Injury Updates: Gerrit Cole to Miss Another Start

PITTSBURGH — Gerrit Cole is expected to miss one more start that originally hoped.

When general manager Neal Huntington was contemplating putting Cole on the disabled list with his right triceps strain, he said his thought process was missing one start or missing two starts. Cole will be eligible to come back from the disabled list on June 26, which corresponds with a hole in the Pirates’ starting rotation, but trainer Todd Tomczyk said Wednesday that Cole won’t be ready by then.

“It’s day-to-day,” Tomczyk said. “We see how he responds to the previous day’s throwing.”

The Pirates will need another spot starter against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday, because they sent down Tuesday’s starter, Wilfredo Boscan, Wednesday afternoon.

It’s possible that Cole will require a rehab start or a simulated game in the bullpen before returning to the Pirates’ rotation.

“We’re still working through that,” Tomczyk said. “It depends on how he recovers, how he throws, and that’s a collective effort with Gerrit most importantly, Ray [Searage], the front office and Clint [Hurdle].

Tomczyk said that even though the time frame for his return has extended there has been no setback in Cole’s recovery. He has resumed throwing off flat ground after taking an initial break to rest the muscle.

“In a thrower, it truly is day-to-day,” Tomczyk said. “You don’t know how that arm is going to respond to the demands of the previous day. It’s encouraging that’s he back out there.”


• Left fielder Starling Marte is not in the team’s starting lineup after being pulled from Tuesday’s loss with left foot discomfort in the eighth inning. The team is still evaluating the amount of participation Marte will be able to tolerate. It does not sound like a long-term injury.

• Tomczyk classified Andrew McCutchen’s thumb as a “maintenance thing” and said that ice and padding are “part of the process,” but he has not needed any shots or injections.

• Francisco Cervelli is back to baseball activities 11 days after his hamate surgery. Those activities include swinging a bat one-handed and throwing, but not catching. While the hamate injury has the potential to be a season-long nuisance for Cervelli from a hitting standpoint, Tomczyk is not expecting any issues with his receiving ability.

• Ryan Vogelsong threw off a slope for the first time Wednesday without any negative effects to his left eye or the surrounding area. He will be re-examined on Monday and a plan for resumption of pitching activities will be made at that time.

• Minor-league catcher Elias Diaz is set to catch and throw to bases while coming out of a crouch this week as he continues his rehab from elbow surgery.

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dr dng

In all seriousness. Do you think there is anything left in
Burnett’s tank or is that too late for us?


If I was Huntington I would be calling AJ every day asking if he wants to come back for the rest of the year.


Is Kratz available in the Pen?


Word on the street, is that Baltimore called asking about Liriano. Heard Bundy was offered.


They want to give us back Pedro.

Blaine Huff

I desperately want to say yes.

Without Liriano…and with Melancon all but gone…plus the usual $5M uptick in spending…that’d be about $28M in spending room for next season.

That’s not too shabby…however, looking at next season’s SP FA crop <32 years old, there's nothing out there. I mean…just nothing…tumbleweeds.

That said, I would hate to sell so low on Liriano…but it's not as if he's giving the Pirates any reason to keep him around.

And…to think of what he would have gotten the team last off-season…ugh, hindsight…


Why would we want Bundy? He has been a bust.


Interesting – Bundy has never pitched at AAA. Was promoted twice to big club directly from AA – and he only has about 40 IP in AA.

That’s some strange handling of a 1st round pick.


So was Arrieta. I think it’s Baltimore’s pitcher development strategy that’s a bust. But probably Bundy too.


Just telling you what the rumors are.


Ray Searage will make him better! Lol


I think those rumors are from 2012……


No, those rumors were from today – Bleacher Report.


Bleacher Report? Well, there you go. 🙂

Blaine Huff

…and MLBTR.


When was the last time the Pirates got any good news?


Game before last?

dr dng

Ok, who starts on national TV on Sunday?
Ridiculous comments are encouraged since
we need something to smile about.




If Locke can beat Bumgarner why not Kuhl over Kershaw? Because reality?

Doug W

Kuhl has been awful recently.

Blaine Huff

I was ready to rage until I saw the second sentence.

Well played 🙂

eric i


Blaine Huff

I immediately had visions of this:

eric i

That clip makes me laugh every time!

dr dng

Every time I see that I immediately think
about Caminaro.

Blaine Huff

Ball four….

Ball eight….

If you don’t love that, you’re not a ‘Murican!


Blaine Huff

Oh, that’s just cruel.


I don’t really think it matters, pretty sure Kershaw is in line for that night

Jeremiah J

Kershaw pitched Monday so think he will go Saturday


any update on Kingham?

Blaine Huff

According to the site…simulated game last week with Diaz catching…probably a few more before actually pitching in the low minors, and, I assume, working his way back up to AAA. My guesstimate is that he gets a start or two at Indy before their season ends.


Was it simulated Diaz or real Diaz doing the catching?

Blaine Huff

1. Great news on Diaz! Hopefully the kid can work his way back for a September call up.

2. Six months ago, I could not have imagined myself thinking: “Oh god, I hope Vogelsong can get healthy soon”.

3. Cervelli? Not even going to make any jokes about his power, but I’ve read that hamate surgery can take that away for a batter for a year or so…is this something to be expected when he returns?

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