Pirates Cut Eight From MLB Camp, Including Glasnow and Taillon

BRADENTON, Fl. – The Pirates have cut eight players from MLB camp today. They optioned Tyler Glasnow and Jameson Taillon to Indianapolis, and Harold Ramirez to Altoona. They also reassigned Trevor Williams, Chad Kuhl, Steven Brault, Reese McGuire, and Kelvin Marte to minor league camp.

These moves are all expected, as none of these guys were starting in the Majors out of Spring Training. The highlight of this group is the Indianapolis starting rotation. Glasnow, Taillon, Kuhl, Brault, and Williams will all be starting at some point for the Triple-A squad this year. I asked Huntington if this was the strongest group of pitching prospects he’s seen in Triple-A since he’s been here.

“Yeah, I would,” Huntington answered. “I haven’t put a ton of thought into it, but you run Taillon, Glasnow, Kuhl, Brault and Williams out in one setting — that’s a very exciting group. Need to be clear, they’re not going out because they’re not equipped to compete here right now. It’s just we’ve only got so many innings we can give to guys who are ready to help us right now.”

Not all of these guys will start off in Triple-A though. Huntington mentioned that all of these guys deserve to be in Indianapolis, but the need for immediate MLB starting depth might push one of them down. It’s likely that Kyle Lobstein will eventually go down and pitch out of the Indianapolis rotation, keeping him fresh as early season starting depth.

“We’ll probably have our sixth starter in the bullpen at the major league level,” Huntington said. “But where’s seven, where’s eight? Who can help us on April 5, if need be? Who can help us on April 15 or April 25? While we’re excited about each one of those, not ready to say they’re ready to help us on April 25. Not ready to say they’re not [ready] — we have to see how some things will play out here in major league camp with those other guys we’ve brought in as more advanced starters. But, again, just really excited about where they can go and what they can be.”

Don’t expect any of these prospects to arrive earlier than June. All of them have legitimate things to work on in Triple-A, but when asked if they could arrive during the first two months of the season, Huntington said they didn’t just want to bring guys up the moment they were ready.

“We want to be patient,” Huntington said. “We want to put them in positions to be successful. We also don’t want to close doors. In an ideal world, no. That means we’re healthy. That means guys we’ve anticipated coming in help our major league club are able to help. In a perfect world we wait until these guys are not only on the front edge of the readiness curve but are deep into the readiness curve. They are a ready to help us win games at the major league level.”

One of the common trends today when talking with the pitchers who were sent out was that they were surprised at how open the big league guys were in giving them advice. Huntington discussed how the players were the most important part of building a good clubhouse.

“Again, we can try to set a parameter and a bar, and our staff does a terrific job of impacting what they can impact, but it’s ultimately the players that drive your culture,” Huntington said. “We’ve got a good group. We’ve got a group that wants to help these young guys learn. We’ve got a group that understands those guys will help us win, and the more they can help them develop, the better off we’ll be.”

I’ll have the pitcher quotes at the bottom of the article, grouped by question, since all of the questions today were largely the same.

Harold Ramirez and Reese McGuire Going to Altoona

Harold Ramirez left for Panama today, to play in the World Baseball Classic qualifiers for Colombia. So it was no surprise that he was also cut today from big league camp. Ramirez will return to minor league camp and will go to Altoona this year. Huntington reflected on the great spring performance he had while he was in big league camp.

“Swings the bat very, very well,” Huntington said. “He has the physical abilities to go be a good outfielder and baserunner, some things sped up on him here in camp. That happens with young guys. Really pleased with what he’s done. Looking forward him playing for team Columbia and hopefully helping them qualify for the World Baseball Classic. Then we’ll get him back here and get him ready to go in Double-A.”

McGuire will also go to Altoona, which is a bit of an aggressive push for him, considering his lack of offensive numbers last year in Bradenton.

“We understand it’s a push with the bat, but his defensive abilities, his maturation, his ability to help pitchers, we felt that was good assignment,” Huntington said. “We feel like he will grow into the bat.”

McGuire did improve his numbers in the Arizona Fall League, hitting for a .294/.379/.412 line. Huntington said that contributed a small amount to the decision.

