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X-rays Negative on Marte’s Hand

Pirates leftfielder Starling Marte exited Wednesday’s 4-3 victory against the Chicago Cubs in the fifth inning after he was hit by a pitch in the third. Marte remained in the game immediately after to take his base and played two innings of defense before manager Clint Hurdle pinch hit Andrew Lambo for him in the fifth.

Marte was hit on his right hand by a pitch from Chicago righthander Jason Hammel. He was examined by a trainer before he went to first.

Shortly after he was removed from the game the Pirates announced Marte was taken out with pain in his right hand and he was being treated for a soft tissue contusion. Per the team, X-rays on his hand were negative which would indicate there is no fracture in his hand.

Marte was hit for the third time this season and he was hit 17 times last season, the third-highest tally in the National League.

“There’s no protection for the right hand,” Hurdle said. “He wears the elbow guard, he’s trying to cover as many body parts as he can. It’s a work in progress.”

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Finally an article regarding a pirate player. I’ve been waiting because i have a specific question for any of the writers or any of the guys who watch every game like I do. I have…so far….only heard this brought up by visiting broadcasters, noone in the pirate organization at all. What is the reasoning behind Josh Harrison’s new placement in the batters box??? I noticed this almost immediately in the first series of the year, but he is like a mile away, BARELY able to reach anything on the outside corner. For someone with as much success as he had last year hitting the ball to all fields, I cannot think of any reason for the change. He seems to have inched back maybe about an inch closer, but he really looks a good 4 inches back from where he was last year, and is now really diving towards the plate. He never had any issue reaching the inside pitch and turning on it, so I’d love to hear some thoughts on it, I’d actually really love if someone who interviews the players could ask him about it because i’m really curious


The bullpen is just a train wreck – and Hughes joined in the effort last night. They better fix this real quick…we can’t play the Brewers every game….the bullpen has cost us at least 2-3 games already.

We are now 5-1 against the Brewers, 2-7 against everyone else…..


The bullpen has been woeful, but the offense is vastly underperforming as well. Harrison, Cutch, Walker, Marte (though Marte has really turned a corner the last few games), and Mercer have all played way below expectations. Only Polanco, Alvarez and Cervelli are close to what was predicted for them this Spring.


Good news for marte, as for the pirates at least they had a real closer for one night.

Scott K

That’s a bit harsh considering the number of saves vs blown saves Melancon has had since moving into the role. I was glad they stuck with Watson in the 9th instead of going with Liz or Bastardo. All and all, the entire bullpen is a bit unsettling right now.


I’m not saying melancon was not effective what I’m saying is I’ve never been comfortable when he closes games. If you look at the box score it’s usually save by melancon, if you watch the game it looks and feels like an accident waiting to happen. No closer is perfect all the time it should just feel that way when he enters the game. Can you honestly say that when melancon enters the game you feel like it’s a done deal? Or are you like me and looking for the tums?

Scott K

I certainly don’t feel like it’s a done deal this year. But last season I had confidence he would get the job done.

Luke S

Before this year? He was one of the more automatic closers. Seems like more of a thing where everyone has a guy they like less than most rather than him actually being a cardiac closer. In fact, he was the one closer of the last about 5 that didnt make me go insane by walking 2 guys before being legit. Gonzales and Hanrahan were maddeningly good.

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