A.J. Burnett Threw a Two Inning Sim Game Today

MIAMI — A.J. Burnett threw a sim game this afternoon at Marlins Park, which is a big step for his rehab. Burnett threw 35 pitches off the mound, after throwing 20 in the bullpen. He went two innings, taking a five-minute break between the frames, and was facing batters who were swinging against his stuff.

“I thought it went well,” Clint Hurdle said of the sim game during today’s pre-game meeting with the media.

Burnett said that he threw all fastballs, and no curveballs yet, in order to “keep Ray [Searage] happy.” As for how he feels, the report was positive.

“Everything felt better than it’s felt in a long, long time,” Burnett said. “So that’s a positive day.”

Burnett said that it took about 5-6 days after his PRP injection for his pain to wear off. Once that went away, he started back up throwing again. He said that right now he’s “pulling back the reigns” by not moving too quickly, opposed to his normal rehab process from the past where he’d be trying to accelerate things and fight through pain.

“Usually I’m used to having something there to deal with, but not right now,” Burnett said. “It’s feeling really, really good.”

Hurdle said that Burnett might go three innings in another sim game on Sunday at PNC Park. Burnett said that he will take more time for rehab if the injury needs it, and won’t be rushing back.

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Morton reverts back to previous form tonight. He is consistently inconsistent and unpredictable. It seems once he goes through a lineup once or twice, batters figure him out.

How about replacing Morton and Locke with AJ and Glasnow?

Luke S

So are you gonna post this every time someone struggles, or can we admit its not really worth it at this point?

Every time a pitcher struggles, you bring up Glasnow like he’s A) likely to be used and b) Actually a good bet to be great first thing up.

Can we give the constant “GLASNOW” stuff a rest for the sanity of the fans?

Kerry Writtenhouse

I tried to like this twice! It wouldn’t let me.

Bill W

With our offense doing so well maybe he needs to take a 10 minute break between sim innings.

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