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First Pitch: The Winter Meetings Could Bring a Busy Week For the Pirates

The MLB Winter Meetings always bring the biggest week of the off-season, with teams and players meeting in one location, and the off-season market finally starting to open up. This year, things could be a little bit crazier than normal for the Pirates.

I guess that’s what you get when the week leading up to the meetings has been filled with trade rumors about your franchise player. Heading into the off-season, I felt there might be a pretty good chance that Andrew McCutchen would be traded this off-season. Now? I feel there’s a pretty good chance he could be traded this week.

A trade of McCutchen would be huge, but I don’t think that would be all for the Pirates. If that trade happened, it would put the projected payroll around $74 M, which would leave a lot of spending room. The Pirates also have some relievers who could be shopped around, creating more payroll space. In short, while the Pirates might unload a few players this week, or this off-season, I’d also expect them to make some additions.

The goal would be to do a quick reload of the farm system by dealing McCutchen and one or two others, while also addressing the biggest need for the 2017 team — the pitching staff — and adding depth all around. It would be a difficult juggling act, but could allow them to contend in 2017, even after trading McCutchen, and maybe others.

Andrew McCutchen’s Last Week as a Pirate?

Obviously the biggest news this week is going to involve a potential Andrew McCutchen trade. There have been a lot of rumors involving the Nationals and the Pirates, and honestly, it feels like there’s just too much smoke with this one for a deal to not be completed. Granted, the Pirates don’t have to trade McCutchen, and their stance is that they won’t trade him unless the right deal comes along.

Meanwhile, the Nationals are trying to acquire two of three players out of the McCutchen/Mark Melancon/Chris Sale group. They could try to go for McCutchen and Sale, but the belief is they don’t have the prospects to get both, especially when they won’t give up Trea Turner. So it seems that the decision would be between McCutchen and Sale, with the White Sox rumored to have an extremely high asking price for Sale.

Other teams have been mentioned as being involved, but right now it seems the Nationals are the clear leaders. This could very well be Andrew McCutchen’s final week in the Pirates’ organization.

Tony Watson and the Left-Handed Trade Market

There has been some discussion about how the Pirates could trade Tony Watson this off-season, although that hasn’t received nearly as much attention as the McCutchen rumors, and we haven’t heard that they’re actively shopping Watson like they’re doing with McCutchen. That said, this definitely seems like an off-season where they should be shopping Watson.

Earlier in the off-season, Brett Cecil received a four-year, $30.5 M deal. Watson is coming off a down year, but was one of the best relievers in the game the previous few years. Cecil is also coming off a down year, although not as much as Watson, and wasn’t as productive as Watson in previous years. So you could argue that Watson should have a high value on a one year deal projected at $5.9 M.

But then Marc Rzepczynski — who is a LOOGY with about 0.5 WAR maximum value, and lower advanced metrics than Watson and Cecil — received two years and $11 M. If he is worth $5.5 M a year on a multi-year deal, then Watson should get a very nice return.

The reliever market is shallow, and the same is true for lefty relievers. The Pirates have Watson for one more year, and we just saw them deal Mark Melancon this past season in order to get a long-term reliever, rather than keep Melancon for his final two months. It would only make sense to take the same approach with Watson, especially when the return price would be so high. Even coming off a down year, Watson’s price is going to be high.

The Pirates have some other options. Antonio Bastardo is owed $6.5 M, although the Mets sent some money in last summer’s trade, and there’s no word on how much they’re picking up. Still, the Pirates could also shop him, and Bill Brink reported that they’re willing to pick up some of his salary to move him.

If the Pirates moved Watson and Bastardo, they’d still have two lefties remaining in Felipe Rivero and Wade LeBlanc, along with Steven Brault as an option in the minors. They definitely have depth in this area, which is good, since this is an area where it’s definitely a seller’s market.

New Blood on the Free Agent Market

The non-tender deadline was on Friday, and is always a date that brings new free agents to the market. The Pirates capitalized on this last year, signing Juan Nicasio to a one year, $3 M deal about a week after he was non-tendered by the Dodgers.

There are some interesting names who were non-tendered this year, and while I haven’t looked through the entire list, there were two names that specifically stood out. Tyson Ross and Rubby De La Rosa both have injury concerns, but when they’re healthy, they are two guys who look like top options on the current free agent market.

Ross is the big one, dealing with a shoulder injury that limited him to one start in 2016, and required surgery in October. According to Peter Gammons, his return is expected between February and April, and I’m not sure if that means he would be guaranteed to pitch in the majors when he returns, or if he’d need some time to build back up.

