in their home country? This now includes the Pens. Anyway, don’t let those three HRs per year and steady defense fool you. Mercer is a bad player playing a premium position. I’m officially tired of the Pirates not fielding a premier my position with a premium player. Kevin Newman ain’t the answer either. I think it’s Cole Tucker or bust. Trade or include Newman In a package for something that can help the team.


Three different cases there that shouldn’t be lumped into one:
– Stewart is a MLB back up Catcher. By definition these guys are not very good at something, either hitting or fielding. Every team has one of these. He’s fine for now. And there is a very real chance he could be backing up Diaz soon. So I’d be in no hurry to release him.
– Jaso is off to a bad start but is a proven MLB hitter that plays 1B at a middling level now. Who in our system do you feel should replace him – Rogers, Moroff, or Bostick? I would say that there is an argument to be made to remove him when Freese and Frazier are back, allowing us to keep Gift and Hanson. But they are kind of duplicates – speedy, good fielding middle infielders. Jaso offers a different tool – bat off the bench and a late sub for Bell.
– Gosselin is not hitting, does not have the track record of a good MLB hitter, and is fielding poorly. But he is only playing because Kang, Frazier, and Freeze are not. He should be gone in about a week.

John W

Good post Rich. Personally I think once Frazier and Freese return both Gosselin and Hanson should be sent down. The reality is Gift’s bat will probably be very poor in a larger sample but his defense is elite and this team needs all the defense it can get.

If we lose Hanson because he doesn’t have an option I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

Joe Nastasi

John, this used to be my favorite click. But the player game stats under their name has been screwed up for a long time. Is it ever goung to get resolved


Hey John, I recently got a new iPhone and when I went to redownload the P2 app it didn’t appear on the apps store. Do I need to get it through you guys or should it be on there?

Tim Williams

No iPhone app right now until it gets developed again, which is currently in the works. There were some major issues on the iPhone side, allowing people free access to the site.

Joe Nastasi

I have a Samsung & mine is showing same thing as Scott Harrington. It was like that all of last year also

Tim Williams

The stats don’t work in the app. We tried getting the developers to fix the problem, but they couldn’t figure out how.

That’s one of the things we’re addressing in the rebuild of the app, which is currently taking place with a new developer.

Joe Nastasi

Thanks, other then that great site & great job by all

Scott Harrington

Web version is perfect, but the mobile version for iPhone is not. There are no box scores or daily leaders — just codes. comment image

Pete Cepulis

Looks like it’s fixed to me

Steve Zielinski

I apologize if I missed it, but have the Pirates given us any timetable for Kingham’s return?

Scott K

I read awhile ago it was expected he would return around middle of May. Also heard he’s pitching in EST currently. Looks like he should be returning after getting built up.


Baseball Prospectus had scouts at the game getting pop times of 2.06-2.1 from the catchers.

Scott Kliesen

Forgive me, but I don’t know what that means, and if it’s good or bad.


Oh, and I also just realized my reply about pop times ended up under your post about Kingham, which is very confusing to me as well as you, I’m guessing.


No worries…scouting grades for pop times usually put average (50) around 1.9, from what I’ve seen.

The statcast-calculated pop times have seemed to trend higher but this is a pretty tricky measurement to take by hand so that is understandable, at least to me.

tl;dr that catcher probably wasn’t very good.

eric i

Tucker stealing bases like it’s taking candy from a baby.

mitch t

Just gonna say the same thing. it’s becoming a real thing. He has his OB% up to “good” status and his base stealing is becoming phenomenal. I mean he may have a Hamiltonian steal tool. Play good D at short and that could translate into a player! .289 slugging % don’t mean nothing if you can steal 50 doubles.

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