Pirates Prospects is Hiring an MLB Analyst

Pirates Prospects is looking for additional MLB coverage of the Pirates. Currently we have coverage from almost every minor league city, and the next step is putting a bigger focus on the MLB team (Side Note: We also have regular positions available to cover the West Virginia Power and the Bristol Pirates). We are looking for an MLB Analyst who can provide a unique take on the Pirates, outside of the typical game scores and daily coverage that you will find elsewhere. As with every position on the site, this is a paid, part-time job. We usually get upwards of 100 applications when the MLB job is posted, so to narrow the search, read through the requirements below and if you qualify, send an e-mail to tim@piratesprospects.com with the following information:

-Why would you be a good addition to the site? I get a lot of requests to write for the site, so what could you provide that would separate you from other writers?

-What is your availability for game coverage?

-What is your previous experience (include links to published content)?

For any writing position the following will be very important:

-Great work ethic and independent workers

-Strong grammar/spelling

-Good statistical knowledge, including an understanding of advanced statistics

-The ability to come up with original and interesting topics

-Leaving emotional biases out of the work

-Twitter and social networking experience

-Being a Pirates fan is not a requirement

The site is run on WordPress, so any knowledge of that is a plus.

Aside from the part-time pay, writing for Pirates Prospects is a great opportunity for experience and exposure. The site saw over ten million page views in each of the last two years before switching to a subscription site. In just under three months on the subscription model, we have added 3,000 subscribers, and still maintain over half a million page views per month. Several of our former writers have gone on to get other jobs in media and broadcasting, in part due to the experience they gained while reporting for the site.

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Arik Florimonte

I’m wondering if the ability to attend games in person is a requirement? And what is the schedule for articles (i.e, how often)?


Tim, forgive me if this is a stupid question, but do you need to be local to the Pittsburgh area to apply?

Scott Kliesen

Congrats on success of site, Tim. Glad you are increasing MLB content. I’m looking forward to reading what the new writer has to say.


I second all of this ^^^


Curse my living far away from Pittsburgh, not being a writer, and not having any time. Otherwise, I would totally apply for this job!


I too live far, far away, am not a writer, have no time, but he also threw me a boatload of curves by requiring that emotional bias be left at the door, and twitter? Hell I am only into my second month without a flip phone, and I doubt social networking experience means which bar you hang out in to watch the games. Tim will find someone good.


I used a hashtag once.



I think you’d be great, too.


Hey thanks! I’d at least probably not be worse at it than my real job, at which I’ve been largely unsuccessful to this point.

That will change this summer, though! I can feel it!


Tim, I don’t think that you need a beat writer to cover the major league team, that info is available elsewhere. I like the idea of an analyst position to delve deeper into why things are happening. Someone using Pitchfx data to explain why a pitcher is having more success.


Very much agreed, although I’m sure Tim has a bigger vision for the site than I do. To get the casual fan on board, it’s smart to incorporate some of these features.


I figured this was coming when I saw DK brought on Nate Barnes for his Pirates beat.


Good idea tim, let’s get started and see where it goes.

Brian Bernard

I’d like to hear more about development experiences from mlb players. Stories from minors are usually great stories


More MLB focus is awesome Tim. I have been waiting for this. It would be awesome if you could have a podcast with interviews with players, ex-players, coaches, prospects…basically anyone associated with the org. I would love to tune in and hear old stories or just interviews about anything pirates.

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