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Pirates Notes: Brewers Intend to Make Liriano Throw Strikes Tonight

PITTSBURGH — Francisco Liriano will take the hill for the Pirates, and Brewers manager Craig Counsell was asked about Liriano’s walk rate and if that was an area that the Brewers could take advantage of after drawing nine free passes against Jeff Locke and the bullpen Wednesday night.

Liriano leads the National League with 62 walks and is walking 5.7 batters per nine innings, a career high. The difference, as we’ve discussed at length, is that Liriano isn’t getting as many swings on pitches outside of the zone. It was interesting, though, to see the level of knowledge Counsell and the Brewers had of the situation.

“He works on the edges of the strike zone,” Counsell said. “He’s very good at it getting swings outside of the strike zone. He always has been. Tonight is a night that identifying that bottom of the strike zone and the inside part of the strike zone is really important. Tonight’s game will go based on [whether] we keep him in the strike zone. If we make him throw in the strike zone, then I think we’ll have a good night. If we chase him outside the strike zone — which is what he’s trying to get you to do — he wins the battle.”

On that front, the Pirates feel that the most important tool in Liriano’s arsenal is keeping his arm slot the same throughout his repertoire, and that makes sense. The pitch that Liriano throws outside of the zone the most often is his slider, and any difference in his delivery that would allow an opponent to identify it more quickly would make it easier for them to take pitches out of the zone. Hurdle said Liriano has made some progress to that end in recent starts.

“He’s created that arm slot and all three pitches are coming out of it. Everything looks the same. The changeup and fastball combination have played better together the last three outings. The slider has turned into a swing-and-miss pitch again. He’s throwing it for strikes and throwing it for chase. The angle and the ball are down much better and he’s locating the ball better.”


Adam Frazier will start at second base and lead off. It’s the first appearance at the top for the order for Frazier, but it’s a spot he’s comfortable with, as he’s been a top-of-the-order hitter for much of his minor league career.

His mantra at the top spot is to “just work.”

“Make the pitcher work a little bit, try to get a pitch to hit. Pretty much just anything you can do to get on base. Try to get a few bags, and try to work the pitcher more when I get on base.”

So far in his rookie season, Frazier has been able to have success with whatever been asked, pretty much every step of the way. Frazier’s progression from pinch-hitter to fill-in lead-off man has been a rewarding one.

“For sure,” he said. “Any time you’re in [the lineup], you’re obviously happy. I’m in the lead-off spot, so I’ve got some responsibilities tonight. I’ll do what I can.”

Wednesday night, Frazier appeared as a pinch-hitter and tried to bunt for a base hit with no one one. He ended up on second. Creating that kind of havoc on the basepaths is what Frazier is all about.

“I just try to put pressure on the other team,” he said. “The more pressure you can put on another team, that’s when mistakes happen.”


Eric Fryer will start in place of Francisco Cervelli. The Pirates are planning to rest Cervelli somewhat frequently as he returns from hamate bone surgery. John Jaso is hitting sixth. Jaso is 1-for-13 with six strikeouts since the break.
Update 6:50 p.m: Left fielder Starling Marte has been scratched with flu-like symptoms. Gregory Polanco will move from right field to left field. Matt Joyce will play in right and hit fourth.

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Bill W

Rob King did a great job!

Thomas G

I remember when Rob was the local sportscaster in Syracuse NY. I got a chance to talk to him at PNC back in May. He was really friendly and we talked about the Syracuse Chiefs and even Dave Gustie and Jason Grilli who both grew up in Syracuse. What was really cool was that he actually lived about a half mile from me when he lived here. Great guy.


Well, Liriano is answering their request 😀


Hey Neal….you have this kid named Bell at Indy….you are looking more and more like an idiot by leaving him there.


Bells situation is no different frim Polancos in 2014. NH felt the heat and brought Polanco up. He started out hot but fizzled out quick and struggled till this year. If you really believe that’s going to happen again w NH, then he obviously didn’t learn nothing bc he regretted not keeping Polanco down. Nothing that you can say will bring Josh Bell up no matter the state of the team and position. If it wasn’t for his strong showing, he would be up next year but now they got a situation. Hopefully it will work out for the fans shortly after the deadline.


Who do you get rid of? Frazier’s been performing really well, but he’s the only one with an option. The rest of the bench have been excellent, too. Jaso is still a useful asset, you’re not just going to cut him. That would be terrible asset management.

The trade deadline is approaching. A position player will likely be dealt in a package for a pitching upgrade, and then Bell will be up.


No guarantees that NH even pulls a deal in the non-waiver timeline. One thing though is that you hear so much demand for starting pitching and this team does have a few available arms. I am certainly not suggesting that they are going to bring much in return but could open a roster spot or two.

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