“It made us a little more comfortable,” Huntington said. “We are very cognizant of small sample. And where we feel a guy can do, what a guy can handle.”

While he was in big league camp, McGuire had the chance to learn from Chris Stewart and Francisco Cervelli, along with the MLB pitching staff. He was never an option to begin the year in the majors, and this camp was mostly about getting him that experience with the MLB guys.

“He talked about that as we were letting him know we were reassigning him to minor league camp, the value of watching our pitchers work and catching those good arms,” Huntington said. “The value of being around Chris Stewart and Francisco Cervelli and how they prepare. It’s great. Our young starters talked about it as well, watching Gerrit Cole and Francisco Liriano work, being around our major league staff and the environment and this clubhouse and the leadership shown by our position player group and our pitchers. It’s a good culture. It’s a good environment for those guys to learn and grow in.”

Pitchers Answering Cut Day Questions

Cut day isn’t usually reserved for long interviews. It’s usually a quick recap of a player’s time in camp. And in the case of prospects who didn’t have a shot at the majors, the questions tend to be the same. Today, most of the questions were the same, with a few random ones at the end. Jameson Taillon wasn’t available for an interview today, since he was one of the first players notified, and was already gone for Pirate City when the announcement was made. I’ll try to catch up with him later today or this week. Here are the responses to each question.

What did you take from your time in big league camp?

Tyler Glasnow: “It was nice coming back. Second year kind of came in more comfortable, got a feel for things. Meeting the guys again, all the new guys. Refining the mechanics and getting the feel for things again. I’m excited to just go back and be able to get on that routine and be back to pitching every five days, knowing a schedule more. I’m just excited to get the season started.”

Chad Kuhl: “Just a nice learning experience, to learn from a lot of the starting pitchers. They were really open. A lot more open than I expected them to be. An amazing atmosphere here. It was nice to be able to go to them with any questions, anything like that. It was nice to learn from the starting pitchers for sure.”

Stephen Brault: “I got a lot out of it. I got to meet all the guys that I hope to play with eventually. I got to learn a lot of things about the Major League side of how everything operates. Got to be part of this really cool winning atmosphere that the Pirates really cultivate. I learned a lot while I was here.”

Trevor Williams: “There’s a lot of guys you can gravitate towards. There’s a lot of guys you can learn a lot from. Just really thankful I had the opportunity to be here and do that. I learned a lot of stuff and kind of was a sponge for a lot of it. It was fun.”

What do you need to work on?

Tyler Glasnow: “I’ve just got to get in more reps of games. I’m usually a bit of a slow starter. It happens usually every year for me. I’ve just got to kind of get into the feel of things and get out there and just compete more. You get into more competition mode and things start to kind of fall into place. Like I said, I’m just excited to get back.”

Chad Kuhl: “It’s always about improvement. My pitches especially. It’s nice to see Gerrit [Cole]. Gerrit was watching my bullpen. Just talking a little bit about the slider, and stuff like that. It’s all about improvement in all facets of the game, obviously, but having an effective out pitch that I need to work on a little bit more has been big.”

Stephen Brault: “Being better…[Joking, while starting to count a list of items for improvement.] That’s about it. Just continue growing. There’s nothing specifically where there was like a glaring issue. It was just keep getting better, more consistency and all this kind of stuff.”

Trevor Williams: “Right now, it’s inning count, getting built up for the year. Another is just command overall and kind of getting into that routine.”

What advice did you get or who did you learn from?

Tyler Glasnow: “It’s just getting back into the mental part of competing. I’m so into the mechanical mindset, especially coming from the offseason working on stuff. I’m already starting to feel better, doing more bullpens and seeing more batters, throwing stuff. Everything just becomes more sharp. It’s just get-back-into-baseball mode.”

Chad Kuhl: “Obviously, Gerrit. Right-handed guy, he’s been there. He’s been around, seen some stuff. Just talking about his workout routine. Just little things, not anything groundbreaking. It’s just nice to hear what they have to say. They’ve been around so long. It’s nice to hear their routine, and just pick their brain a little bit.”

