Pirates Outright Gorkys Hernandez, Promote Logan Ratledge to Morgantown

The Pittsburgh Pirates have sent Gorkys Hernandez outright to Indianapolis, opening up a spot on the 40-man roster. He was on the disabled list since July 13th, though he has been playing rehab games in Indianapolis this week. Hernandez went 0-for-5 in eight games with the Pirates.

The Pirates also promoted 13th round draft pick Logan Ratledge to Morgantown. His assignment to Bristol was related to playing time, as he is 23 years old, which is well above the average age in the Appalachian League. Ratledge was called one of the best late round picks, but hasn’t been performing well. In 18 games, he batted .203/.288/.313.

Expect more minor league moves soon, as someone will need to replace JaCoby Jones, and there seems to be a lot of middle infielders for Morgantown now.

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Alas Gorky, we knew thee well…

Bobby L

Doesn’t a player with no options have to be DFA’d? I thought to be outrighted required remaining options.

At any rate, some of the deadwood at AAA has been cleared away.


Sounds like Chris Diaz needs to go to Altoona possibly, and Newman or Tucker moved up to Bradenton. For Newman, it would not be deserved but someone needs to play SS in Altoona and in Bradenton…


Frazier and even Morrof could handle SS at the same level that Jones could, Jones was improving, but he was Ngope!


He was not Ngope!


Opening a spot on the 40 man roster sounds interesting.


Yeah, opening up that 40 spot is interesting


Need a spot for soria

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