Ross put up a 4.4 fWAR in 2015, and a 3.2 fWAR in 2014. He pitched around 195 innings in each of those seasons. The shoulder issue makes him a gamble, and the Padres didn’t want to pay around $10 M for that gamble. You have to wonder if he might be worth it, though. Andrew Cashner just received $10 M, and he never put up better than a 2.7 fWAR. He also dealt with injury problems in 2016, and while he looked like a potential bounce back candidate, he had some concerns. So if Cashner can get $10 M for one year, despite concerns, I don’t think that amount would be unreasonable for Ross.

Then there’s Rubby de la Rosa, who was owed a projected $3 M in arbitration, but could be facing his second Tommy John surgery. This is a tricky situation. He’s got two years of control, so if you sign him for a low price, you’re paying for the hope that he returns healthy in 2018. He has mostly worked as a starter in his MLB career, being worth about 0.5 fWAR while underperforming his xFIP results (due to a consistently high HR/FB ratio). He’s a hard thrower, and at the least, seems like he’d be a great addition to the bullpen.

If he can avoid the second surgery, then he’d be a great option for the 2017 Pirates bullpen. The risk here is that you might sign him, and then watch him miss a season, with no guarantee that he can help you in 2018. But this is an extreme seller’s market with very few good options, so that might be a gamble worth taking.

The thing with both of these players is that you’d figure their team knows best when it comes to their medicals. The Padres have said they would bring Ross back at a cheaper price. The Diamondbacks didn’t really have much to spend on de la Rosa, which says a lot. It could be that they both look too good to be true because they are too good to be true, and the injuries are a much bigger deal. But in a market short on pitching, a team might find an advantage gambling on health, and hoping for value if the medicals end up checking out.

Eric Wood and the Rule 5 Draft

The winter meetings will wrap up on Thursday with the Rule 5 draft, and the big concern among Pirates fans over the last few weeks is that third base prospect Eric Wood could be lost in the draft.

The Pirates left Wood off the 40-man roster last month, despite watching him put up improved power numbers in Double-A, along with a great season in the Arizona Fall League, and an assignment to the Dominican Winter League. One thing going in their favor is that third basemen rarely get selected in the Rule 5 draft, and rarely get protected. So on the off-chance that Wood gets selected, the odds would be low that he sticks in the majors all year.

Another thing working towards their advantage is that the cost of Rule 5 picks went up to $100,000 this year, which is $50,000 more than the previous cost. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the Rule 5 decisions, since teams would only be able to regain half of that amount if they can’t keep the pick. It’s not like $50,000 is a big amount for MLB teams, but if you’ve got a case like Wood, where the odds are low of protecting the player, then drafting him would be seen as a waste of money, even if the amount is small.

We’ll see if Wood becomes the exception and gets selected. I have a feeling the higher cost and the low odds are going to win out over the 2016 success.

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Ladarius Green is a beast.
Just sayin…


Cutch has been a great player and person but he shows too many ‘mental’ signs that he won’t age well. Mainly:
– he doesn’t realize when he is hurting the team playing through injuries. His 75% is no longer better than the next guy’s 100%
– his belief that he is still a strong CFer is not backed by any statistical analysis
– he still tries to steal bases based on speed instead of savvy knowledge of the pitcher (Cervelli had more steals last year…)
– at age 29 with a slightly slower bat, he still tries to swing away, especially in slumps, instead of hitting what the pitcher is giving him
I like him and would love to have an old school lifetime Pirate again. I just don’t think he fits the mold.

P.S How the heck did Clemente still play at his level when he was in his late 30s?


Clemente also knew when he was hurt and did what he needed to recover. There were many that actually criticized him as a malingerer. I think his awareness allowed him to play at a higher level for a longer period of time.


Rich, Clemente was a once-in-a-lifetime talent. The fact that he was a better person than a player speaks volumes for him as a human being.


Our bullpen was very bad last year…and we’re considering trading one of the few consistent guys like Watson? Who is going to replace his innings, which were mostly high quality, even in a down year for him?


Time will tell. The bottom line is that the Bucs best commodities on the trade front are Cutch, Watson, and probably J-Hay. Stay tuned!!!


Except for maybe the Pirates and 3 or 4 other Penny pitching teams, I don’t see $50k having any impact on the Rule 5. That is chump change.

David Lewis

You’re talking about organizations valued at $1.5B that eliminated pensions for staff making $40k/year . MLB clubs do irrational things where money is concerned on both ends of the spectrum.


Kang DUI was his 3rd. I wonder if NH knew about Kang’s drinking problems and that’s why they brought Freese back?

We better hope Wood doesn’t get drafted. 🙂


I would think that that would have been vetted out before they signed Kang to begin with.


How many of those DUI’s happened in the US? I think that will be a key to how aggressively the Pirates and MLB look at the problem, and whether the US has a hand in all of this. I wonder what the requirements would be for securing a work permit to enter the US?