Stephen Brault: “I talked to everybody as much as I could. I talked to Jeff [Locke] a decent amount. One person I talked to a lot about pitching would be Jared Hughes. Talked to him about attacking hitters and stuff like that. Mostly it was working with Ray and learning just how to pitch to big league hitters basically by doing it and getting the ball hit very far off me. Learning, trial by fire kind of thing, that’s how I felt about it.”

Trevor Williams: “I understand the big-league guys have to get their innings up and we have to get ready for our season as well. I have a bullpen today just to get me into a routine, so it’s that kind of day-by-day thing up here… Collectively, as a staff, a lot of the guys were good, really. No one was really shut out to the younger guys. A lot of open ears. A lot of open minds. So, it was really everyone.”

Bonus Round! Random Questions:

Tyler Glasnow on his first inning issues in camp: “Like I said, just keep going out and pitching. The first inning doesn’t feel any different for me than the second. Especially pitching more now, I’m more comfortable going out in games. Nervousness isn’t as bad for me. I’m enjoying that feeling more, that adrenaline feeling. Just go out and get more reps and everything becomes more comfortable.”

Chad Kuhl on Cole’s advice for his slider: “It’s just about keeping your body the same way, not trying to do too much, letting the pitch and the grip do the work.”

Stephen Brault on his work with Searage: “Being able to sequence hitters and make them uncomfortable in a way I have yet to fully understand. Being able to see what a hitter’s doing and be able to exploit that. Just learning, that’s all.”

Trevor Williams on the Triple-A rotation battle: “I’m not sure. They didn’t say much. I know it’s going to be a battle. It’s going to be a competition. You know, I just want to be on a team that will win. I think at every level, the Pirates will win.”




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I can’t wait to get out and see the Pirates play Thurs in Bradenton and Fri in Clearwater. Tim, will you be around either of those days or are you swamped?

Jane de Bucville

When does the spring training tracker arrive?

Scott K

Just saw Meadows will require surgery for fractured eye socket. Not sure of recovery time. Tough break for him.

Mallorie D

Just as a side note, just saw on mlb.com that Byung Ho Park is already hitting some home runs in ST. Yes, its ST. But Kang did that too and it turned out to be real. Honestly, still cant get over how Huntington missed out on this guy. I know it was a blind bidding process and maybe he put in what he thought was a high bid, but it still stings. He’s going to be a steal I predict just like Kang was.


Couldn’t agree more.

Even more encouraging to me than a few ST dingers is this:
“With regard to his swing, Park is superior in nearly every way to Kang. He has a stronger lower half with more stability and a quicker drive, a shorter path to the ball with his barrel and more reliable lift that results in high line drives and hard fly balls everywhere between right and left field. Barring some unforeseen change in his approach, or a drastic reduction in his contact rate, Park has a high probability of outpacing Kang’s impressive production with the bat.”

That’s Dan Farnsworth, the guy who absolutely nailed his analysis of Jung-Ho Kang when everyone else was falling over themselves talking about how his leg kick (gasp!) wouldn’t work.

Mallorie D

well he outperformed him in the KBO, so it wouldnt be surprising if that maintained in MLB. I think Park’s primary drawback is his fielding. I think he will probably be adequate, but Kang is probably much better fielder and can play more positions. Park is probably going to be DH much of the time. But for what the Twins paid Park, it will definitely be a major steal. Just like Kang was. The KBO is still a market where the Pirates need to be taking advantage. I was disappointed they didnt get anybody from there this offseason. The Orioles got Hyun Soo Kim, who I thought would have been a nice player to pick up as well.


But do agree that Kang will still have more defensive value.

I can see Park being every bit as valuable as Abreu or Duda, and a 3 WAR 1B for his salary is an absolute steal.


See, I haven’t seen him myself, but every single scouting report I’ve read on his defense has him as average to plus at first. This message board is literally the only place I’ve read anyone say otherwise, so I can’t really tell you where that’s coming from.

Park will DH for the Twins because they have about $70m reasons to find somewhere for Joe Mauer to play for the next three years.

Mallorie D

Yeah Ive read he was just adequate at first, but who knows. Will have to see. I think Kang surprised people how well he could handle the SS position last year. I think if he is able to and was up to it later in the year, I’d still like to see him in there at short on occasion.

