Site Updates: Gift Subscriptions and the 2016 Prospect Guide Release Update

In the upcoming week I will receive the 2016 Prospect Guide from the printer, and a week from today I hope to have all of the pre-sales out in the mail. The book is currently in the proofing stage, and I’ve still got some finishing touches to put on everything this weekend, including adding new prospect David Whitehead. For that reason, unless the Pirates make more moves, you shouldn’t expect to see much from me the next few days. Fortunately, we have a lot for you to catch up on from this past week, including Thursday night’s look at how Gregory Polanco could be a key to making up for the offense lost from Neil Walker and Pedro Alvarez, and today’s analysis of the Charlie Morton trade.

The USPS date for Christmas delivery is next Saturday, and all of the pre-sale books will be in the mail by that point, so you should expect to receive your book before Christmas if you’ve ordered. If you haven’t ordered, you can do so on the products page of the site. Current Top Prospect Plan subscribers get a free copy of the book, using the code “TOPPROSPECT”. Annual subscribers get $10 off when using the code “ANNUAL”. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do that on the subscription page.

The products page also has several gift options, which are perfect for this time of year. I’ve already heard from a lot of you who have purchased gift subscriptions to share with friends or family members who are Pirates fans. There have also been a few cases where people asked specifically for a subscription as a gift.

Your subscriptions are appreciated, but it’s extremely appreciated when you like the site so much that you share it with a friend — whether that’s through a recommendation or outright buying them a subscription. We’ve been able to do so much this year under the new subscription model, from massively increased live coverage to completely cutting the ridiculous rotating banner ads off the site. We’re always looking to grow, and referrals of new subscribers only helps that growth.

We currently have one year and three-year gift subscriptions available. The Top Prospect Plan gift will also allow the person to get a free copy of the 2016 Prospect Guide, and the one-year subscription will give them the chance to get $10 off the book. Or, if you want to save them the trouble, you can purchase the gift package, getting the book and a one year subscription to the site for $44.99, with the book discount already built-in.

With any gift subscription, you get a personalized card that looks similar to the following, with a coupon code that they can redeem, and their name on the card.


The Prospect Guide is also available to non-subscribers for $25, with free shipping. But why wouldn’t you want to also subscribe to get the best coverage of the minor league system? More details on the book, including the awesome cover by Sean McCool, can be found here.

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When will the eBook be available for sale? I’m currently overseas and would like to get the content sooner rather than later. 🙂

Chris C

Tim-I just upped my subscription to three years. Do I still need to register for the book or does that come automatically?

Todd S

Is this a free post that I can share with people who are not subscribed yet??

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