BTW, I thought we were prepping Jaso to play 3B. Is there no AL team that will absorb that $4 mil for somebody who could be a solid DH?

Bill W

The DUI limits are also similar to EU limits. Driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05% or higher constitutes drunk driving in Korea. It takes around three shots of liquor for an adult to attain a BAC of 0.05%. The criminal punishment for drunk driving is imprisonment for not more than 3 years or a (criminal) fine not exceeding 10 million won. At the same time, the offender’s driver’s license will either be revoked or suspended for a period of time.In the United States, all states define driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above .08 as a crime, but specific laws and penalties vary substantially from state to state, with somes states having specific BAC limits for commercial drivers and drivers who have previous DUI offenses. In my travels overseas I would never ever touch a drink and drive. It would be plain crazy. Be interesting to see what MLB does.

Bill W

Shin-Soo Choo is or was a heavy drinker. He was renowned for getting plastered on a nightly basis when he played for the Tribe. I really think the PBC needs to rehab KANG. They let Sean Rod get away and if and when KANG get’s suspended we will need some help. Of course your favorite player Alen Hanson could be called upon!


The Winter Meetings Could Bring a Busy Week For the Pirates

This just in: And………..they could not???

Why do headline writers continue with the “May Happens” and the “Might Happens” and the “Could Happens”. The abuse of these words as click bait is getting ridiculous.

Those types of headlines MAY get old after awhile. It COULD become an epidemic if editors keep this up. It’s lazy writing.

Sorry…rant over….

J Nader

The difference is, this article provides substantial information backing it up. A lot of the other sites will lead an article with that headline, and then follow through with nothing. At least I know when Tim does it, that there is something worth reading in the article.

And I am not sure if he is still doing the First Pitch for free, but if so, wouldnt it make sense to try and get as many people to click it as possible so they can see the insight this site provides, and try to convince them to subscribe?


What did you have for breakfast?


Would it be a good option to get joe ross in the trade for cutch and use that as leverage to bring Tyson in? it would be awesome to have both of them in the rotation. injury concerns be damned, the upside of that rotation with cole and taillon would be very high.


MLB started their broadcast from the winter meetings last night and someone there said the Dodgers seemed to be lurking in the background on McCutchen. Should be a really interesting week.


Cutch move has to happen first I think before other dominoes fall, but I think LAD could be interesting partner…salary swap and maybe take some salary of theirs and get a player who could help us. They cant do anything until she’d salary.

Would love 3 team deal for Cutch with White Sox for Jose Quintana


Nationals get: Chris Sale, Andrew McCutchen

Pirates get: Jose Quintana, Victor Robles, Reynaldo Lopez

White sox get: Tony Watson, Danny Espinosa SS/2B, Tyler Glasnow, Lucas Giolito, Joe Ross, A.J Cole/E.Fedde/A.Voth RHP, and another Nats position player prospect.

I think Nationals need to give up Turner and Robles to get Cutch and Sale but. Nats get Giolito for Sale and Pirates get Robles as headliners Might be enough to get it done. WhiteSox get two good veterans in Espinosa and Watson who don’t cost much and can trade later this off-season or at deadline for more Prospects.




Yeah cause Quintana isn’t a top of the rotation starter that you hope Glasnow would be? Right? Come on. Glasnow will be no better than Lopez, guarantee it.


I think that is too much for Nats to pay and I think is overestimating costs all around. I think my deal in the other post in the article on Nats wanting both is more likely.


Tim: Truly doubt the Pirates could consider trading Watson. Maybe in Jul/Aug, but not right now especially with all the balls in the air regarding ‘Cutch and others.
The Pirates have 2 or 3 Prospects for the BP and retaining a guy like Watson for 4 months would allow them to develop at a comfortable pace at AAA.

Now, if somebody even comes close to picking up all of Bastardo’s contract, that would be the deal I can see being done. I did not see his value in 2015 and did not see it in 2016, but that was the price to get rid of Jon Niese. Maybe it is my TV, but he has very little movement on his pitches.


Forgot to mention that the Nat’s rumor that they will try to sign 2 of Sale, Melancon, or McCutchen is nothing but just a nudge to the White Sox & Pirates to pick up the pace and get reasonable with their asking prices.

The Nat’s have Danny Espinosa at SS and Trea Turner in CF. Espinosa was last in hitting of all of the qualified SS, and 20th of 23 in Fielding with a .970 Fld %age, 18 errors. They want Turner at SS in 2017 and ‘Cutch will fit like a glove in CF. Tremendous upgrade offensively and defensively over 2016. With Turner, Harper, Murphy, Rendon, & Werth around ‘Cutch, he will see a lot of good pitches.


McCutchen will keep seeing the same pitches he has been seeing the past 2 seasons : fastballs in, sliders away until he proves he won’t pull off.

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