It would allow for Hurdle to have both Freese, Kang and Jaso/Morse in the lineup at the same time, which would be the team’s best lineup:


That would be a lineup that you could compare against any other team, including the Cubs and feel pretty good about it. I know it wont happen, at least not very often. It will be on Mercer to not sleepwalk his way through April to June.


Yeah, I’ll take the under on that lineup comped to the Cubs but your point stands.

Bigger issue to me is the chance of that infield defense being slightly better than unplayable. Harrison to 3B and Hanson to 2B, though.

Mallorie D

I think as far as power goes, no question. Cubs will be dominant. I do think the Pirates lineup stands a chance to generate more contact and have a higher obp than the Cubs. I think they had the worst BA in baseball last year. They walked alot which helped them with their obp. Cubs to a degree are a three outcome team: Walk, Strikeout, Home run.

Adding Heyward and Zobrist changes that a little bit, but that’s still very much what that team is going to be.


In Chicago’s ballpark that is probably a good strategic approach … walk, walk, wind aided 3 run HR.

Mallorie D

I live in Chicago, go to games at Wrigley now and then. Wind can either make every fly ball a possible home run or it can make even the hardest hit, sure thing home run stay in the park for a fly out. Just depends on whether the wind is blowing in or out that day.

joe s

Me thinks the AAA starting rotation might be better than the major league rotation.

Luke S

I love the potential of guys like Brault and Kuhl, but they’d get exposed at this moment if they were facing big league hitters. Far worse than a Niese gets hit, and id bet money Kuhl gets hit harder than Locke has.

Michael D

I am impressed with Chad because he is learning from the Ace. I hope Glasnow’s head doesnt get to big and that he continues to learn from others.


Did you mean too big or to big? Its all in your head.

Scott K

When are you expecting to get an update on Meadows eye injury?

Alan Bellomo

Any sightings of Stetson Allie?


I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised and see a name like Stewart and/or Rodriguez on the list – no such luck.


Why would Stewart be on that list? It makes no sense. They just signed him to an extension.

Diaz will be better served to get some ABs.


Yeah, maybe by the time Diaz is 27 the team will feel he is ready for MLB. Stewart is a terrible defensive catcher, cannot throw anyone out, and is a weak, singles hitter….they wasted their money re-signing him.
BTW, my previous post was sarcasm…I knew the Pirates won’t cut a player already signed, regardless of how bad he is…


They aren’t going to bring him up to play once or twice a week while they feel his offense still needs to develop nor should they. He’ll be where he needs to be to start the year.


You’re flat out wrong.


Great fangraphs resource . Thank you PiratesFan1975.


Look at his fielding stats and throwing out baserunners percentage last year – those are FACTS and objective – not some subjective fans blog site….his stats are among the worst in all of MLB. Diaz has a cannon for an arm, and people outside of the Pirates organization rave about his defense. The only thing irrational is keeping someone like Stewart on the roster, at the expense of Diaz.

Luke S

“Not some fans blog site”

Yeah, thats one way to characterize Fangraphs. Others call it “Future MLB FO members in training”. But yeah, they dont use stuff like pop times or framing or hard stats to discuss why some guys are fine.

Mike Matheny when discussing pop times “When I was throwing my best, it was a high 1.80s, low 1.90. Yadi is consistently in the high 1.80s.”

Stewart average pop time last year: 1.876

You wont find someone being paid to write about or analyze sports that thinks Stewart is below average on defense.


1.876 is a good pop time. We’re good at catcher but I still miss Martin. His throws to second was generally a thing of beauty!


That our catchers have two of the best pop times in baseball and still can’t throw guys out tells me our pitchers suck at holding runners.

Martin was, indeed, a freak. I don’t know there are many catchers who could compensate for the Pirates’ inability to hold runners, but he was one of them.

Luke S

Losing AJ and Morton does help the pop times, but the problem does seem likely to remain.

Cole at times gets far too focused on purely the hitter.


Absolutely nailed that last point. Not so much that Cervelli/Stewart are bad defenders as it is that Martin was f*cking phenomenal.


Your first paragraph should be sarcasm. Chris Stewart is one of the best back up catchers in baseball.


Are you serious? Based on what objective metric?


Cole loves Stewart, that may be an additional reason why they signed him.


Even though Cervelli has the better overall package, I think that Stewart is noticeably better working with pitchers than Cervelli is – sequencing, spotting issues, etc


Hey, where’s BuccosfaninMD (sp?)? Hey, the inevitable happened. I can’t wait to see Glasnow pitch in a Pirate’s uniform but it won’t be until June.


or later than that….???

The survey said that Taillon will be the first one to be called up and I agree.


I am so looking forward to watching Ramirez and Meadows at Altoona and when they come to Harrisburg!


I plan to catch them in Reading. Did they update Meadows injury yet?


Ramirez has been the most impressive Pirates hitter all Spring….


That’s 248 miles for me to Altoona. I wonder what the drive to Harrisburg is…


where do you live? are you near any AA franchises that Altoona visits?

They used to come into town 3 times a year, but cut it down to two about 3 or 4 years ago.


I’m in Delaware. The closest MiLB teams to be are the Wilmington and Aberdeen.

Bill W

Altoona is 128 miles away! Bilocation? You really are amazing!


Altoona is 2 hours away. I usually do a day trip to it once a year. Great little stadium.


So if you are on the 40-man, then, getting cut at this point is a badge of honor? Basically, they are saying that you are too valuable to us for us to take the risk of your getting hurt.

John Dreker

If you’re on the 40-man roster and you have no service time, then you should expect to be cut this week. The deadline Tim referenced yesterday hasn’t passed yet, but the players cut today Taillon/Glasnow need to be stretched out, while Ramirez is leaving today for the World Baseball Classic qualifiers in Panama. If he wasn’t going there, he probably wouldn’t have been cut for another couple days


Does anyone know the specific date for the deadline for the MLB DL situation? It’s been referenced but I haven’t seen a date given

John Dreker

It’s either the 18th or 19th. The wording is a little fuzzy(15 days before the start of the season), so we aren’t 100% sure. Basically, you’ll know when it is by the mass exodus of zero service time 40-man roster players around baseball going to minor league camp. There won’t be any confusion when the day comes.


Okay, thanks


I’m sure Bruce will be on later throwing a fit saying half of those guys should be in PGH.


Well, based on ST stats, we should be bringing Ramirez north and trading Polanco.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bruce Humbert

Actually pretty impressed with the moves. I have questioned what I saw as the lack of aggressiveness – giving prospects a challenge to meet in the past. Pushing McGuire and Ramirez to Altoona seems like the right thing to do. Both need to play regularly and get ABs so it will be interesting to see how they fill the rest of the Altoona roster.

Three other guys who have been impressive so far – Hanson – Diaz and Frasier are probably in similar circumstances – need to play almost every day and bat .280+ and prove that you belong in Pittsburgh.


I definitely think this FO has pushed top prospects for the most part…at least the hitters. Pitchers maybe a little slower but I don’t mind. Very few times under this FO has a pitcher gotten to the majors and been over matched. I really can’t remember anyone.


I am really looking forward to getting to watch Harold Ramirez and Reese McGuire (particularly) at the AA level.


H-Ram has a chance to start fast and close the gap a little on Meadows while he sits.


Don’t fooget Meadows!


That is a lot of pitching talent headed out. On paper you would think Indy would start the season with a 30-10 run.

John Dreker

Usually prospects don’t equal wins in the minors. Other teams in the league will have a bunch of AAAA players and older veterans of AAA. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Indy close to a .500 team this year.


Agreed John and great point. If I remember Indy was a lot more of a veteran team last year and started out on fire. If a lot of the guys that are at Indy start great it will be really exciting. I am looking forward to seeing what Ngoepe does after giving up switch-hitting and hoping for a minor breakthrough. He still doesn’t have a bunch of AB compared to his age in the minors.

John Dreker

He did give up switch-hitting before last season, so he was able to pick up 235 at-bats last year batting vs RHP


Is there any difference between a player being assigned to minor league camp or a particular team?

Daniel F

I was just about ready to ask the same question

John Dreker

They’re all going to the same place, but guys on the 40-man roster get reassigned to teams, non-roster players don’t. No real difference though

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